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8 Garage Doors To Make Your Garage Look Stunning 8 Garage Doors To Make Your Garage Look Stunning

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8 Garage Doors To Make Your Garage Look Stunning

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

These 8 splendid garage doors are guaranteed to transform your garage to a whole new level maginificently and effortlessly. Make your garage stunning!

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Homeowners looking to revamp the exterior of their home think of stylish porches, picturesque gardens or a fresh dash of paint as probable renovation options. What’s often overlooked in the world of difference a garage door facelift can offer to the outlook of your garage and the complete appearance of your home.



If you’re wondering how this is possible, read on to discover types of garage doors that can change the entire stance of your garage and home.



8 Garage Doors To Make Your Garage Look Stunning - Infographics



1. Carriage Style Garage Doors

Carriage style garage door



Carriage style garage doors lend your garage the elegance an old-world charm of French doors. Make the most out of carriage style garage doors by incorporating wood or faux wood in the design with vertical panels and a pair of antique door handles.



Carriage style garage doors also help save on power bills, albeit with the hassle of having to manually open and close them. Go for carriage style garage doors if you’ve always been a fan of traditional architecture and love the unmatched look of wood in your home décor.



Make Allowance For Space & Weather In Carriage Style Garage Doors

As carriage style doors are hinged on one side and swing on the other, your garage floor space will have to be large enough to accommodate the movement of such doors. Additionally, accumulated snow in the winter months can be a hindrance in operating these doors.



2. Craftsman Garage Doors

These garage doors are increasingly spotted across American bungalows and architectural styles. Craftsman garage doors allow you the flexibility of sectionalizing and are particularly appealing for large garage door sizes and spaces. Most craftsman doors are made of steel, wood or aluminum and may be painted upon to match the exterior of the home or even break the monotony.



Natural Sunlight With Craftsman Garage Doors

Craftsman doors are typically created with a vertical panel of windows at the top. This a great way to allow natural sunlight into your garage and also complement the other windows and doors at home.



3. Contemporary Translucent Aluminium Frame Garage Doors


Contemporary Translucent Aluminium Frame Garage Doors


These garage doors have been the rage with homeowners who prefer a contemporary modern look for their home. Supported with a thick aluminum frame and translucent thick glass, these garage doors don’t allow you to compromise on your privacy while at the same time providing for a translucent sheet of glass that’s all class.



Aluminium Glass Doors For A Multi-Purpose Garage

These garage doors add to the aesthetic appeal to your garage and are ideal if you intend to use your garage for more than just parking your car. They complement indoor gardens well and offer a classic illuminated view of your garage and your home from the outside. Amarr garage doors have a variety of trendy designs in aluminum glass-paneled doors that score high on appeal.



4. Madeleine Garage Doors


Madeline Garage Door


These doors offer an interesting spin to the traditional French doors. Madeleine doors come with 3 door panels with the middle one seeming like a single stationary door. They are made of an aluminium frame and polycarbonate sheets in the panel form of grids.



These unique doors are simple yet elegant and are a perfect revamp to your garage’s outlook if your taste is traditional and classic. They also match with window designs to instil uniformity in your home exterior. Lowes garage doors offer a pleasing variety in madeleine garage doors that spell versatility.



5. Panel or Sectional Garage Doors


Panel or Sectional Garage Door



These garage doors are divided into horizontal panels that slide up with the help of rollers guided by tracks on either side. Panel doors are different from roll-up doors in that the panels do not roll into a cylindrical shape but only slide up against the roof of the garage. This is an ideal option if your garage is pressed for space and cannot accommodate a hinged garage door. The panels also add a touch of design and elegance to an otherwise plain roll-up door.



Panel Garage Doors Ideal For Sloping Garages

These overhead doors are an ideal choice if your garage entrance is preceded by a slope going downwards into your garage. Slopes limit the options of garage doors wherein floorspace and height are both an issue. In such cases, even the few extra inches for a roll-up garage may pinch, making panel garage doors an ideal choice.



6. Steel Garage Doors


Steel Garage Door


Steel garage doors are an ideal choice to revamp your garage if you’re looking for something low on maintenance. These low-cost doors are best used as overhead doors as they’re heavy to manually slide.



Steel doors can add to the look of your exteriors if you are looking for a specific coloured door as they are mostly overlaid with fibreglass which needs to be painted upon every few years. This overlay also helps with insulation and keeps any dents or severe damage at bay, allowing your steel garage door to last you for years.



7. Tilt-Up Garage Doors


Tilt-up Garage Door


Tilt doors are not as prominent as they were before the advent of panel doors. Often associated with historic garage structures, tilt doors offer a single slab of material that tilts upwards against the roof of the garage when opened.



These doors work for those who are looking for a no-fuss simple old-school garage door design and style. Lowes garage doors are an excellent source for procuring some sturdy tilt garage doors and openers for a variety of budgets and styles.



Tilt Doors Ideal For Single Palette Designs

If you have fallen for a single panel design then tilt doors are your ideal choice to have them fit. These include wallpapers, single slabs of expensive antique wood or even a full-size painting to add to the quirkiness of your home.



8. Glass Garage Doors


Glass Carriage door


These unconventional garage doors are quite the rage among new-age homeowners. While these doors aren’t the best option available in terms of privacy and safety, they are often found in houses with comprehensive security systems already in place and some fancy cars to flaunt.



This works well, especially if your home sports a contemporary glass wall or balcony above the garage and a glass garage door just extend the continuity of the concept.




So the next time you’re looking to change the outlook of your home, know that a garage door change can do a whole lot more for you than you think. These stellar design ideas are a great option for that garage facelift you have been pondering upon for a while now.

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