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10 Best Metal Garage Storage Shelves & Its Benefits 10 Best Metal Garage Storage Shelves & Its Benefits

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10 Best Metal Garage Storage Shelves & Its Benefits

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Get your hands on metal garage storage shelves that are IDEAL for storing your garage tools that lay scattered. See how this makes a difference INSTANTLY!

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It gets challenging to organize stuff in a cluttered garage, where things like tools and supplies cannot be easily accessed. If you have a garage at your place, you’d be aware of plenty of space it offers when you think about storing stuff. There are several types of garage storage solutions in the market; however, one of the most pocket-friendly and reliable is shelving. 



These flat spaces provide strong support for storing almost anything. Whether it is the gears, tools, or paint cans, metal garage storage shelves store essential stuff and also keep them from getting damaged. Therefore, in this article, we shall be talking about the benefits of using metal garage storage shelves.



If you are looking for a suitable storage unit for your garage, there are a few things that you should be considerate about. The guide also mentions all the things you need to keep in mind while buying the same. Apart from that, I have mentioned a few products which are life-saving when it comes to garage organization. Let’s dive in! 




Benefits Of Using Metal Garage Storage Shelves

Garage storage shelf



For any kind of garage, heavy-duty metal shelving is very popular when it comes to storing different stuff. 



Since these metal shelving unit come in a variety of styles and sizes, you will be able to keep your stuff on the racks with ease. From convenience to visibility, a metal garage storage shelf makes sure all your items are kept in an orderly manner. You can also store your kid’s toys in the garage and make sure to get rid of the clutter.



If you are thinking about increasing your garage storage with metal shelves, here are the ten advantages.




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1. Visibility

A garage acts as a multipurpose storage option. Not only does it keep your vehicle safe, but it also provides a safe place for other useful items in a house. To help it stay neat and clean, it is essential to add a few storage units. One of the greatest ways to create more room for space is by using shelving units.



If you compare steel storage shelves to other options, the former allows you to store goods in a way that you are able to find them more quickly. The other option may become cluttered after a while, but metal shelves will help you arrange stuff more efficiently. 




2. Safe Storage




Delicate items require a place better than the floor when it comes to keeping your stuff. Therefore, steel shelves are among the most durable options that can be added in a garage. These provide resistance to damage as well as corrosion for both shelving and the goods you have kept on the shelf. The most common usage for these shelves is to store more delicate products like electronics or small parts that shouldn’t be kept in a storage cabinet. 




3. Durability



Metal garage storage shelves are very beneficial when it comes to durability. Now, this also implies the stuff we store on these shelves. Since a garage is an active area when it comes to keeping your vehicle as well as other important stuff, it becomes crucial that the things remain intact in the garage safely.



This can only be achieved if the garage organization shelves are durable and are able to withstand abuse if a vehicle gets knocked into it accidentally. Metal shelving units are designed to keep this in mind; therefore, there is no need for significant repairs or replacement. 



In addition to this, shelves to be installed in a garage are coated with a layer of paint to avoid the effects of corrosion. Not only that, but metal racks or shelves are also a great way to save your stuff from getting attacked by termites and other pets.




4. Resist Temperature Changes

In addition to the durability, metal wire racks and shelves can also withstand different temperature differences. This also makes them an ideal candidate when it comes to storing things inside the garage. If you compare them to wooden racks or cabinets, the latter may expand and contract when it comes to the change in the temperature, but you won’t see any change in the metal shelving units. 




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5. Customization




One of the biggest advantages of using steel shelves comes with the ease of customization which they offer. These can be expanded to increase their storage capacity by providing additional units and extra shelves. It allows the shelves to become more useful and versatile. Apart from that, you can also remove the shelves if you require only a little space to store the essential stuff inside your garage.




6. Keeps Everything Organized

Too much stuff in your garage will only clutter it more with time. However, with the help of metal garage storage shelves, it becomes easy to stay organized when you are provided with plenty of shelving units. When every item in your garage is in place, you won’t have to pile up the stuff. It also becomes easy to put the stuff back to where it belongs. With several metal garage storage shelves, your garage will look more organized.




7. Saves Space

The biggest benefit of installing metal garage storage shelves is that it helps to save a lot of space. Since anything that takes a lot of space inside the house somehow finds the way to the garage, these heavy-duty shelves can quickly help you save space inside the garage. Different tools and boxes can be kept on the flat surface, which will help clear the floor area.  




8. Store Heavier Items

Garage Shelves


Perfect for bulky items, heavy-duty shelves help save a lot of space with ease. If you have stored your bulky electronic items in the garage, then it is vital to keep them in an alleviated position. Nothing works better than a metal shelf, which can easily be customized to adjust heavy or bulky items. 




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9. More Space For Comfortable Parking

When your garage is cluttered, you will find it challenging to make enough room for your vehicle. Installing or keeping storage racks and shelves will help you make more space for you to park your car comfortably. With these shelves, you will be successful in removing objects from the floor, giving ample space to keep your vehicle from hitting the things in the way. 




10. Ceiling Shelves Ensure More Room



Make use of the ceiling to store essential items with the help of a ceiling shelf. These help to keep essential things off the garage floor so that you are able to park your car with ease. Apart from that, if your garage gets flooded easily, this storage unit will help keep the essential stuff dry and safe. 




Factors To Be Considered While Buying Metal Garage Storage Shelves

The metal shelf



Metal shelves can hold a hefty load and typically come in a variety of sizes. Apart from that, another advantage of metal shelving is that it is easy to clean since metal absorbs paint or chemicals in case anything gets spilled. Shelving units made up of metal come with a coat of black paint most of the time, which helps protect the shelve from damage and rust.



A solid metal shelf works great for heavy-duty equipment while a wire shelf will offer space without strength. The wire shelves are made up of a metal mesh connected together to form a sturdy net. While storing tools, make sure they are kept in a box or container before storing it on the wire shelf so that they do not fall through the gaps.




1. Types Of Garage Shelves

There are different types of garage shelves. Before buying, you must consider your requirement as well as the space available inside the garage. Here is what you can choose based on your need.



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(i). Freestanding Units




These heavy-duty metal shelving storage units provide maximum mobility and flexibility since these aren’t fixed or attached to any surface. However, these can take a lot of space and may even get in the way of your car while you try to park it inside the garage. Another thing, these sometimes come along the combination of wooden planks.



(ii). Wall-Mounted Shelves



A wall-mounted shelf can be fixed into a stud using metal brackets. After that, a shelf is fitted on the brackets to store the stuff. The metal brackets are kept at regular intervals so that the weight of the stuff kept on it is distributed evenly. 



(iii). Ceiling-Mounted Shelves



These heavy duty metal shelving units are fixed into the ceiling using long metal brackets. A ceiling-mounted rack is ideal for storing equipment that needs to be kept out of the way of your vehicle. Apart from being a safe storage space, these provide ample storage if your garage is small. 




2. Dimensions

Everybody’s storage space is different. However, there are a couple of things for you need to keep in mind. A wall-mounted shelf should at least range between twelve-inches deep to hold small items like hand tools and can. On the other hand, items such as large boxes should be kept on a shelf that is at least sixteen inches deep. To access the things on the shelves conveniently make sure they aren’t that deep, which will make it difficult for you to look for items. Look for at least a two or three-feet deeper unit when it comes to ceiling-mounted shelves. 



A shelf’s length can vary depending upon a person’s requirement. Therefore, make sure you know where you want to keep the rack/shelf before making a purchase or even while building a DIY unit.




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3. Capacity

Workshop tools


When it comes to bearing the weight of an object, a garage organization unit or shelf should at least be able to bear maximum weight. If your space has a lot of things to store, you need to buy multiple shelves so that you do not put a lot of burden on a single shelf. Capacity matters the most in terms of a ceiling or wall-mounted shelf. If the weight of the stuff is too much, the shelves may not be able to withstand the pressure and pull away from the wall or ceiling, causing damage. 




4. Installation

Simple assembly is required when it comes to a freestanding shelf. You just have to keep it in a particular place and start organizing your stuff without having to install anything. 



With ceiling and wall shelves, you need to be a little extra careful. These require a to be positioned into stud and beans that serves as the support. Wall studs are placed at an interval and usually run from the floor to the ceiling. You will have to follow the instructions on the manual to install the shelves carefully. The ceiling units should be adjustable. It will help you store the stuff as per your needs. 



Staying organized is a very challenging thing to do. However, if you feel like something makes your living space more convenient and spacious, you must add storage units in the form of shelves. When it comes to making more space inside your garage, shelving units make everything much better. It encourages you to keep your stuff neat and clean. Apart from that, you can easily put all the tools on the shelf where they belong. 




A garage doesn’t necessarily need to store only your vehicle. There is a lot of space for you to take advantage of and turn it into a storing unit to assemble all your essential tools and supplies. From heavy electronic equipment to small nails and screwdrivers, a garage can be turned into a safe option. You will also be able to find things conveniently when it comes to metal garage storage shelves.

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