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Bathroom Storage

Give your bathroom a brand new makeover with these handy storage options. Organizing has never been simpler with our bathroom cabinets, baskets and so much more: start and end your day on a positive note with these excellent choices!

Best of Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage Products

0.3 oz. Mini Spray Bottles - Set of 2

Protect yourself from the heat of the sun, or keep your hair nicely-tucked in just a matter of seconds. These 0.3 oz. Mini Spray Bottles slide neatly into...

12-Compartment Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer

Make organizing nail polish easier with the 12-Compartment Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer. Its use of a compartmentalized and tiered design allows for items to be separated, organized and...

12-Compartment Lipstick Organizer

Make organizing lipsticks easier with the 12-Compartment Lipstick Organizer. Its individual multi-level slots are designed for most lipsticks to fit into them. Ideal for displaying lipsticks, mascara cream,...

12 Inch x 12 Inch Clarity Drawer Organizer

Store your makeup in one place with the 12x12 Clarity Drawer Organizer. Its clear design can easily match whatever our home decor is. It also allows for easy...

12 Inch Stainless Steel Zia Squeegee

Achieve that spotless clean window using our 12" Stainless Steel Zia Squeegee. Remove streaks of steams on your bathroom glass doors or dry your car window after the...

2 oz. Jar

Avoid the hassle of bringing large bottles for your travel essentials with this 2 oz. Jar. It is ideal to use for carrying travel-sized items for shampoo, lotions,...

Bathroom Storage Buying Guide

Main Components of Bathroom Storage

Ideally, bathroom storage should not stick to a single corner but rather is distributed throughout the entire bathroom. Here’s a modern overview.


Shelves are available in different forms & styles, the most recognizable of all being driftwood boards & ceramic corner shelves. With these, towels, cosmetics & other accessories can be arranged neatly so that you never get frustrated trying to locate a certain item.

Wall Cabinets

This is a modern arrangement consisting of an essential cover up for all your bathroom accessories. It gratifies the people who don’t wanna showcase their bathroom accessories, and is available in various designs, finishes, sizes & materials.

Medicine Cabinets

Along with Bathroom Storage for accessories, equipment & cosmetics, one can create a significant space for common household dressing with Medicine Cabinets. You may find a mirror on the front of its door. Sometimes a fog-free mirror also, to withstand a hot bath or shower.

Over-the-Toilet Cabinets

A Bathroom Storage hanging over a toilet seat sounds meaningless; however, it may serve great comfort to specific patients & old ages. Moreover, the cabinet better holds all the bathroom items against dropping into the pot.

Pros & Cons of Bathroom Storage Materials

Deciding on relevant material aiding the foundation of your Bathroom Storage needs a serious observation. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the most common types of bathroom storage materials.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

It has an advantage of small price, smooth surface & a paint friendly material. On the other side, it shows disadvantages of high maintenance, no resistance to water, unable to be stained.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Composition is a perfect example of the most reliable & durable Bathroom Storage setup. Moreover, it has the ability to shrink & expand according to the humidity. However, it may catch a disadvantage of cracks in the painted finish.

Particle Board

Wood Particles are combined with glue to be heated together & recovered into a Particle Board sheets. The biggest advantage is its small production cost & selling price. Also, it can easily be covered with a laminate & melamine. Its main cons relates to its hostility with water & steam.


Plywood comprises a specific number of wood veneers that are glued together in layers to form a sheet. It is indeed a firm composition & works for years. Even so, you can often find quick dry glues & empty spaces between the layers.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bathroom Storage

As of now, you might have got a clear understanding of the irreplaceable significance of Bathroom Storage. Being moving into a new home, it is indeed a smart decision of yours to install a Bathroom Storage Setup. But, how prepared you are to make a move? You shouldn’t miss certain things before purchasing your first Bathroom Storage Setup.

Analyze Your Bathroom’s Dimensions

This is the foremost Bathroom Storage requirement. You need to carefully measure around your bathroom so as to cater enough space for anything you bring to home, or else you may consequently lose a lot of money & time of yours. The installation of cabinets & racks need an intensive check over the size & dimensions of your bathroom.

Decide On The Number of Sinks

Sink provides an overall allure to the bathroom. However, it requires an adequate space other than the regular Bathroom Storage.Therefore, it is advised to decide on the number of sinks before the whole installation. Moreover, the idea of installing a Wrap-Around below the sink is indeed a cake.

Figure Out Your Budget

This is something obligatory. But stay conscious about your deals. Money doesn’t just buy you things, it buy you satisfaction. Several things are involved in a complete Bathroom Storage system that you need to cover within your budget. So, take care of the same

Inspect Counter Space in Your Bathroom

What if you have brought more than enough Bathroom Storage items with you? What if you already had a lot of Bathroom Storage Counter Space, but made an irrelevant expense? Always try to fill up the free corners of your bathroom before purchase

Look Out For Extra Bathroom Storage

When you’re clear on a shortage of space and system of Bathroom Storage, you can move on to a purchase. Furthermore, make a list of the bathroom items that are lacking proper space. You need to decide for your Bathroom Storage installation depending on such items & accessories

Examine The Quality Of Material

Other than your Bathroom Storage looks, there’s immense significance of a basic foundation. An ideal Bathroom Storage is incomplete without a strong composition of Ply Wood, Solid Wood, PVC for Cabinets & A Medium Density Fibreboard.

Deciding On The Surface Finishes

Simply fabricate the basic structure of the bathroom with plywood, especially the cabinets, & use a glass shutter. It projects a modern & lighter aspect of the Bathroom Storage. Moreover, it is smart to use matte-finish laminates to perfectly hide scratches, stains & smudges on the same.

Effective Bathroom Storage Solutions

Whether family members or guests, a smart bathroom storage system never inconveniences anyone. Guests often feel happy & homely if there is a well-organized bathroom. There are numerous ways that bathroom storage can be arranged to brush up your bathroom’s visibility. Let’s find out.

  • Baskets on the wall: Bring some wired or wooden baskets & hang ‘em up on the wall. It doesn’t only carry your bathroom accessories but also provides a stunning look to the empty walls. You can easily place your towel, toilet paper, toothbrush holder and other little goods & you need a few screws, drywall anchors, & washers for support
  • Make a Tower of Small Buckets: This is a perfect way to hang up your everyday stuff like Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Hair Dryer & Straightener, Deodrant, Facewash, Face Cream & Lotion, Hair Spray, Hair Oil & Gel, Comb, Face Scrub & Massager & more. You just need to rope them vertically & hang up together.
  • Place a Wooden Wrap-Around Below the Pedestal Sink: Pedestal Sinkexhibits a fantastic portion of the bathroom but faintly has space for essential Bathroom Storagelike soap & facewash. But with a Wrap-Around Shelf, you don’t need to care about such thing. You can store alot than soap, just below your sink.
  • Place a Multi-Box Container Above The Sink: This is even better than the Wrap-Around Bathroom Storage. I servers a simple concept that you don’t need to bend down for a bathroom accessory. Along with the soap, you can put your handwash, hand sanatizer, Toothpaste & Brush, Facewash, Face Scrub, Brush, Massager & Foundation, Eye Liner, Comb, Shaving Cream, Razor & Trimmer & other daily equipments.
  • Install Towel Holders on Bathroom Door: Your towel stays wet throughout the day & that’s why it’s better not to put it inside a cabinet or in a shelf everytime, instead hang it on the backside of the bathroom door. Overall, it is a smart bathroom storage idea that doesn't compromise on the aesthetics factor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Storage

1. How to add storage to a small bathroom?

A small bathroom needs an affective technique to consolidate the system with style. Bring some innovation. Besides counter space & inbuilt shelves, you have walls, ceilings & floors to be utilized as Bathroom Storage.

Make use of your Bathroom Doors to hang Towel Racks, acquire the area above the door to put things you don’t use daily, make some deep basket shelves & hang upon the walls, get a grip on your regular ornaments with Tiered Storage & keep them away from the sink. Moreover, use Multipurpose Cabinets, Shower Organizer, Magnetic Strip on Doors, Adhesive Hooks, Bathroom Cart, etc.

2. Where to buy Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

Of course, you should approach the internet first. And, Storables.com is the perfect destination for your quest. Along with the Bathroom Storage, you get ample overview of numerous Bedroom Storage, Closet Storage, Lighting Accessories, Décor, Kitchen Storage, Media Storage, Shelf Drawers, Containers & Jars, Table & Chairs, Jewelry Organizers, Office Storage & lot more. Moreover, get awesome Bathroom Storage ideas to magnify your bathroom’s appeal.

3. How to do Bathroom Storage under sink?

Simple! Install a Wrap-Around Bathroom Storage Cabinet below the sink. Don’t try to install it by yourself, it may result into damage. You’ll certainly get experts to run the whole installation as an after-sale support. However, if you really need to try your own hands on it, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, try to better utilize the space you already have and you’ll get one step closer to the accomplishment.
  • On the succeeding step, prepare an effective plan for your Bathroom Storage under the sink.
  • Then you need to start cutting the material into sufficient shapes & sizes. It’s better to take the measurements in advance.
  • After that, perform a drill consisting of pocket screw holes.
  • Next to it, join all the pieces together, and you’re good to go.

4. How to install a Bathroom Storage Cabinet?

The procedure is almost similar to the Bathroom Storage setup under the sink, but there may be a difference of the measurements, sculpting & shaping. Other than that, if you’re doing this on your own, get a helping hand of your family members or friends. Before installation, always decide on all the bathroom accessories you need to store. Moreover, you can plan for the design you need to give to the Cabinets that suits your bathroom. Generally, it is better to go for a sober design as it exhibits a flavor of simplicity & standardization. Go for it!!

5. How to Decorate Bathroom for Storage?

This is somewhat different from Bathroom Storage goals. It’s about the aesthetic goals. For decoration you can keep some Flower Pots, Bathtub Shelves, A Garden Stool, Use Warm Colors, Lavish Mirrors, Dramatic Lighting, Designer Wallpapers, Traditional Flooring, Polished Fixtures, Stunning Marble Composition on half of whole wall, Light Metallic Touch, Wooden Washstands, etc.

6. How to install behind the mirror storage in bathroom?

Behind the mirror Bathroom Storage can be created in different ways. The most popular method being a Mirror Cabinet. You just need to build a cabinet & simply attach a mirror with an adequate size on the outside of it’s door. Another method may involve a mirror simply placed between two columns of wooden boxes on both of it’s sides. Furthermore, you can thing of a structure similar to a Dressing Table. Moreover, you have an ocean of ideas on the internet to aid you regarding home improvement.

7. How to install storage in bathroom without holes in the wall?

Bathroom Storage is an aesthetic need yet involves certain methodologies to be applied for its successful installation. This is the age of innovation & you may get numerous ideas to withstand any problem. You may easily avoid holes by bringing a Magnetic Setup & on metallic wall. Moreover, you can use a setup consisting of multiple detachable sections to be integrated in any way you love.

8. How to use small baskets for bathroom storage?

This is a cute style of keeping everyday bathing stuff together. You can simply collect some old baskets & rope them together & hang up on the wall.