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8 Home Library Ideas to Cherish the Reading Experience

Best Living Room Storage: The Ultimate Guide • May 20, 2020

8 Home Library Ideas to Cherish the Reading Experience

Written by: Julia Rosel

Give your home library a super decorative touch by applying simple yet very practical ideas. Fetch these top quality ideas and transform the space INSTANTLY

Ideally, when looking for a home, we often give attention to places in the house that meet our daily life needs. Particularly to places where we are likely to spend alone time. For example, in a home library or just a small reading nook somewhere in the house.



Having a home library can be challenging. Historically, we have lived with the notion that a library has to be quiet, calm, and well ventilated. This idea can limit the possibility of having a perfect home library. You must, therefore, be smart enough to transform any part of your home into a fantastic library.



If you just moved to a house without a library room and you are thinking of how to have the best home library design, then you are on the right page. In this article, we share eight home library ideas you can master to have your dream home library.



Read through to discover some fantastic ideas to transform your home to an ideal reading room.



1. Use Your Closet



child reading


One of the best home library ideas is transforming your wardrobe into a library. So, you can use the closet for both storing your clothes and reading great literature when you’re free. How?



You can create some custom bookshelves by transforming the look in your closet. Remove the doors on the cabinet to create more space for your books.



Most wardrobes are in the bedroom, which is nearly the quietest place in the house – an ideal place to have your personal library. On the same note, you should have some comfortable home library furniture in the room.



2. Take It Low



bed with sheets and blanket



The perception of having high shelves that move from floor to ceiling may not be one of the best reading nook ideas for your small apartment. So, why can’t you keep the bookshelves low?



Look for a place under the counters, benches, or your bed to keep your books. If your house has a shared room, then this is the perfect place to have your library.



Having a personal library in the bedroom is a good idea. It is essential to go for a bed that gives you some space below to keep your books.



3. Go For Custom Bookshelves




custom bookshelves



Among the best home library ideas are having custom bookshelves instead of bookcases. Bookshelves take little space thus can fit on the walls, unlike cabinets that take a lot of space in the house.



If you do not have a library room to place the large bookcases, then you can go for floating or wall shelves that you can hang on your bedroom or dining room walls to utilize the unused space in your home. Bookshelves will give you enough space to store your books and other items.



You can even check out some custom bookshelf options on AmazonCheck Latest Price .



4. Incorporate Your Books Into Home Library Furniture



Incorporate Your Books Into Home Library Furniture



If you want to save the space in your house, then you can incorporate your books into the chairs, tables, or bed. You must ensure that your furniture is custom to give some allowance for keeping your books.



Nowadays, most beds come with some space for keeping your stationery. So, you can ask a carpenter to design your furniture to fit your bookcase needs.



Also, you can look around and shop for Kitchen Island that comes with built-in bookshelves. However, you must note that you can also go for some ready-made book chairs and have them positioned in your living room or bedroom.



5. Transform Your Staircase To A Reading Nook



Transform Your Staircase To A Reading Nook



If you do not have a library room in the house, then you can economize the space in your staircase. Lining your books on the stairs makes it look amazing. Also, you can utilize the space under your staircase and transform it into a reading nook with some storage shelves.



For instance, the Scandinavian stairway library can be a perfect design to embrace. This design makes use of the space under the staircase that leads you to the bedroom. Reach out to your interior designer to transform this idle part of your house into a living room library.



6. Give Space For Lounging



Give Space For Lounging



The perfect reading nook ideas include giving more space for your lounge. Of course, you can have the best home library, but it can never be complete without the right home library furniture to spice it up.



A library is not your book storage; it is somewhere to sit, relax, and read all you want. Having a perfect armchair alongside the walls can be a good idea. Also, you can have a deep chair somewhere on the corner to sink yourself in while you read.



7. Mix It With Art





Having some art in your home library and comfortable seats are perfect home library ideas. In most cases, if you have ample space to dedicate to your library, then you can go for the bookcases that span from the floor to the ceiling.



Apart from giving you enough space to keep your books, these bookcases always remind you that it is time to read. The beauty of a personal library is never complete without some classical artifacts to spice them up.



Therefore, you can pair your bookcases with some eye-catching arts to make them attractive. If your bookshelves are that long, you can have a library ladder to help you reach the furthest end.



8. Color Your Library



Color Your Library



Ideally, before you can glue yourself to reading any book, you must be attracted to your library. Making your home library attractive is one of the reading nook ideas you should not ignore.



It means that you must make the reading nook as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Give your home library a classical look by arranging your books according to their colors. Arranging your books in color maintains the contrast and mood in your library.



Final Thoughts…



You do not need a mansion-size dream to have an ideal classical library in your house. Whether you live in a small apartment in town with your siblings, you can always have the right home library ideas to make your house the right place to relax and read your favorite books.



Note that the three main factors to consider for an ideal reading nook in your house are lighting, seating, and organization of your books and home library furniture. The eight home library ideas shared here are worth implementing if you look forward to saving the space in your house.

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