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10 Cheap SD Cards For Your Smart Phone 10 Cheap SD Cards For Your Smart Phone

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10 Cheap SD Cards For Your Smart Phone

Written by: Henry Campbell

You can SAVE MONEY by buying an SD card instead of buying a new phone with more internal storage. Know how and grab the BEST SD CARD from our list!

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Lack of storage is one of the biggest problems a smartphone user can face. You go up and buy yourself a smartphone. Everything is off to a great start, then one day, you unlock your phone and are welcomed by a notification that probably none of us wants to have, “Storage Space Running Out.” You have no idea what to delete and what to keep. Even the things you have not used in months are just so hard to delete.




SD cards provide a convenient solution to this problem. It will help you get rid of the storage space problem and you can probably save a lot of money by buying an SD card rather than buying a new phone with more internal storage. If that is what you think you are looking for as well, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to go over a list of the Top 10 SD Cards for your Smartphone.




How To Choose An SD Card For Your Smart Phone?

Buying a memory card more or less similar to buying anything else. You have to look at it carefully and check a few things according to your needs before you actually spend your money on it.





The first thing you should be looking at is the SD card price. Don’t just look for an SD card. Look for cheap and efficient SD cards. Cheap SD memory cards can be just as good as other expensive ones in the market, and will not punch a hole in your wallet. Another good thing about them is that you can even buy more than one and distribute your data amongst them. 




Storage Capacity 

Another important thing to look at before you buy an SD memory card is its storage capacity. The storage capacity you are going to want to buy is completely up to your wishes and requirements. For example, if you need an SD card only for storing photos then you could go with 64GB Micro SD cards.



As your needs change, you can select a memory card with the appropriate storage. The best SD cards in the market may have a storage capacity of anywhere between 2GB to 2TB. But they offer high storage space ones are not exactly cheap. They tend to cost a lot sometimes so make sure you choose one according to your budget.




Compatability & Speed

Other factors that you might want to consider when buying an SD card include its compatibility and speed. If the card is not compatible with your device, you might just end up wasting your money. The read and write speeds of these cards are important and they vary as well, so you might want to look into it before buying one. Lots of storage but slow transactions can make you very frustrated.




Choosing the correct card is important. You will want a card that suits your purpose, is reliable, is budget-friendly, and has a decent speed. If you see all these things in an SD card in the market, it might be the best option for you. Fortunately, this article will help you do just that!




Top Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An SD Card

There are a bunch of common mistakes that people make more when they are trying to buy an SD card. These may sound very common and naïve, but you would be surprised by how many people actually make them on a regular basis.




  • The first common mistake that people tend to make is not checking the compatibility of a card with their device. Just because the card fits in their smartphone, they will buy the highest available storage option. You should check if your phone actually supports that amount of capacity on an SD card. 
  • The next big mistake is checking the compatibility of an SD card by simply inserting the card into their phones. The card fitting in your phone and the card actually being compatible with your phone are two very different things. Are all SD cards the same? No, they are NOT! Most are of the same size, so they will pop right into your slots. But there are four different types of SD cards in terms of their formats, namely, micro SD, micro SDHC, micro SDXC, and micro SDUC. So you will want to check if the format is actually compatible with your smartphone.
  • People usually do not even check for the card speed. They will assume that if it is an expensive one will have a fast data transfer speed than other cheap options on the market. Well, even if it makes some sense, it is not always the case.
  • Another common mistake is that people get attracted by brand names and end up buying fake SD cards. Remember, buying a cheap SD card and buying a fake SD card are two very different things. Always stick with a well-known brand even if you get a cheap SD. 




Top 10 Cheap SD Cards




When it comes to SD cards for switch, SanDisk Micro SD cards need no introduction. They are one of the most famous SD card brands out there. This model is a speedy SDHC that offers great data transfer speeds. It can go up to 90MB/s read speeds and can offer up to 60MB/s write speeds.




This particular card provides a decent data transfer speed. It is overall a very durable SD card featuring a card adapter. Like most other SanDisk Micro SD cards, this model too comes with a lifetime warranty. Not only photos, but it can also handle video files of 1080p and even 4K with no trouble at all. 






This Samsung Micro SD card is a 64GB MicroSD card. It is an SDXC format card and is rated Class 10 or UHS-1 and offers very fast data transfer speeds. It can offer up to 80MB/s of data transfer speeds. Overall, it is a powerful and reliable SD card with a very durable body.




These cards are very famous for their performance, and the internet is filled with positive reviews. Compatible with most smartphones and tablets, and can easily handle video files of 1080p. If, however, you want to deal with 4K format video files, you might want to opt for another SD card. It falls around the category of cheap SD cards and is a decent performer at a very reasonable price. 






If you are looking for a fast MicroSD card with a very decent capacity, then the Lexar Professional might be just what you need. Moreover, it is rated as a UHS-II. It can offer super-fast read speeds of up to 150MB/s.




Offering write speeds of only up to 45MB/s, it can handle 4K recording with ease. The write speeds are pretty slow, but the 4K video support, very fast reading speed, and SD card adapter somewhat make up for it, right?





This is another SanDisk Micro SD card, which is Class 10 and is A1 rated, so you already know that this is going to be one of the most suitable SD cards for your smartphone. Whether is it considered a cheap SD card or not is debatable, but it surely has a reasonable price for a 256GB storage capacity.




The SD card is fast enough for 1080p video recording but does not support 4K video recording. Read speeds can go up to 100MB/s, but unfortunately, this SD card has a pretty low write speed. Furthermore, it comes with a handy SD card adapter.






The PNY PRO Elite is a very high-end SD card. It gives both read and write speeds of over 90MB/s, which is really very fast. It is available in the market in capacities from 32GB to 512GB, which makes it an excellent choice for people who are power users and plan on storing large files and app data on their SD cards.




The super-fast read and write speeds mean that it can easily handle 1080p videos as well as 4K video recordings.  It might be a little more expensive than some of the other options on the list, but if you think this is the SD card that suits your purpose, it definitely is an SD card that is reliable.




There are very few models in the Kingston Canvas line, but in those few models, the Canvas React is by far the best. It is an A-rated SD card, and surely for a good reason. It can handle apps very easily and can give very fast data transfer speeds. The Kingston Canvas React is the best SD card among all other Kingston SD cards.




You can easily grab one from the market or even on several online websites. It is available in different storage capacities starting from 32GB and going all the way up to 512GB, pick one that you think best serves your needs. Most commonly, it is used by DSLR users.





Among all Samsung Micro SD cards, the Samsung Evo Select has been the most preferred SD card for the longest time. It is reliable and is fast, like really very fast. Another reason for its popularity is that it often goes up on sale.




Who does not like stuff on sale, right? It is available in storage capacities ranging from 32GB all the way up to 512GB. It is an SDXC format card and can offer read speeds of 100MB/s, and 90MB/s write speeds for the 128GB and up models. The fast speed means that it has no trouble recording 4K videos.





GoPro’s are probably one of the most powerful video recorders today. So, it is no surprise that they need an SD card that is just as powerful in terms of speed, reliability, and durability. That is why we pick SanDisk high endurance for this category. This SD card is a literal beast. You probably don’t ever have to worry about it breaking down or replacing it because you somehow managed to damage it.




If you are a GoPro user, you probably know that 4K recording needs a fast SD card as well as lots of storage space. Well, this 128GB SD card can easily 10,000 hours of video footage recorded in 4K so if you have a GoPro that only records 1080p video footage, good luck trying to run out of storage. And the best part about this SD card is that all these spectacular features come at a pretty affordable price.






Now this Samsung MicroSD card is probably not for smartphone users. Not because it is not compatible, but because half of the power of this SD card would never even be put to the test. However, if you are the type of person who does a lot of filming, especially 4K filming, this is the card you are going to want for yourself.




The Samsung Pro+ features a U3 rating and can offer read speeds of 95MB/s and write speeds of 90MB/s. It is a very reliable and fast SD card, and the number of speeds that this card can handle will largely be wasted if used for the day-to-day tasks of your smartphone. Well, unless you do a lot of 4K filming with your smartphone, like A LOT of 4k filming.






The Gigastone Memory Card comes with a 512 GB storage capacity ideal for all kinds of smartphones and laptops. The card features a read/ write speed of 100/80 MBs. This particular memory card comes with a 5-year limited warranty that you can benefit from. Overall, the storage capacity of this card is remarkable is worth the investment. 




These are the 10 best cheap SD cards available in the market. Grab any one of these and make your lives much peaceful and easier. To know more about SD cards, check out our article on how important are SD cards.

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