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10 Bedroom Ceiling Lights to Illuminate Your Personal Space 10 Bedroom Ceiling Lights to Illuminate Your Personal Space

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10 Bedroom Ceiling Lights to Illuminate Your Personal Space

Written by: Grace Wilson

Photographed by: Spacejoy on Unsplash

Bedroom ceiling lights brighten bedrooms, save space, and spruce up style. Choose the best ceiling lights for your house here.

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Bedroom ceiling lights do more than just illuminate your room. They can save you space, add style, and can even be transferred to other areas in your home. When choosing the right ones, it’s best to choose bedroom ceiling lights that cover all corners of your room.


Benefits of Bedroom Ceiling Lights




Bedroom ceiling lights, when powerful and dimmable, can save your room space. There will be no need for clunky floor lamps or bedside lamps that take up room for other things like tables, books, and more.


Saves Electricity


Most bedroom ceiling lights run on LED light fixtures. No matter how many bulbs they require, these LEDs will definitely help you save a buck or two when it comes to your electricity bill. Moreover, they are eco-friendly too. LED lights are low maintenance and can last for more than a decade without ever needing a replacement. A word of caution though: these lights are bright. Thus, if you want to buy these, make sure they have dimmable settings (or at least a frosted glass casing).


Equal Illumination


Compared to traditional lamps, bedroom ceiling lights have more equal illumination. Since they sit above the entire room, these lights can brighten up more than one space at one go. 


What Color Should My Bedroom Ceiling Lights Be?

Ceiling Lights LED

Photo from Spacejoy on Unsplash


Planning a bedroom includes deciding on the best bedroom colors, bedroom storage shelves, and more. However, a factor that is often overlooked pertains to color. Which color fits which aesthetic and what colors complement each other?



Lights are often a footnote in room planning, but they can actually command the entire space of the room. Harsh white lights can make it seem sickly, while overly dim lights can make your rooms look eerie. Ceiling lights have to coordinate with every single item in the bedroom.



So, what color should your bedroom ceiling lights be? The answer is simple: it depends. However, there are ways to gauge what lights go with your bedroom. First, recognize your aesthetic because bedroom ceiling lights can change that right away. Is your room farmhouse-style? Glam-Luxe? Modern? Retro? A bit of everything jumbled in one? 



Choose a light that has finishes that complement your hardware. Lights with black and bronze detailing fit dark furniture, while silver and steel go with light browns, and sometimes blacks. 



The best bedroom ceiling lights are dimmable and adjustable. These features make it easy for the lights to fit any room they are in. When push comes to shove and you’re not sure what lights to get, just buy bedroom ceiling lights with range and high customization.


What is “Too Bright” For Your Bedroom?

Bedroom ceiling lights color

Photo from Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash


Bedrooms should be a space for comfort and peace. Thus, direct light might be too harsh for such a place. In the same vein, too many lights can cause headaches and migraines, which is why many interior designers agree that bedrooms should only have one main light source. 



If you’re wondering what can make your bedroom too bright? Then the answer is once again, “it depends.” Smaller bedrooms can benefit from a singular medium-lit light source, whereas larger bedrooms may need a main light source with many LED bulbs for even illumination. In both of these choices, a ‘dimmer’ lighting option is always a green flag. 



To be more specific, you can calculate how bright a light should be depending on the room you plan to put it in. Multiply your room’s length with its width to get your room’s square feet. Once you’re done with this, you can decide on the lumens (brightness) of your bedroom ceiling lights. 



As a rule of thumb, bedrooms need 20 lumens per square foot. From here, multiply the required lumens per square foot. The answer you get can also help you choose the light wattage of your room. Four hundred fifty lumens is equal to 40 watts. One thousand one hundred lumens is equal to 75 (watts), so on and so forth. 



For this question, it is always best to check your light’s packaging. Usually, these can be answered by a simple glance at its features.


What Lights To Put in a Bedroom With a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fan in bedroom

Photo from Helen Shi on Unsplash


Another common question for people buying bedroom ceiling lights is whether or not they can still use lights in the presence of a ceiling fan. While some are lucky to buy ceiling fans with lights built-in, others simply have ceiling fans, with manufacturers hoping natural light pierces through its room. 



Bedroom ceiling lights have many benefits, so why let a ceiling fan stop you? The easy answer to “What lights to put in a bedroom with a ceiling fan?” is that you can modify the fans yourself. Often, ceiling fans have optional lighting sockets. Light kits are an easy fix for this—purchase one, a light bulb, and bring your screwdriver with you for a DIY afternoon. 



Should you want to get rid of your ceiling fan altogether, you can opt for this too. Bedroom ceiling lights are worth the swap, and most rooms are powered by air conditioning nowadays anyway. 


Types of Ceiling Lights


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount ceiling light

Photo from 莎莉 彭 on Unsplash


These lights are the standard bedroom ceiling lights you think of when you are asked to imagine what they look like. Usually dome-shaped and stuck onto the ceiling, these lights blend in. They do their job—illuminate a room, nothing more and nothing less. 



For decorative and loud rooms, these may be a perfect fit.  They can brighten a space without attracting too much attention to themselves. These also work best for rooms with a ceiling of at least 8 feet tall. 



Still, more quiet rooms can benefit from these too. Sometimes all you need is a light that does its job well, without all the fuss. If that sounds like something you prefer, then consider getting a flush mount ceiling light instead. 


Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Semi-Flush mount light

Photo from manny PANTOJA on Unsplash


Compared to flush mount ceiling lights, semi-flush mount lights are more decorative and use up more space. To tell one from the other, you just have to check how far the light extends: a semi-flush will dangle a bit below the ceiling while a flush is stuck on the right to it. 



These semi-flush mount ceiling lights come in different forms: glass, fabric, metal, and crystal are some of the most popular. The best bedroom ceiling lights are often made with fabric and (frosted) glass—this cushions the brightness of one’s light. 



Still, bedroom ceiling lights made of glass often also double as decorative pieces. Thus, glass ceiling lights join metal and crystal in exuding elegance and style that can fit any room they are in.


10 Bedroom Ceiling Lights For Brightening Up Spaces


Bedroom ceiling lights are often expected to exude a level of luxury and sophistication. This spider ceiling lamp from KJLARS changes these expectations—it’s vibrant and full of personality. It can remind you of a retro aesthetic, all while delivering brightness to every inch of your room. 



Equipped with an industrial pendant light, this spider chandelier has 8 lights measuring 59” or 1.5M. This length makes its drooping adjustable, which is an uncommon feature of bedroom ceiling lights. Made with silica gel, this spider chandelier is sleek, simple, and easy to handle. While it requires more DIY effort than most flush mount lights, its customizable features actually make it easier to work with. Power up your 40-watt hard-wired bulbs through these remarkable bedroom ceiling lights. 



Many may associate this art deco style with kids’ bedrooms, but this spider chandelier also works well in living rooms and adult bedrooms. Not many ‘fun’ lights are made available to adults, so this is an exception. Decide between 6, 8, or 10 light bulbs as this spider chandelier comes in these three variations. 

Key Features

  • Made with silica gel
  • AC power source
  • 6, 8, or 10 bulbs
  • Instant-On


  • Hard-wired, 40-watt (maximum), E26 base bulbs
  • 59-inch wire per light bulb
  • 2.84 product weight in pounds


  • Art deco aesthetic
  • High-quality silica gel
  • Adjustable


  • DIY feature may cause difficult set-up

Bringing the ‘vibrant’ style of the spider chandelier down a few notches, this flush-mounted black ceiling light has a more modern aesthetic. However, it maintains the ‘fun’ personality of the spider chandelier—only with a more subtle and avant-garde take.



Made with glass and a matte base, this group of bedroom ceiling lights can fit into more than just a bedroom. Its style can be used for restaurants and living rooms. Therefore, making the most out of these lights will not be an issue. What’s more, installing these lights is easy too. Each box contains a set of instructions. This group of bedroom ceiling lights uses an E26 bulb with a maximum wattage of 60W. It is semi-flush with a vintage aesthetic, making it easy on the eyes. 

Key Features

  • Made with glass
  • Corded-electric power source
  • 5 bulbs
  • Avant-garde aesthetic


  • 60-watt (maximum), E26 base bulbs
  • 12.99 x 16.14 length and width in inches
  • 3 item weight in pounds


  • Vintage black style makes it easy to transfer rooms
  • Bright with 5 bulbs
  • Comes with instructions


  • Does not come with light bulbs 

Moving on to flush mount lights, this LED light from Oeegoo presents a modern take on such a classic design feature. With 460 LED chips and a 250-watt halogen lamp, it can illuminate a room over 300 sq. ft. long and can also save you up to 85% of electricity bills. 



If you want to save up even more on time and energy, you can adjust the brightness level and color temperature of these bedroom ceiling lights. You can also skip the hassle and change your light’s modes. As this comes with a remote, you can easily reprogram the brightness of your flush mount lights and choose from night lamp mode, 30-second delays, and powerful memory functions. However, this light’s most popular feature is its dust-proof structure. 



Featuring a one-piece sealed structure, these Oeegoo bedroom lights minimize dust, shadows, and black spots. Install these without fear as it also comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Key Features

  • Made with waterproof PC
  • Hardwired power source
  • Chandelier light fixture type


  • 460 LED chips
  • 250-watt halogen lamp
  • 3 modes


  • Fits any room and style
  • Comes with a remote (easy usage)
  • Adjustable color temperature and brightness


  • Buggy color shifting

Nothing beats a classic chandelier, even if it is a ‘mini’ version. Produced by Hong-in, these crystal flush mount lights use 3 bulbs with a maximum of 40-watts in each bulb. However, its most prominent feature is its K9 clear crystals. These crystals give the chandelier its warm and romantic atmosphere, best suited for bedrooms of couples. Moreover, these crystals also double up as sources of brightness for your dining and living room. How can you move these chandeliers around? 



Well, it is relatively easy—all thanks to a detailed mounting manual that comes with each set. Here, you can find the crystal strings and hooks that make up this luxurious affair. Just make sure you have prepared your power supplies and light bulbs in advance. 

Key Features

  • Made with metal and crystals
  • Corded-electric power source
  • 3 bulbs
  • Luxurious and classic


  • 40-watt (maximum), LED G9 bulbs
  • 10.4 height in inches
  • 9.8 diameter in inches
  • Best for 5-10 square meter rooms


  • Comprehensive instruction manual 
  • Elegant and classic aesthetic
  • Includes screws, washers, wire nuts, in the set-up kit


  • Still requires extra tools (not included) 


Boasting modern features and retro lines, these bedroom ceiling lights from DZQH-Qin come in two sizes and two colors. Choose between 27.5 and 35.4 inches, and black and white color variants when fixing up your bedroom ceiling lights.



With a metal and acrylic finish, these LED ceiling lights are durable and high-performance. This light’s special feature is its dimmable setting, which makes it the perfect fit for bedrooms that want to be both bright and relaxing. You can control the brightness of your room from 5% – 100%. As for your light temperature, these have a range of 3000K warm light to 7000K white light. 



These lights are sleek, fashionable, and smart—a perfect fit for bedrooms with an avant-garde, minimalist, or retro aesthetic. The cherry on top is its 50,000-hour long lifespan.

Key Features

  • Made with metal and acrylic
  • Corded-electric power source
  • Ceiling, flush mounting type


  • 68-watt (maximum)
  • 5440 lumens
  • 35.4 x 23.6 length and width in inches
  • Best for 8 – 15 square meter rooms


  • Dimmable
  • Elegant yet fun aesthetic
  • Has temperature and brightness range


  • Installation can be troubling.

Not all contemporary houses sport a modern or minimalist aesthetic—some still strive for the farmhouse interior design, and that is exactly what this semi-flush light does. Illuminate your room with this schoolhouse light with an opaque white shade and bronze finishes. Measuring 12 inches in width and 10 ¼ inches high, this light packs a punch. Use a standard 60-watt light bulb, as long as it is incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL. From there, let this fixture do its thing or pair it with dimmers. 



As bedroom ceiling lights, these can save you time, energy, and space. Unlike the other lights on this list, this farmhouse-style light only needs one bulb to brighten your bedroom. On top of that, it is also flexible: use it for your kitchens, living rooms, and other communal areas too.

Key Features

  • Made with glass
  • Bronze – Opaque color and finish
  • Compatible with LED, halogen, or CFL lights 


  • 60-watt (maximum)
  • A19 light shape
  • 10 ¼ x 12 length and width in inches


  • Easy installation
  • Farmhouse-style
  • Compatible with most room types


  • Best for smaller rooms

Presenting a mix between the farmhouse and retro design is Dinglilighting Store’s semi-flush mount bedroom ceiling lights. Made of plastic and metal carved lattice, this fixture promises hassle-free installation and is easy on the eyes. It boasts a classic design with modern sensibilities. You may not see it, but this light uses three US standard E26 bulbs. 



Covered with a frosted white covering, these bulbs can illuminate softer lights that can function at 60-watts max. This feature makes it a perfect fit for bedrooms since it encourages a relaxed, comfortable feeling. However, this light is best for low to medium-height bedrooms. The audience for these bedroom ceiling lights are those who want style and substance—and if you’re not pleased, Dinglilighting Store offers a 24-month warranty anyways.

Key Features

  • Made with plastic and metal 
  • Corded-electric power source
  • Pendant light fixture source
  • Comes in three variants: two-tier, black, and white


  • 60-watt (maximum)
  • Uses 3 E26 bulbs
  • ‎3.54 weight in pounds


  • Bright but easy on the eyes
  • Includes decorative latticework
  • Can be used in low to medium-height bedrooms


  • Mixed reviews on installation (missing items, instructions, etc.)

Bedroom ceiling lights for minimalist houses may want to deviate away from a plethora of whites. Moreover, Scandinavian interiors might want to go for a more bronze-forward look. If you are either of these or somewhere in between, consider getting the Casa Star ceiling light. 



Bold enough to catch attention but subtle enough not to overwhelm, these bedroom ceiling lights are made out of glass and metal. Measuring 16 inches wide and 10 inches high, these Casa Star ceiling lights can illuminate any bedroom with their 60-watt candelabra base bulbs.



Style-wise, its most eye-catching detail is its six-point star shape. Made by Possini Euro Design, this shape gleams with an antique brass finish that covers its seedy glass panels. These farmhouse lights only come in one color, showing you that it knows what it is: one of a kind. 

Key Features

  • Made with glass and metal
  • Farmhouse style
  • Semi-Flush Ceiling light
  • Comes in one color: gold


  • 60-watt (maximum)
  • Uses 6 candelabra bulbs
  • 16 wide x 14 deep x 10 high measurements in inches
  • 6.38 weight in pounds


  • Light
  • Easy to install
  • Luxurious yet minimalist aesthetic


  • Brass quality is not the best.

Also from the Possini Euro Design store comes the Prane Modern Industrial Ceiling Light. Made out of metal (mostly nickel), this fixture is glamorous and durable at the same time. Measuring 17 inches wide and 8 inches high, this bedroom ceiling light has modern sizing and design. At first glance, it may look like just another light source, but upon closer inspection, it actually has elegant detailing. 



Moreover, it is equipped with warped glass panels that soften the light in your room. Its metal skeleton has a nickel finish and immense durability. What’s more, it can use up to four 60-watt candelabra bulbs at one time.

Key Features

  • Made with metal
  • Has a nickel finish
  • Glam-Luxe style
  • Comes in one color: silver


  • 60-watt (maximum)
  • Uses 4 candelabra bulbs (compatible with Edison bulbs too)
  • 17 wide x 8 high measurements in inches
  • 9.3 weight in pounds


  • Luxurious
  • Unique metal skeleton
  • Easy installation


  • Exposed bulbs

The final suggestion for these bedroom ceiling lights is from Qin-Lighting. Style-wise, it balances simple, elegant, and fun well. Curved in different directions, this fixture’s bright light illuminates off the sides.



Bedrooms are supposed to be a place for comfort and peace, but these lights remind you that they can also harbor style. Boasting a contemporary and sensible look, the lights might look sporadic but actually aren’t—this twisted effect creates a uniform light within a room. 



This light comes in two variations: black and white. Its light source can hold up to 72-watts and is dimmable via remote control. Made of metal acrylic, these bedroom ceiling lights are durable and easy on the eyes. Customize your experience by choosing color temperatures ranging from 3000-6000 Kelvin too. Lead-free, mercury-free, and UV-free, these lights are easy to install and can be used in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and more.

Key Features

  • Made with metal
  • AC power source
  • Modern style
  • Comes in two colors: black and white


  • 72-watt (maximum)
  • Built-in LED chips
  • 30,000 hours of power


  • Safe installation
  • Unique Look
  • Equal Lighting


  • Problem with the remote control compatibility

Bedroom Ceiling Lights: Spruce, Save, and Customize 


Bedrooms come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. The best bedroom ceiling lights should illuminate your personal space, fit your personal style, and fit in the process. (A bonus? LED bedroom ceiling lights can save you energy!) Light bulbs need not be bright, which is why most of the choices on this list have frosted or marbled glass fixtures. 



Whether your bedroom may be narrow or wide, choose a light that can tick all of these boxes. But don’t just stop there. Keep your bedroom clean too—especially with these DIY small bedroom storage ideas. For those with bigger rooms, consider these easy-to-incorporate master bedroom ideas—you might even awaken your inner interior designer in the process.

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