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6 Best Chaise Lounges To Make Your Living Room More Vibrant 6 Best Chaise Lounges To Make Your Living Room More Vibrant


6 Best Chaise Lounges To Make Your Living Room More Vibrant

Written by: Benjamin Parker

These 6 best chaises in your living room is 100% foolproof to add the X-factor you’ve been looking for with your décor. It's simply gorgeous and practical!

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What makes an interior designer different that they get paid so much to decorate YOUR home? And why are they telling so many people these days to spend some of their budgets on chaises?



Reason #1: These decorating experts usually know just what will make your rooms pop, so you can wow anyone walking through your door.



Reason #2: Apart from aesthetics, they know exactly what makes a room practical that you enjoy utilizing that space more often. And just imagine reading or watching TV on a chaise rather than a chair. Isn’t that just the next level in terms of practicality AND comfort?



Read on to find out how you can transform your living room with chaises if you don’t have the budget to hire an interior decorator at the moment.



What are Chaises?

The origin of chaises—also known to many as chaise lounges—can probably be traced all the way back to Egypt. They’re a mix of a daybed and a chair. These reclining chairs are long enough so they can accommodate your legs. This provides comfort and supports whether you want to sit upright or lie down.



In Egypt, they were made from palm sticks and rawhide while the Romans lounged on softer, more luxurious chaises in the eighth century BC. For the latter, they were the perfect furniture pieces to use when throwing parties. The Romans loved to lounge in comfort while eating and drinking.



Now, doesn’t that sound like the type of atmosphere you want in your living room? They were made popular in the 16th century and are still widely used. Nowadays, they’re seen as luxury items designed in one of three options:



– Duchesse Brisée: A mix of a chair with a small stool for your feet.
– Recamier: Both ends of these chaises are raised.
– Meridienne: It slopes, has a headrest on one end, features a lower resting place for your feet



Many furniture brands manufacture them, so you may find one that suits your style and pocket. Use it to set the tone of your living room. Bring out specific colors and enjoy the practical aspect of these types of furniture: be comfortable while chatting to friends, reading, working on your laptop, or taking a nap under the sun.


In today’s modern age, you don’t have to settle for sticks and an uncomfortable leather chaise lounge that was the custom in Egypt. Pick yours in the color you want, and be assured that modern furniture brands have already provided you with the utmost comfort.



We picked some of the best ones you can possibly find on Amazon listings. Which one will be the eye-catching item in your living room from now on?



6 Best Chaise Lounges To Make Your Living Room More Vibrant - Infographic



1. Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge

Red chaise with pillow

Photo from Amazon


If comfort is your topmost priority, you should definitely go for this comfortable chaise by Christopher Knight. The soft and comfortable surface is so inviting; you can easily fall asleep here after a long day at school or work. After all, the chaise lounge couch owes some of its popularity to the nobility of old who didn’t want to retire to their rooms right away. These chairs give you the opportunity to sleep where you are after spending time with family, friends, or colleagues.


The added padding on top of the structure ensures you’re comfortable, but it’s still stylish enough to add to your living room furniture. We also love the color: it’s bold enough to add punch to your décor style but not too bright that it will seem out of place in more conservative rooms.


Buy the Mid-Century Fabric Chaise Lounge from Amazon


2. Christopher Knight Rubie New Velvet Chaise

Ruby Velvet chaise on carpet

Photo from Amazon


If you do want a showstopper that communicates opulence to its admirers, this velvet chaise from Christopher Knight is what you need. This will remind you of the grandeur of centuries-old castles. However, the design is modern enough that you can match it with contemporary or classic furniture that you already have at your home.


Surprisingly, this isn’t one of the most expensive items on our list of chaises. You can own this stunner of a piece while shopping on a rather tight budget.


Buy Christopher Knight Ruby New Velvet Chaise from Amazon


3. Jolie Mid Century Modern Slate Grey Fabric Chaise Lounge

grey chaise lounge chair

Photo from Amazon


If you need a chaise lounge that will blend in with almost any design motif or aesthetic, why not try this Jolie Mid Century Modern chaise lounge? It’s simple yet stylish, and the color scheme of brown and gray will easily complement most modern decor that you can find in homes nowadays.


You can match it with almost any color scatter cushion or rug to make sure it blends in with other items in your living room. We also love the slight bit of detail at the top of the headrest which adds some character.


Buy Jolie Fabric Chaise Lounge from Amazon


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4. Christopher Knight Home Tufted Garnet Velvet Chaise Lounge

Tufted curved chaise lounge with books

Photo from Amazon


We love this unique chaise lounge by Christopher Knight Home for incorporating a curved design. The velvet surface communicates luxury while the shape provides you with a comfortable surface to lie on.


The tufted chaise adds some classic style to any room, while the original shape is modern. You can match this with all types of furniture.


Buy Christopher Knight Home Tufted Garnet Velvet Chaise Lounge from Amazon


5. Antonya Plush Tufted Traditional Chaise Lounge

C Knight traditional charcoal

Photo from Amazon


This is another blend of styles that make it easy to match with any living room style.


The chaise lounge has an armrest which creates a comfortable corner and support. The curved lines, tufted design, and wooden legs are classic, but it still has a modern charm that makes it a great addition to many homes.


You can order this one in various types of fabric, so this is your go-to piece if you want a leather chaise lounge. You can pick from beautiful ivory or brown leather.


Buy Antonya Plush Tufted Traditional Chaise Lounge from Amazon


6. Aoxun Massage Recliner Lounge Chair

leather chaise lounge massage chair

Photo from Amazon


Modern technology takes chaises to a whole new level. This beautiful product from Aoxun lets your chaise give you a nice massage!


With a model like this black leather chaise lounge, you can get vibration features with four different settings. It’s all managed via remote control. While it will look stylish to impress visitors, it will also help you have the perfect afternoon nap.


Buy Aoxun Massage Recliner from Amazon 


Last Words

Which of these chaise lounge couch designs do you fancy? With one addition to your living room, you can enjoy the space more while impressing all your guests with your sense of style.


We hope you find the perfect chaise to make your living space the ideal spot for you. Happy lounging!


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