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15 Best Towel Bars To Locate Your Towels Easily 15 Best Towel Bars To Locate Your Towels Easily

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15 Best Towel Bars To Locate Your Towels Easily

Written by: Sophie Thompson

If you wish to upgrade your bathroom, introduce one of these sophisticated yet classy towel bars. They offer practicality and adds beauty in NO TIME!

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Apart from being functional, a modern bathroom also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, you need to pay a bit of attention to your bathroom fittings. One important and sophisticated accessory that a bathroom cannot be without is the towel bar. It is specially designed to hold your towels, robes, and washcloths at a handy distance so that you can conveniently access them after your bath.


If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom by adding an element of beauty and function, we have some suggestions for you. Ranging from all sizes and materials, we have compiled 15 of the best towel bars where to hold your towels and keep them dry. So, without any further ado, let’s get you acquainted with your future towel bar!



Moen towel bars are known for their lightweight and high durability. This modern single bar is one of their best products, and its metal build is given a chrome finish for a more lustrous look. Moreover, the chrome finish has a reflective mirror-like look that gives a contemporary feel to the bathroom. In fact, you can also fix it in the kitchen to hang kitchen towels or other items. 


It has a long length of 19.34 inches, perfect for holding multiple towels, washcloths, and other bathroom items. With this towel bar, you don’t have to worry about the towel slipping down on the wet towel floor anymore. In addition to all the features, it has a sturdy mounting post that enhances its durability. The template guide that comes with the package makes installation easy.



Made with superior stainless steel, this towel bar from the KES store weighs no more than 0.6 pounds. It has some nickel and chromium added to it to protect it from rusting and corrosion. Moreover, the brushed finish makes it visually attractive, shinier, and suitable for humid environments. You can install this towel bar in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. 


Another thing you will love about this product is that you can install it both ways, with and without drilling. A drill-free glue is included in the package, which helps install this bar within a few minutes. This way, you don’t have to drill and damage the wall if you’re living in a rented apartment. However, you can also go for the screw-mounting installation with stainless steel screws and anchors that come in the package if you don’t have the right surface for drill-less installation.



If you are looking for a double towel bar, look no further than this amazing product from JQK. It is made out of premium brushed stainless steel that makes it resistant to bacteria and corrosion. This way, you don’t have to bunch your towels and risk one of them falling to the ground. The two bars that provide plenty of space for your towels and other things ensure that you maintain good hygiene. 


Its length of 33.15 inches can easily accommodate your bath towel, bathrobe, or other wash clothes. In fact, the double towel bar is large and spacious enough that you can hang your towels and even a yoga mat for drying on them. Moreover, installing towel bars has never been this easy as with the installation guide and hardware included with the package. 




Keep your bath towel and bathrobe handy with this fantastic wall-mounted towel bar from Design House. This traditional towel bar has commendable durability since it is made with high-quality zinc and aluminum. Also, its length of 18 inches can hold multiple towels at a single time. The metallic bar has been painted in a unique oil-rubbed bronze color that goes well with all interiors. It weighs around 0.78 pounds and can be easily fixed on any type of wall.


Furthermore, installing it is a breeze. All you need to do is fix it using a standard mount and concealed screws included in the package. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry if you have drywall since there are Ez anchor mounts available. If you wish, you can hang it above a toilet, on a door, or in a closet.




Franklin Brass is emerging as a leading brand to manufacture some of the best bathroom hardware accessories. One of their most loved products is this towel bar that adds functionality and style to each bathroom. Your towels and bathrobes will find a new and hygienic go-to place in this piece. This oil-rubbed bronze bar is 20.13 inches in length and will transform your bathroom’s look at an affordable price. It doesn’t get corroded even if it comes in regular contact with water. Moreover, its sleek appearance is what garners most of the attention. 


Besides, you can easily get done with the installation project using the simple process as mentioned in their template guide. The installation hardware is available with the package. Once installed, you can load it with all your towels and washcloths since it has a high holding capacity. 



Looking for something more stylish and unique? Have a look at this amazing and extremely spacious swivel towel bar with four arms. Moreover, it gives a modern minimalistic and luxury hotel bathroom-like look with its multiple swing hanger rods. Furthermore, it has been constructed with pure metal, which is a blend of rustproof stainless steel, nickel, and chromium for extended durability. 


In addition, the brushed stainless steel is built to resist daily scratches, corrosions, and tarnishing of the bar. Each of the bars can rotate up to 180 degrees to keep your bathing items close to you and separate from each other. For easy installation, all the necessary hardware is included in the package. However, you don’t need to assemble the parts individually since it comes attached. Therefore, bring home this inexpensive yet space-saving solution and use it in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere you wish. 




This retractable single towel bar from Besy can be expanded to any length between 15.2 inches and 27.8 inches. Therefore, enlarge your bathroom storage space with this amazing product. It has been constructed using heavy-duty and premium-grade stainless steel with a chrome finish. Moreover, the polished chrome finish keeps it shiny and simultaneously prevents all the risks of scratches, corrosions, and tarnishing.


Also, you can rest assured of the towel bar’s sturdiness, longevity, and quality. It can even be installed at the back of a bathroom door, kitchen wall, or near the bathtub. Another lovable feature is the easy installation. Even the least handy person can fix it with the help of the mounting screws and the installation guide that comes with the package. So, it’s time to bid farewell to the bunched towels with this towel rack. 



Buy this modern towel bar set from Velimax at an extremely budgeted rate. The set contains 2 robe hooks, a toilet paper holder, a hand towel holder, a hand towel bar, and a full-size towel bar. These measure 23.6 inches and 30 inches long respectively. Moreover, all six items in the set are enough to satisfy all the bathroom hardware requirements. Each of the items is constructed with high-quality brushed stainless steel. Therefore, there is no risk of rust and corrosion. 


Apart from that, their durability ensures that you get many years of use out of this bath hardware set. With all sizes of towel bars, you have ample storage space to hang and even dry your clothes. Besides, it is also scratch and fade-resistant to maintain its flawless and lustrous appearance. It comes with all the needed mounting accessories. 




Your search for the best bathroom towel bars set ends with this ultimate product from Amazon Basics. Its built-to-last durable zinc alloy construction is what makes it superior to other towel bar sets. You will find all the essential hardware accessories, including a towel ring, toilet paper holder, and a 24-inch towel bar in the set. Therefore, it will ensure a uniform look of your bathroom.


Moreover, you can now arrange all your face towels, hand towels, bathing towels, robes, and other clothes in an orderly fashion. Keeping everything aside, the metallic look will blend in with all other bathroom interiors. You can install each accessory right where you need it the most. All you need to install this set is a drill and a slotted screwdriver. All other necessary hardware will come with the package. 



Add a touch of simple timelessness to your bathroom with these elegant Moen towel bars. Each of the bars in this double towel bar set is 24 inches long. It is more than spacious enough to accommodate multiple towels, washcloths, and other items at a single time. Moreover, its sturdy metal mounting posts mount stably to all flat surfaces and provide prolonged durability. Another impressive feature of this towel bar is that it is designed to be corrosion-resistant.


Most of the Moen towel bars have a brushed nickel finish to provide a warm grey look which is very visually pleasing. Besides, with the help of the mounting hardware in the package, anyone can fix it easily. To keep you from feeling helpless, there is an instruction manual to guide you through the entire installation task. 




To avoid the hassles of drilling the wall and fixing a towel bar, you can go for this Songtec Bathroom towel bar. It can be installed on the wall by simply sticking it with the strong self-adhesive provided at the mounting ends of the bar. Just peel the strip on the adhesive and carefully stick it to the wall. Also, it is strictly advised that you don’t stick it on drywall, uneven surfaces, or wallpapers since the strong glue can peel off the wall surface.


Apart from that, it is made with brushed stainless steel that doesn’t get rusty. It can hold a weight of up to 5 kgs at a time. In fact, it has an ideal length of 16 inches. Hence you can also use it as a hand towel bar in the kitchen or near the washbasin. 




Double towel bars with a sturdy shelf are all you need to add extra storage to your bathroom. This Alise bathroom towel bars set is the perfect product that can serve as a piece of elegance as well as function. Due to the ideal size, it works well for every bathroom, regardless if it’s big or small. You can now fold and roll up the towels in the rack above the towel bar or simply hang them down.


Furthermore, the length of each bar is 24 inches and is made of top-notch stainless steel painted matte black. It’s the color that complements the beauty of the existing interior decor of the bathroom. Besides, you won’t require any additional screws to install it since the package already includes the necessary screws and anchors. 




This marvelous towel bar has a satin nickel finish and features a lovely tempered glass shelf on the top. The shiny satin finish provides a smooth and decorative look to all bathroom interiors. Moreover, the bar rod makes it easy to hang more than one towel or washcloth in one place. Eventually, you can free up that much-needed floor space and add additional storage to your small bathroom.


You can stock all the other bathing essentials like soap, shampoo bottles, bathing gels, loofas, etc. The sturdy metal bar has high durability and is great for hanging towels to dry or before use. Furthermore, the overall weight of the towel bar and glass shelf combined is not more than 2.71 pounds. So, if you have been looking for a 2-in-1 function in a single product, this is the best investment to make. 



The NearMoon towel bars do not require any drilling to be installed in the bathroom. The adhesive at each end of the bar is strong and waterproof to prevent the wall from damaging. Moreover, the glue keeps the bar sturdy enough that it doesn’t collapse even after you load with multiple towels or cloths at a time. Made with matte black painted stainless steel, the bar is not only rust-resistant but is also easy to clean.


It sticks easily on any solid smooth surface, including a ceramic tile and even the metal surface. In fact, the installation hardly takes over a minute. Just make sure to press it properly against the wall and let it rest for at least 24 hours before using. Undoubtedly, it’s going to give your bathroom a luxurious look.



This five-piece bathroom towel bar set has been manufactured by one of the most trustworthy and professional brands, TocTen. Upgrade your bathroom with their luxury hardware accessories which are 100% waterproof and reliable. The set includes one extremely durable bathroom towel bar, a toilet paper holder, a robe hook, and a towel hook.   


You can use each item individually for various purposes such as the kitchen or closet. All the accessories are made with stainless steel brushed with nickel for a shinier look and extended life. Apart from that, all the screw accessories needed for the installation are included in the package. To give your bathroom a more royal look, each item has a concealed screw design. In fact, hex screws are attached to prevent the hooks from rotating. 


Keep all your towels, bathrobes, and other clothes in the bathroom neat, dry, and hygienic. Install any one of these extremely versatile and durable towel bars in your bathroom and rejoice in the amazing transformation. Lastly, make sure to check the dimensions, weight capacity, material, and other details to make an informed decision. So, no more bunching the towels and tarnishing them.

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