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5 Best Tips for Remodeling Your Home With 3D Technology 5 Best Tips for Remodeling Your Home With 3D Technology

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5 Best Tips for Remodeling Your Home With 3D Technology

Written by: Storables Incognito

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Life is constantly changing, and so are we. As our lifestyle changes, so must our homes, which is why remodeling is an inevitable part of being a homeowner. It lets you customize your property and accommodate your needs as they evolve to make it more enjoyable for you and your family.



However, even minor updates can be time-consuming and expensive. There are many variables that can turn renovations into a stress-inducing process. Thankfully, 3D technology can help trade that uncertainty for confidence and clarity. Intuitive, user-friendly 3D floor planners like HomeByMe enable you to construct every part of your remodel to see how it will appear before you break ground. Read on to discover our best tips for remodeling your home and how 3D designs can make sure you end up with a result that you love.


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Best Tips for Remodeling Your Home


1. Outline the Priorities of Your Home Redesign First


A home redesign can feel exciting, which is why it’s easy to get carried away. You may be bursting with ideas and inspiration from saved Pinterest boards, magazine cut-outs or your favorite home reno show. But when faced with reality, you might realize how quickly those plans can change and add up financially.



What starts as a simple upgrade could quickly turn into a major endeavor you hadn’t planned for. That’s why it’s important to be crystal clear about your priorities before you begin. With the HomeByMe 3D floor planner, you can develop a visual replica of your property – or a specific room – and plan your remodeling project in detail to avoid going overboard.


2. Learn How to Redesign Your Home Using 3D Tech


To learn how to redesign your home in 3D, you’ll start off by creating an overview of your property in the HomByMe planner with precise measurements for the walls, doorways, and other architectural components. Then you can begin designing your space by inserting any features you desire from the HomeByMe catalog. If you want to upgrade the bathroom or try out new countertops in the kitchen, it’s all available for you to do in 3D. Just drag and drop items into your digital home and arrange them as you please. It’s the most practical way to see how each addition or alteration will work on your property. Once you’ve generated a design that you like, you can save, print, or share high-res, panoramic images of it.



HomeByMe offers you the possibility to create images that are as real as life! These HD or 4K images allow you to get a precise idea of the final result. Whether you are pitching to a contractor or presenting the project to a client, family, or friends, these images are comparable to professionally finished photographs and are a real asset in getting a realistic representation of your project.


3. Choose Materials Without Second Guessing


There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort choosing specific materials, only to be disappointed once you see the final product in your home. Avoid disappointment and setbacks by comparing different concepts in 3D first. From travertine stone flooring to stacked stone tiles, paint colors, and cabinetry, you can create multiple versions to determine which materials match your style and home without having to second guess.


4. Keep Your Home Renovation Organized and On Budget


The cost of a home renovation project is always a top concern among homeowners. It’s easy to overstretch your budget if you fall in love with a particular piece of furniture or discover something new that you want to incorporate into your home.



Whatever the reason may be, 3D tech can help you save money and stay within your allotted budget. Whether it’s brand name furniture or generic decor, you can keep tabs on everything you use in the HomeByMe tool. Access your lists to review materials, furnishings, and other pertinent details for specific projects at any time.



HomeByMe can help you choose furniture and decoration for your home by providing a large catalog of 30,000 branded products in 3D. In just a few clicks, add the latest furniture and decorative objects from your favorite brands to your home. Buying furniture has never been so easy! Test several different options, furniture, or decorative accessories, and choose the layout that best suits your budget before you start in real life.



3D modeling can help your dreams become more concrete and tangible. Before your eyes, your new interior takes shape in three dimensions allowing you to inject limitless imagination directly inside your property. Thanks to HomeByMe, you’ll be able to virtually roam different redesigned rooms with your avatar.


5. Communicate Your Vision Clearly with Contractors


Remodeling home improvements in 3D not only provide more clarity for you but also guarantee better communication between your contractors. This helps to reduce any ambiguity. Even if your plans change or potential problems arise, you can alter your designs in the HomeByMe planner on-the-go and share updates with others instantly. As a result, delays and downtime will be minimized so you can streamline your project and get it done as efficiently as possible.



From drafting plans to ordering supplies, and hiring contractors, there’s a lot to take on when it comes to remodeling a home. Before updating any area of your property, consider trying HomeByMe’s 3D floor planning tool. It will provide a detailed visual representation of your dream design which you can create at your own pace. So, when it’s time to initiate a home reno project, you can feel confident that the outcome will be accurate, beautiful, and just as you envisioned.


In Conclusion…


Whether for personal or professional use, HomeByMe is the tool that will accompany you in all your interior design projects. Using a 3D tool allows you to save time and money in the choice of materials, colors, textures, furniture, and other decorative accessories. Optimize your space, boost your creativity, and give life to the interior that looks like you!

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