The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Shoe Storage

June 1, 2020

Footwear is an essential part of fashion. Shoes come in different sizes and types and complement our outfits, with a single pair costing up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To keep your shoes in pristine condition,  you’ll need to buy the perfect outdoor storage.



This is a comprehensive article that explores the intricacies in the world of outdoor shoe storage.


Benefits Of Using Outdoor Shoe Storage

Outdoor Shoe Rack and 8 pairs of visitor shoes



Many people might not know about the possible dangers that can arise by placing shoes indoors. Studies reveal that shoes serve as the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is not surprising as humans step on everything with their shoes. As a result, bacteria and other germs could cling onto the soles and subsequently be carried indoors.



For Hygiene Purposes

Storing shoes indoors means giving germs free access to your living space. In fact, studies say that there are hundreds of thousands of bacteria that cling to a shoe. The sad part is that the shoe could pick up soil and plant matters, which makes these germs thrive. This is one of the reasons your shoes are better off outdoors.



Less Dirt, Less Mess

If cleaning your house is taking up a huge chunk of your time, leaving your shoe storage outdoors could be a terrific idea. With shoes outside, you will have less dirt and sand inside, which means less time will be spent on cleaning. Also, if you’re a parent to a toddler, having your shoe storage outside will ensure that your little one can explore the house safely.



Access Options More Easily

Also, having your shoe storage outside will save you the stress of losing either pair of shoes. With your shoes displayed prominently outside, the days of searching for that solo shoe is over. Since you now have a permanent storage system for your shoe, the tendency of losing a pair is pretty low.



Saves Indoor Space

Having your shoe storage outside as opposed to indoors is a great way to save space in your house. This is particularly useful if you do not have much indoor space. When you consider all the mess shoes can create, it is a good habit to remove your footwear at the entrance of your house.



Home design experts suggest having a friendly space right before the entrance of your house. Have a small bench where you can sit and remove your shoes. In addition to this, have an outdoor shoe storage bench where you can keep your shoes after removing them. This habit will make it pretty easy to prevent the hazards of having shoes in your living space.


Things You Need to Consider before Buying Outdoor Shoe Storage

Old shoe shelf near white cement wall in front of the office building.



Have you decided to buy an outdoor shoe storage shelf? There are, however, many things you need to consider before going for your shoe storage outdoors. This section will explore important things you need to consider to get the best outdoor shoe storage.



1. User Reviews

One of the best ways to make a purchase is to read the experiences of other users. From what they have said, you can decide whether or not the product is a good fit for your needs. Before buying your outdoor shoe storage, make sure you check past user reviews. You will discover lots of information and other helpful tips that will help you make a well-informed decision.



2. Easy Of Assembly/DIY

If you are good with your hands and wish to build your own outdoor shoe storage, try to be realistic when it comes to what you can do. DIY projects are affordable and can be a great deal of fun. Even so, they can be frustrating if you have no prior experience in the area. Either choose a simple DIY project or buy a ready-made option.



3. Materials Used

Since you are placing your shoe rack outdoors, you want a material that can withstand the elements. The ideal material will not deteriorate from constant exposure to the sun’s rays or rainwater. Generally, outdoor shoe racks are made either from metal or wood. Metal should be coated with a top coat while any wooden variants should be laminated to prevent corrosion of any kind.



4. Storage Capacity

Outdoor shoe storage comes in various types and boast different capacities. If there are many people in your house, you’ll definitely need larger storage shelves. The idea is to buy a shoe storage product that will be able to comfortably accommodate all the shoes in your house.



5. Design And Style

Shoes come in various styles, types, and designs. This makes the design of your shoe rack very important. Regardless of its size, you want a shoe rack that can accommodate your shoes perfectly. Adjustable racks make great choices for high heels and boots.



Where To Buy Outdoor Shoe Storage

You can get the best outdoor shoe storage online from established eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The biggest advantage of buying from these giants is that you get to compare assorted products with various designs. With this, you can choose something that suits you and fit your tastes.



Types Of Outdoor Shoe Storage

Outdoor shoe storage comes in various types and styles. There are many designs meant to suit various tastes and preferences of users. This section will explore the different types of shoe storage and their respective features.



Transparent outdoor shoe storage is usually made of plastic or eco-friendly material. These boxes stack easily and you get to see the contents of a box without even having to open it.
Made of plastic, they are easy to assemble and typically have a few tiers. They are strong and will not break nor topple easily.
For people that need a simple and inexpensive way to store their shoes, these hanging organizers are great options. You could hang the shoe rack in front of the main door or on an adjacent wall. They are simple to use and will keep your footwear away from pets and kids.
Simple and fuss-free, this is a shoe display that many women will love. It’s easy to choose your shoes for the day, and there’ll be no unpleasant odors thanks to the good air circulation.



How to Organize Your Outdoor Shoe Storage

There are many ways you can organize your shoes in your outdoor space. This section will explore ways to have a tidy and stylish outdoor shoe storage system. We have various shoe storage ideas to make your outdoor space look beautiful and get messy shoes off your space.



How To Utilize Outdoor Shoe Storage


1. Hang Tension Rods

Hang one rod right below the other. This will let you hook the heel of a shoe right above the higher one. The lower bar will accommodate the sole, making it stable. You can also set tension rod high, which will help make room for an extra pair of shoes.



2. Use A Ladder

With your towel rack or a decorative ladder, you can hang heels off their bars to perfectly house your shoes.



3. Install Moldings

You can get some cheap trim at the local hardware store. When you mount this on the wall, you will have rows for hanging shoes.



4. Get An Over-The-Door Organizer

You will get shoe storage outdoors – simple ones without elaborate designs. One such organizer can hold up to 20 pairs of shoes.



The Best Outdoor Shoe Storage For Leather Shoes





This bench from WillingHeart is a strong contender when it comes to the best shoe benches. It is made from metal and can accommodate shoes of various sizes, up to a weight of 400 pounds. An instruction manual that comes in the package guides you through the process of assembling the entire unit. You can’t go wrong with its very classic design.





This shoe organizer is made from 100% bamboo, an environmentally- friendly material. Its design is classic and it blends in effortlessly with your outdoor space. It is strong, stable, and provides the needed support that your shoes require. It comprises two layers for shoes and one for sitting. 





This 3-tier bamboo shoe rack is strong, stable and worth every penny. It can support a load as heavy as 264 pounds. The bamboo adds a raw aesthetic to your outdoor space and gives it a unique look. Featuring galvanized and rust-proof metal parts, the rack is also easy to assemble.





Haotan comprises two drawers that will fit your leather shoes easily. Not only will it accommodate your shoes, but it also provides a good place to sit where you’re lacing up your sneakers. It will comfortably hold up to 330 pounds of shoes.





This is an entryway shoe storage bench that works wonderfully. It features an innovative design with two-tier shelves – one for shorter shoes and the other for taller shoes, heels, and boots. There is also a hidden compartment for flat sandals.



Stylish Ways To Store Your Designer Shoes


1. Fun Triangular Shoe Cubbies

Want to stylishly store your shoes? Multi-colored triangular cubbies allows you to display your shoes in a fun and modern way.



2. Copper Piping Mounted Shoe Rack

We love ta good handcrafted copper piping shoe rack as it’s a stylish way to arrange your shoes. You can simply pick out separate parts at a local hardware store and assemble a shoe rack according to your preferences.



3. Homemade Square Shoe Cubby Tote

You can easily get large graphic print totes that come in various styles and colors. You can also create cubbies using pieces of cardboard.



4. Rustic Individualized Wicker Shoe Baskets

For families, separate baskets can be added with each holding the shoes of an individual family member. This allows everyone to know where their shoes are.



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Shoe Storage 


1. How To Take Care Of Outdoor Shoe Storage?

Once a month, remove all the shoes and dust the shoe storage to get rid of dust and other contaminants that might have been introduced. Avoid using water to clean shoe storage made of certain materials such as bamboo.



2. How To Maximize Space In Your Outdoor Shoe Storage?

This comes down to arrangement. Put big shoes like boots and high heels at the bottom of the rack and shelf. Sandals and other small footwear will then have their designated space at the top.



3. What Are Some Good Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas For Kids?

The idea of storing shoes outside is something you can introduce to your kids. Children love what’s bright and fun, so pick out some colorful, possibly cartoon-y options that you think they’ll enjoy.



4. What Are Some Different Ways to Design Your Outdoor Shoe Storage Bench?

One advantage of having an outdoor shoe storage bench is the ability to actually decorate your outdoor space. This means that you could get creative and have a design that will spice up your yard. You could hang your shoe storage, get transparent storage, or use rotating shoe storage.



5. What Is The Best Place To Put Your Waterproof Outdoor Storage?

If you want to have outdoor shoe storage, we recommend placing it on your front porch. This way, it will be protected a bit from the elements – think the sun, wind, and temperature fluctuations.



6. What Are Some Clever Outdoor Shoe Storage ideas To Try?

There are many simple and interesting ways in which you can design your outdoor shoe storage system. You can have a shelf with varying levels of tiers. You could also have a cabinet hung on the wall right by the door, or a rack that holds your shoes.

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