100 Best Outdoor Shoe Storage To Neatly Stack Your Footwear

June 1, 2020

Outdoor shoe storage can be a tricky business. You want your shoes organized but you also want them safe. Placing them outside in the open can seem like a bad idea – unless you have an outdoor shoe storage solution to help you out. Storage that’s exposed to the sun should be resistant to weather changes and environmental damage. Ultimately, this will ensure that the storage unit lasts you a long time and also keeps your items safe. To make your job easy, we’ve selected the 100-best outdoor shoe storage solutions you can purchase online. Scroll through the list and see if you can find something you like.

Shoe Storage Ideas You Should Know

Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas You Should Know


This steel stackable space-saving shoe rack is very convenient for small spaces. It’s also lightweight, expandable, and powerful. Plus, the design is straightforward yet elegant to ensure aesthetics and practicality.  


Perfect for 9 to 12 pairs of shoes, this metal organizer is strong, spacious, and very aesthetically pleasing. The three shelves have a mesh design to prevent water pooling from wet shoes. Moreover, it offers a capacity of 22 lbs. You can also adjust the middle shelf to store boots easily. 


This multi-purpose weather-resistant outdoor furniture is an outdoor shoe storage bench containing storage underneath, so you hit two birds with one stone. The lid flips open to expose 50 gallons of storage capacity.



Here’s another metal shoe rack that works as a bench too. It has an eco-leather comfortable and durable seat with two spacious metal shelves underneath. Furthermore, it is super easy to assemble and can be put together in 15 minutes. 


With a capacity claim of 15-17 pairs of shoes, this metal shoe rack can hold up to 11 pounds without complaining. It’s got five shelves with rubber end caps to prevent slipping, scratching, and sliding. 


Here’s another multi-purpose modern outdoor shoe storage. You can sit and relax on this comfortable outdoor chair and use the storage space underneath for your shoes. It’s lightweight, stylish, and efficient for outdoor use.


This premium metal shoe rack offers four spacious shelves and robust and durable construction. The design is very minimalistic and elegant, so you can put it pretty much anywhere. 


With minimum ground coverage, this vertical shoe storage offers space for over 15 pairs of shoes. It’s black, sturdy, and very durable. It has waterproof fabric tiers and plastic connectors. The overall lifespan of these shoes is more than 2 years. 


Thanks to the cushioned faux leather seat and two steel shelves underneath, you can use this piece of furniture as a comfortable bench and as a stylish, durable shoe rack. The two shelves underneath are a great storage solution for shoes. Additionally, the metal black frame is rust and scratch proof. 


This genius piece of outdoor furniture has a resin construction with 37 gallons of storage capacity. The polypropylene is weather-resistant, and the design is very aesthetically pleasing. This small outdoor shoe storage box also makes shifts as a comfortable bench or table.  


Say hi to this rot-resistant bamboo shoe rack that has a removable sponge seating. You get two spacious shelves under the seat, and the best part is that it’s eco-friendly outdoor shoe storage. Furthermore, upon purchase you’ll get the installation tools as well. 


With a loading capacity of 330lbs, two shelves for plenty of shoe storage, and leather seating, this bench offers comfort and convenience. You can fit up to 8 pairs of shoes on these shelves. 


Behold another eco-friendly bamboo outdoor shoe storage rack. This one has a remarkable bamboo finish and a slanted design. You get three shelves for organization and storage of your outdoor shoe collection. 


This one is another bamboo shoe storage rack on the list. It’s got two tiers and raised handles on sides for both aesthetics and comfortable transport. Apart from being practical and spacious, it’s also a very modern outdoor shoe storage. 


This shoe rack is perfect for small and low sheltered outdoor corners with a space-saving aesthetic design and a durable polyresin construction. The two-tier shoe rack can support upto 30 lbs of weight easily. Six pairs of shoes, either male or female, can be easily stored on this rack.


Sturdy and durable, this silver shoe organizer gives you optimum space for over ten pairs of shoes. The stainless steel construction offers lots of strength and resistance to damage. 


With a minimalist design and a metal frame, this outdoor shoe storage ensures both strength and aesthetics. You get ten non slip, waterproof shelves to keep your shoes organized and safe. 


This multi-purpose furniture from Suncast can quickly become an outdoor shoe storage bench. With 103 gallons of space under the lid, this box is weather-resistant and has wheels for mobility. 


With 101 gallons of storage space inside, this gorgeous, durable, and weather-resistant outdoor chest can store, organize, and hide all your outdoor footwear. The handles are also padded for extra comfort. 


Simple yet efficient, this lightweight shoe rack is very space-saving. It’s also sturdy and durable, made of a plastic frame and steel pipe racks. The design is also very minimalistic but elegant. 


Another gorgeous weather-resistant piece by Suncast is this small outdoor shoe storage box. It’s got 50 gallons of storage space and waterproof resin construction. It’s durable, versatile, and very spacious. 


This movable shoe rack is perfect for shaded outdoor spaces. It has a metal construction with two piped shelves and a screen to keep everything hidden and organized. The wheels make it easy to move around 


Four tiers of shoe space and a modern minimalistic design are the top special features of this shoe rack. The shelves are nonwoven, waterproof, durable fabric. The frame is all steel with plastic connectors. 


With a polymer plastic frame, four tiers, and a simple, straightforward design, this shoe rack is spacious, durable, and very convenient. The frame is plastic and safe from environmental damage outdoors. 


This box has about 22 gallons of space inside it. It’s a beautiful light taupe color with a minimal wooden texture and design. The construction is all resin, making it durable, water-resistant, and rust-proof. 


The non slip metal expandable design and three large storage space tiers make it perfect for shaded outdoor spaces. The shoe rack is all metal, durable, and strong. You can organize up to 24 pairs of shoes on it. 


Wet outdoor shoes are no longer a problem with this boot rack. You can fit up to four pairs of boots on it, and the stand doesn’t take up a lot of space either. The shoe rack is all metal, which makes it strong, durable, and sturdy. 


This one is a stylish option for your outdoor shoe storage. It has four spacious metal shelves with a metal frame, and the piped design prevents odor and water accumulation. 


With so much space and limited ground coverage, this shoe rack saves a lot of space while giving you lots of outdoor shoe storage. The shelves are waterproof fabric, and the frame is all iron. 


This metal shoe rack is spacious and convenient. It’s got four tiers to allow more than ten pairs of shoes. The frame and piped shelves are sturdy, durable, and breathable. 


This metal shelving unit has a loading capacity of 250 pounds per shelf. The steel shelves are adjustable, strong, and durable with a beautiful chrome finish. 


With a strong, sturdy, and durable construction, this metal frame is resistant to damage, and the waterproof fabric shelves are very easy to clean. The design is compact, spacious, and minimal, with ten tiers of storage space.  


This chrome metal shoe rack is an epitome of grace with lots of storage space for shoes. The two tiers have a piped design to provide both ventilation and stability. 


With five storage space tiers, this free-standing shoe rack has plenty of space for your outdoor footwear and other items. The metal shelves are 25 inches wide, and they can take up to 25kgs of weight each. 


Another minimal but efficient design is this one by MaidMax. It can fit approximately 50 pairs of shoes with a metal frame and waterproof fabric shelves. Also, the boots will stay fresh and stable. 


Here is yet another product of metal frame and non-woven fabric shelves. This shoe rack has ten tiers, can hold all your outdoor shoes, and is still very lightweight. 


This gorgeous shoe rack is all metal with three spacious shelves and a sleek design. The shoe rack itself takes significantly less space and is very durable and robust. The mocha finish is a cherry on top! 


With a wooden frame and chrome pipes, this shoe rack is an excellent steel for shaded outdoor spaces. Your wet and soaked footwear can rest here without making the other pair of shoes damp or pooling any water.  


This weather-resistant outdoor storage cabinet is perfect for storing your shoes outdoors. It has a resin construction with two doors that guard your possessions and keep them safe. The sleek design is a bonus! 


This one is another masterpiece bamboo shoe rack that’s safe from weather damage and offers aesthetics with space. It’s got two spacious shelves and a breathable piped shelf design. 


You can store up to 12 pairs of your outdoor shoes on this storage rack. It’s stainless steel, so it’s powerful, damage-resistant, and multipurpose. As spacious as it is, it covers significantly less ground, so it’s very space-saving.


This weather-resistant cabinet is another suitable option for outdoor shoe storage. It’s a vertical plastic cabinet that has lockable doors and durable, rigid resin construction. Inside, it has a solid shelf and a ventilated one. 


You can also use this weather-resistant deck storage box to put all your shoe clutter in. It has been resin plastic construction, which makes it durable and robust. Also, the lid is lockable and shock-assisted, which means it’s easier to open and close. 


This outdoor shoe storage has a split-lid, which is both modern and convenient. The construction is double-walled resin, which makes it dent, leak, and weather-resistant. Also, you get one wooden shelf and a heavy-duty floor mat. 


The hardwood finish, stylish design, and storage capacity all make it a perfect fit for outdoor shoe storage. Moreover, this small outdoor shoe storage box is strong, durable, and very sturdy. 


This one is another outdoor shoe storage bench that you can use to sit and relax or store your shoes in. With a stylish design, weather-resistant resin construction, and plenty of room under the seat, this bench is a popular choice. 


Here’s another famous bench for outdoor shoe storage. It has a thick seat cushion and lots of room for shoe storage underneath. It’s weather-resistant, attractive, and cost-effective! 


This enormous deck box comes in plenty of shades and sizes. It’s high-quality plastic and very resistant to rust, dent, and environmental damage. The lead is lockable for added security. 


You can get this gorgeous Small outdoor shoe storage box in two different colors, both plastic and very durable. They are weather-resistant, great for outdoor use, and give you plenty of space for storing your outdoor footwear. 


This stainless steel shoe rack is simple, attractive, and high-quality. With three spacious shelves and a piped design, this alloy shoe rack gives you enough space to store up to 9 pairs of shoes.


Here’s a compact, elegant, and practical design by MXueei. It’s stainless steel construction with two rounded handles on the side. The three tiers, firm structure, and piped design make shoe storage easy. 


This shoe rack’s unique feature is that it is foldable, meaning that you can put it away when the weather outside seems unpleasant. Overall, it’s got four spacious shelves and a very aesthetically pleasing design. 


You can easily put up to 15 pairs of outdoor shoes on this four-tiered shoe rack. The stainless steel construction is sturdy, durable, and very resistant to environmental damage. 


If you’re looking for a space-saving shoe rack for your outdoor space, this 3-tier rack by Honey-Can-Do is a great option. It has a durable steel construction. Moreover, the revolving tiers can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes easily. Additionally, the hanging design is perfect for allowing the shoes on the rack to dry easily especially if you’ve been out in the rain.


Another great outdoor shoe rack for organizing shoes, bags, plants, etc. This shoe rack comes in 2, 3 and 4-tier designs that you can choose from depending on your needs. With a complete wooden construction and a light wood-grain color, this shoe rack would make for an elegant addition to any outdoor space. If you’re into rustic looking furniture items, this shoe rack would is a good option to consider.


This unique and elegant design offers both aesthetics and storage capacity. It’s got two piped shelves with a metallic frame and sturdy construction. You can store up to 6 pairs of shoes on this one. 


This metal shoe rack is perfect for your modern outdoor shoe storage. It offers three piped shelves and a unique gold frame. Also, the stand is stylish yet very spacious and convenient. 


If you’re looking for something straightforward but durable, this shoe rack has four spacious shelves for storage along with very sturdy construction. You can easily place up to 15 pairs of shoes on it, and it has a minimal footprint. 


Here’s another excellent option for modern outdoor shoe storage with a shiny metal frame and gold details. Apart from the aesthetics, it’s also got five shelves to store and organize your outdoor shoes. 


This one is a rare find. This shoe rack comes with a boot tray as well as an umbrella stand. It’s ideal for storing wet and muddy shoes. Moreover, it comes with adjustable racks that you can change the height of in order to store taller boots. Additionally, the rack features a Polypropylene plastic construction which is ideal for outdoor spaces.


This modern outdoor shoe storage rack is one of its kind. It has three shiny stainless steel shelves and a unique dark metal frame. With a minimum footprint, it gives you lots of space to organize your footwear. 


This dustproof shoe rack is easy to clean, safe from environmental damage, and convenient for outdoor shoe storage. It has five spacious and breathable shelves and an open rounded frame. 


Without the worry of weather damage, you can use this stainless steel organizer for your outdoor shoe storage. It has four shelves and a very kid-friendly design to avoid injury. 


This one is a very modern outdoor shoe storage rack. It has a stylish smooth gold finish with four large shelves and an open, round, and breathable design. It’s sturdy, strong, and very resistant to damage. 


This one might be simple, but it’s a very modern outdoor shoe storage rack. It has a foldable design that’s very convenient if you want to bring the stand inside or put it away. With four tiers, it also has plenty of space for storage. 


Polypropylene plastic makes this 8-tiered shoe rack resistant to wear, impact, and temperature. The steel pipes can hold heavy boots and wet footwear without complaining. 


Anti-tipping, shiny finish, and a large storage capacity are some of this shoe rack’s unique features. It has five convenient shelves for storing your shoes and steel construction for strength and durability. 


This one is another minimalistic but attractive approach to outdoor shoe storage. It has a stainless steel frame with fabric covers that are lightweight, moisture-proof, and very breathable. 


Another stainless-steel masterpiece with heavy-duty quality is this shoe rack by Waineg. It offers anti-slip ends and four large shoe shelves with non-woven countertops that are easy to clean. 


With minimal ground coverage and seven tiers for shoe storage, this shoe rack is a space-saver. Your outdoor shoes can stay organized and dry without any odors or water accumulation.


This silver metal shoe rack can hold up to 11 lbs easily. It’s got non-slip feet to avoid slippage and protects your floor from scratches. The shelf design is piped to keep the shoe odor-free and prevent water pooling. 


This minimalistic metal shoe rack has a slim rounded frame and four tiers for storage space. The material is steel, and the construction is rust-proof and very sturdy. 


This modern outdoor shoe storage shoe rack is a beautiful platinum color, but you can also get it in bronze. It has an elegant epoxy steel frame with durable non-woven fabric shelves. You can also stack these racks. 


This simple outdoor shoe storage rack has three tiers and a breathable piped design. The construction is all metal, very sturdy, and kid-friendly. The surfaces are very smooth, and the edges are rounded.


Here’s another bamboo outdoor storage cabinet that has plenty of compartments for shoe storage. It has four large shelves for your shoes and a vertical compartment for umbrellas. 


This organizer has a very chic, unique design. It looks like an outdoor shoe storage bench but with a twist! The material is steel, the color white, and it’s also adjustable. It’s also very lightweight and compact.


This boot rack is one of its kind creations. It consists of metal horseshoes attached to a metal frame, and the horseshoes contain your boots and keep them organized. You can place about eight pairs of boots on it. 


A tall shoe tower stands like this one can support over a dozen shoe pairs easily. Its frame is all metal, while the shelves are the non-woven fabric that’s easy to clean, waterproof, and dustproof. 


You can adjust up to 10 pairs of shoes on this compact yet practical shoe rack. It has a very sturdy metal frame with four non-woven fabric shelves. Overall, it’s waterproof, spacious, and long-lasting! 


Here’s another convenient boot rack that can store, organize, and display your outdoor boot collection. It’s a silver steel boot rack with a capacity of six pairs. The frame is durable and keeps your boots off the floor. 


This nickel shoe rack is a sight to behold with a metal mesh shelf and a sturdy metal frame. It has a standard design, but it’s still beautiful. You can store about six pairs of shoes on its two shelves. 


Non-woven fabric shelves and a plastic frame make this shoe rack very kid-friendly, easy to clean, and low-maintenance. The four tiers give you enough space to store lots of outdoor shoes. 


This modern outdoor shoe storage has a unique style that looks quite like a basket. There are three tiers for shoe storage and a handle on the top. The construction, however, is all steel and very resistant to damage. 


This one is a perfect blend of plastic and steel. The frame is plastic, lightweight, and very easy to move. The shelves have steel pipes, and they’re strong and resistant to damage. 


This outdoor shoe storage rack has an exciting frame design- it’s curved! The two vinyl mesh shelves are very spacious, and you can stack two of these on one another. You can also put it upside down. 


This one is another modern outdoor shoe storage rack. It has two tiers and an alloy steel frame that is adjustable. Also, it’s a gorgeous black color and very lightweight with a minimal footprint. 


With steel pipes as shelves and a sturdy, good-quality plastic frame, this shoe rack can carry up to 4.4 lbs of weight. The two large tiers give you plenty of space to organize and store your outdoor footwear. 


This spacious outdoor storage cabinet has seven tiers for your shoes. It’s dustproof, padded, and very space-saving. You can also use the space below the last shelf as a shelf itself. 


This unique design by Yamazaki has gorgeous, high-quality wooden pipes and a metal frame. Both of these components make the shoe rack aesthetically pleasing, stable, and very durable. 


This shoe shelf is wall-mountable with a unique shelving design, meaning that you can attach it to the wall and save more space on the ground. It is all stainless steel and has three shelves for storage. 


This minimalistic outdoor storage cabinet has three shelves of stainless steel, making it durable, strong, and resistant to damage. The design is simple but very elegant. 


You can use this waterproof, stainless steel shoe holder for single pairs of shoes outdoors. They’re lightweight, wall-mounted, very space-saving. They’re also rust-resistant, high-quality, and damp-proof. Plus, they’re effortless to install. 


Here’s yet another wall-mounted shoe rack with stainless steel pipe shelves and a minimalistic frame. The material is dustproof, damp-proof, waterproof, and rust-resistant. 


With waterproof finishing and beautiful blue color, this compact shoe rack is enough for a single person’s house. It’s a foldable 4-tier design, and you can put it anywhere outdoors. 


This shoe rack is wall-mountable and has an exciting frame; it’s waterproof and saves plenty of space. The material is rust-resistant, waterproof, and high-quality stainless steel. 


With sturdy, stable nonwoven fabric shelves and a durable stainless steel frame, this shoe rack helps organize, store, and protect your shoes. The two tiers have enough space for you to store about five pairs of shoes.  


Even though the design is pretty standard, the quality of this shoe rack is still a crowd-favorite. It has four tiers for storage, a black rounded stainless steel frame, and pipe shelving for breathability and style. 


This outdoor shoe storage rack has three tiers to display and organize your shoes. The frame is durable, high-quality stainless steel durable, and the color palette is beautiful as well. 


This outdoor storage cabinet has ten spacious shelves to support your outdoor shoe collection. The cabinet is entirely stainless steel, which makes it long-lasting, resistant to damage, and high-quality. 


Thanks to the minimal design, this outdoor shoe storage rack allows storage but doesn’t have a large footprint. It has two tiers, and you can mount the stand to the wall. The design features a stainless steel construction. This makes this shoe rack super easy to clean. 



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