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20 Best Cat Shelves For Your Feline Friend 20 Best Cat Shelves For Your Feline Friend

30 Best Storage Shelves To Get Your Money's Worth

July 23, 2020

20 Best Cat Shelves For Your Feline Friend

Written by: Jane Encarnado

Best cat shelves for your cats to scratch, climb, and play! Create a cozy little corner for him or her to relax and enjoy.

While cats are often pictured as lazy and relaxed house pets, they can become hyperactive at times. Cat owners will attest to their small feline friends having random bursts of energy; their furniture usually suffer the brunt of the cat’s playfulness on those instances.



From loose threads to full-blown scratches, cat claws can create a lot of damage when a cat gets overly enthusiastic. This is why specialized home accents are available for kitties to go wild on. Cat shelves that also serve as great in-house playgrounds happen to be widely available on the market.  Storables has prepared an epic list of the best cat shelves for you!



The Importance Of Play

Playtime and activity for cats are absolutely essential. Not only is it a way for them to have fun, but it also helps them practice their instinctual hunting skills. Similar to dogs, cats also need their exercise: providing play activities and interesting places for your cats to interact with will help improve their overall health in the long run. 



Thankfully, there are a number of great products geared towards satisfying a cat’s bursts of predatory instincts. For example, there are teaser toys, chase toys, cat towers, scratching posts, and of course, cat shelves. 



Why Cat Shelves Work

cat lying on shelf under the ceiling


Cat shelves are some of the best things that you can give to your cat. Installing cat shelves in your homes will give cats more surface area to explore and play with. Furthermore, giving your cat a high place where they can escape and relax will also help them feel more comfortable indoors. 



Aside from that, cat shelves have become a trend in home decor. They have a double purpose of positively impacting a house’s ambiance while also being a cat’s personal playground or hideout. Also, it’s definitely an awesome sight when you walk into a room with your cats just chilling on the walls. 



One question that people frequently ask is “how deep should cat shelves be”? The ideal cat shelf should be 20 to 50cm (7.8″ to 19.6″) deep, to provide adequate turning room for your cat.



Recommended Cat Shelves 

Storables scoured the internet to discover what feline-oriented shelves you should get. Taking factors such as materials used and ease of installation into consideration, we’ve narrowed the best cat shelves down to the following items. 



20 Best Cat Shelves for Your Feline Friend - Infographics





PetFusion offers a great trio of floating shelves designed for playful kitties. The shelves are of different sizes and orientations so that your feline pals can be stimulated thoroughly. One shelf is a horizontal perch with a hole to allow cats to move up or down freely, another is slanted for cats to climb or run down on, and the smallest shelf is another perch. All shelves are made from Premium E0-grade MDF with sisal surfaces for added grip. Furthermore, these shelves can be mounted easily onto walls using standard tools. 





Cats, unfortunately, love to scratch furniture; it’s in their blood. This is why a scratching post is a must-have in any feline home. With Big Nose’s Mounted Scratching Post, your beloved companion will have a designated space to play, scratch, and rest. The multi-levels consists of two shelves and a hammock that are ideal for cats to perch on. Furthermore, the post is all-natural: it is made of jute rolling, natural solid pinewood steps, and soft carpet hammock.





HumaneGoods presents a simple and elegant cat shelf that is excellent for cats of all ages. This option measures 19 x 10.8 inches and has a slight curve that comfortably fits a cat that is lying down. A scratchable velcro carpet is also provided that can be replaced at any time. The whole shelf is made of wood and styled in a modern fashion. 





For a holistic play-and-rest area for your cats, consider getting The Climb Track from CatastrophiCreations. Built with fabric walkways and bamboo posts, this set of cat shelves is perfect for correcting furniture-scratching behavior and encouraging play in a designated area. Furthermore, a carefully made sisal post is included for your kitty’s scratching needs. The complete Climb Track comprises of three parts: a hammock, a sisal post with two fabric walkways, and a shelf with a circle entryway and hammock underneath. 





A simple yet highly effective cat shelf, this is a good starter for what could be an extensive cat shelf network. This bamboo-made shelf is an 18-inch long platform on which your cat can safely perch. For a neater appearance, the shelf has hidden mounts to give it the illusion of floating on the wall. 




Another awesome option from CatastrophiCreations, this wall-mounted cat bridge is perfect for playing and lounging all day. If you have multiple cats, the bridge functions both as a walkway and an interesting interaction point for them. The bridge is connected to two hammocks that are made of removable and washable fabric. Each hammock can carry up to 62 lbs while the wooden bridge can support 85 lbs of weight.





Another great wall-mounted option is this post wrapped with sisal that can serve as challenging steps and scratching areas for your cats. Each post is handcrafted using natural materials to ensure the cats’ safety. Having more than one post allows you to create fun routes for your cats to climb up and down to. 





This shelf is specially designed for feeding cats in a beautiful handcrafted space. Apart from being a neat area for your cats to eat at, the creation also saves floor space and makes after-meal cleaning easier. It measures 10 x 3 x 11 inches and contains two holes that perfectly fit the feeding bowls included in the package. Additionally, the shelf mounts to the wall cleanly and creates the illusion of a floating shelf. 





Traditional cat condos tend to take up a lot of space in a home. However, Trixie Pet Products created a compact product that satisfies a cat’s need to climb, play, and rest. The full lounge set includes two post steps, one cat condo, and one cat hammock that’s covered with plush and natural sisal. It’s an ideal alternative to tall cat trees that usually occupy more space. 





As cats find different textures and materials interesting, these unique cat shelves from On2 Pets are designed to both decorate the space and stimulate your cat’s senses. With silk faux foliage made and a carpeted shelf, the shelf offers both a comfortable hiding spot and gorgeous decoration. The design of the product also adds a green touch to the home. 




For vibrant yet natural-styled cat shelves, On2 Pets offers canopy inspired shelves created with solid unfinished wood, soft carpet, and silk synthetic grass. There are two shelves in one set which can easily be assembled and mounted onto walls. Let your cats play to their hearts’ content with this set of shelves!





A set of multi-level shelves that are made for cats to climb and perch on, these are made of breathable oxford cloth that provides both comfort and safety. Each shelf can handle up to 22 lbs and measures 17 x 12 inches. It’s a durable option for cats who love to jump around and have a fun time. 





Cats love to curl up into tight spaces as it gives them a sense of security. With a sleek curved style that’s ideal for perching and resting, the Refined Feline’s Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf does just that. The shelf measures 22 inches long and 10.5 inches deep to give your cat the perfect alcove for relaxing. A Berber carpet is laid on the shelf to increase overall comfort levels.





For unique and stylish cat shelves, try these Hexagon Wooden Cat Shelves by Enjoy The Wood. Both an awesome statement piece for any home and sturdy adventure grounds for cats, these hexagon shelves are made of birch plywood with dark walnut finish. Each hexagon measures 16.5 x 14.2 inches and can be mounted to the wall using 4 dowels. You’ll be thrilled to know that an acrylic window can be installed on the hexagons for you to observe your cats! 




Gift your cats a great workout session by letting them climb up and down this four-step wall-mounted climber. The climber itself is made of solid wood, and each step is wrapped with thick sisal rope. Each step is 2.3 inches apart from one another while the climber itself is 15.7 x 8.5 inches. La La Pet’s wooden cat ladder is the perfect fit for homes with cats who love to move around. 





A beautiful cat shelf styled like a curved wooden balcony, this perch self from La La Pets is both stylish and functional. As cats love to stay at high places to feel confident, this shelf is the perfect place for them to rest and recharge. Made of rubberwood, the balcony is 11.81 inches in diameter to provide ample room for a fully-grown cat to rest in. 





Crafted with solid pine wood and a double layer of linen, Scurrty’s cat wall shelf is an elegant and natural perch for your cat. The hammock is completely odorless and non-toxic which is great for sensitive felines. The overall dimensions of the product are 20.4 x 11 inches, and it has a weight capacity of up to approximately 15 lbs. 




A one-of-a-kind cat shelf, this Wooden Cat Space Capsule by TINTON LIFE draws its inspiration from the ubiquitous cat space capsule backpack. The shelf is made of wood and acrylic measuring 11.8 inches in diameter with 0.2 inches in capsule thickness. Furthermore, the transparent acrylic gives the illusion of more space and offers a better view for your cat. 





If a statement piece is something you’re looking for, MYZOO’s Sun-Shaped Floating Shelf is for you. Its distinct sun shape makes it both a great decorative shelf and a highly effective cat perch. Shaped like a crescent, the cat bed area is comfortable and ideal for a cat to rest upon. 





Give your cat a new place to hide with this wall-mounted hideaway by 7th Heaven. A completely carpeted box measuring 16 x 16 x 16 inches with two 8 x 10-inch doorways, this cat furniture allows cats to enter and exit at will. To give felines maximum comfort, the Kitty Corner is completely covered with plush carpeting inside and out. The carpet comes in four shades, namely beige, brown, white, and speckled sand. 




Whichever shelf you get for your cat, just know that they’re sure to appreciate it (or not)! The benefits that a cat shelf bring into the home are definitely worth spending money on, so spoil your furry friends silly today.

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