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5 Beautiful Stone Steps For Any Home 5 Beautiful Stone Steps For Any Home

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5 Beautiful Stone Steps For Any Home

Written by: Daniel Carter

Add a hint of luxury in your garden with these 5 stone steps that's AFFORABLE, ATTRACTIVE & SUPER DURABLE. Turn your garden to a beautiful abode INSTANTLY!

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Stone steps are usually among the things that are easily overlooked in many houses. It is the last thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a dream home.



However, stone steps are actually important to consider for your dream house. Despite just being simple, unnoticeable fixtures, stone steps can say a lot about one’s dream house. Adding stone steps add character to one’s home.



Stone steps are often used for decorative purposes and are usually meant for gardens and the home’s outdoor areas. How these stone steps are styled or designed usually has a great impact on how your dream home would look like.



Stone steps also have a much more useful function than just being decorations. Stone steps are usually embedded in pathways or are stacked up to create small structures. This can help create convenient places to walk in areas of the house. It can also be used to create useful structures such as stairs, borders, and enclosures.



Stone steps come in different types. These types are usually based on how they look, how they were created, or for what purposes they are meant to be used. Each of these types of stone steps gives a completely different look to houses.



There is a great variety of stone steps that are available to fit your ideal home. Here is a list of some types of stone steps and their features.



5 Beautiful Stone Steps For Any Home - Infographics



1. Paver Steps

paver steps

Photo from Amazon


Pavers are modular in design and are usually uniform in shape, size, and design. They are usually meant for use in walkways or open areas. They are designed as flat blocks so that they’re easy to step over and walk on.


Pavers are usually assembled like a puzzle. It is held together by putting them in place with strong adhesives. These pavers usually do not cost much whenever it needs to be replaced. This is because damaged pavers can be easily replaced by new ones.


An example of a paver-type stone step is this 16″ x 16″ Stepping Stones. This stone step is made of polyethylene. It is designed to be extremely durable to the point that it can support heavy weights and hard impacts.


Despite its durable design, it is lightweight and easy to move. This allows for it to be easily installed by moving it to the desired location and simply setting it down. It can also be easily moved to another place when needed.


Paver is durable enough to be used through all seasons and conditions. It is also designed to take in rain and UV rays without the possibility of breaking or cracking.


While the paver is made of polyethylene, it replicates the look and feel of genuine sandstone. It also offers an authentic stone-like texture. This allows the stone steps to provide great traction.


The paver’s natural and stone-like appearance allows for it to enhance the look of one’s dream house. This is perfect for installation in outdoor landscapes. It also allows for any outdoor or garden spaces in your home to be enhanced.


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2. Landscaping Steps

bits stone steps

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Landscaping steps are meant to be more than just parts of a pathway. These also provide an additional look to your house. Usually, landscaping steps are designed to blend in with the house or with the environment where they are installed.


As such, landscaping steps are always designed to give a natural look. They usually resemble natural stones and are usually rough looking as a result. There are times that landscaping steps are made to blend in with the surface of the ground that they are to be installed in.


An example of landscaping steps is this Square Marble Stepping Stones. This set of stone steps are not only meant for pathways. It is also meant to be decorative stones that are ideal for the garden of your dream home.


These stone steps are mats covered with a variety of polished gray marble stones. These are ideal as accents for gardens. It can also be used to blend in pathways in gardens.


These landscaping steps are easy to install. When there is a need to move them, the stone steps are movable. The use of marble stones has made it non-slippery, making these steps an ideal choice for outdoor pathways. These are also designed to give a comfortable feeling when walking on the stone steps.


These stone steps are ideal if you want to give your dream home a more natural feel. It can help improve the outdoor look of your home. It also gives your pathway a reason to attract the attention of others.


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3. Small Stone Slabs


campania stone steps

Photo from amazon


Small stone slabs are stone steps that are usually used for pathways. These small stone slabs are usually similar in size and shape. However, these slabs have various small changes to give it a natural look.


While pavers and small stone slabs have the same purpose, these two types of stone steps are completely different. Unlike pavers, small stone slabs are not modular. These slabs are not meant to fit with another slab. They are made with the intention to mix in with nature. This is possible by allowing these slabs to be surrounded by the environment where they are installed.


One such small stone slab is the Campania International E-116-NA Fossil Fern Stepper Step. It is a stone step that is ideal for blending in outdoor areas. These stone slabs have a fern design etched into it to give a natural feeling and an impression that you’re actually stepping on a fossil.


These stone slabs are made of actual natural stones. These are durable and can be kept outdoors through every season of the year. While these are durable stone slabs, these are actually lightweight. This feature allows the slabs to be easily moved to the desired location and spruce up your outdoor space.


These slabs are easy to use and maintain. Its installation only requires for the slab to be set down on the ground. It does not need much maintenance as it is already designed to hold up against all types of weather conditions.


Aside from being used in pathways, this stone can be used to keep items from touching the ground. This is ideal for outdoor tables and other accessories that usually need to be kept off the ground.


These stone slabs give both a natural and elegant feel to your dream home. The natural feel comes from its use of actual natural stone. Its luxurious feel comes from the use of fern imagery that is etched on the slabs.


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4. Stomp Stones

stomp stones

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Stomp stones are a type of stone steps designed for heavy use. These stone steps are similar to pavers in that they have a modular and uniform look. However, stomp stones are also like small stone slabs. This means that despite featuring a modular design, it is not meant to be fitted together with other stones seamlessly.


Stomp stones are meant to create a solid space in outdoor spaces by retaining whatever natural substances are present in that space.


Stomp stones are usually durable. They are meant for use in pathways in outdoor spaces. It is also designed to support outdoor accessories and protect them from touching the ground.


One such stomp stone is this Multy Industries Multy Home 4-Pack Stomp Stone. This outdoor step is meant to be used for walkways, patios, and play areas. These outdoor steps are made of mostly recycled materials. However, they are durable enough like actual stone steps to be used for outdoor purposes.


Despite their durability, these outdoor steps are lightweight. This means that installing these steps are not too much of a hassle. They can simply be carried and placed directly on your desired place. These outdoor steps are easily put in place by simply stomping on them.


Aside from being durable to outside use, these outdoor steps are resistant to scratches, stains, and moss growth. It is also designed to be comfortable when walked on. The surface is rough enough to provide resistance to skidding.


These outdoor steps are a perfect addition to your dream home. This is ideally made for those who want to easily create spaces in their backyards or gardens. It also allows them to create effective spaces for walkways. The design of these outdoor steps provides a modern feel to any home it is used in.


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5. Big Stone Slabs


natural slate stones

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Big Stone Slabs are just a much bigger version of stone slabs. While some of these stone steps can be stepped on, some are usually used for landscaping purposes. These are usually used to create small structures in gardens. There are also times that they are used just to mimic natural rocks.


One such big stone slab is the Natural Slate Aquarium Stones. These stone slabs are made of actual slate stone that was hand-carved and applied with an additional smooth finish to make it easier to use.


These stones can be buried in the ground to replicate natural stones. They can also be glued together to produce small structures. This is ideal for aquariums, terrariums, enclosures, and even aquascapes.


These stone slabs are ideal if you are looking to add a genuine natural touch to your dream home. These would surely attract attention to anyone visiting your home due to its capability of replicating how natural stones look like.


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Now that you know about these stone steps, nothing should be stopping you from getting one to make your garden lovely. Have you already bought one and applied them to your yard? Share us about your experiences in the comment box below!

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