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10 Best Line Art Prints to Hang on Your Wall 10 Best Line Art Prints to Hang on Your Wall

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10 Best Line Art Prints to Hang on Your Wall

Written by: Lily Evans

Simplicity is key in these beautiful line art that are sure to give lots of life and energy. Turn every nook and cranny into a space to enjoy.

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Some of you may be wondering right now: what is line art? And why is it so popular right now? In the realm of fine arts, the line is considered to be the most basic form of art. It can totally be considered as the foundation of a lot of forms. When you really think about it, large forms are just a collection of lines of various sizes. Even a circle can be broken down into infinite segments of lines. Lines also represent a lot in art such as connections and links and also signifying divisions and boundaries.



When it comes to defining what is line art, there’s not really an exact history behind it. Of course, it can be traced all the way back to when art was at its golden age: the renaissance and has since then been built on by countless generations of artists who have given their own unique spin on the act of creating line art. In the most basic sense, line art is drawing the outline of a figure. It doesn’t usually focus on the color, but capturing the overall form in the artist’s own unique methodology. This is where personal art style is applied where you might have seen line art portraits that look like one single swipe of a pen to create the likeness of a subject, while some line art can be as simple as anyone making a quick sketch of anything under the sun.



Types of Line Art

Today, line art is very much celebrated because people are very drawn to its simplicity yet its impact to capture so much beauty. It’s also so simple that anyone can try it! Though, if you’re not into sketching, you can also check out other arts and crafts projects you can try at home.



The most common form of line art that can be found commercially is flower line art, these just make fantastic wall hangings around the home to add a sense of pleasantness and lightness wherever you decide to place them. There’s also abstract line art which takes on an edgier and more challenging approach to try and express a more thought-provoking work of art, while last but not the least is one line art, which is the most basic and the most general of all the line art styles. This is usually done as an exercise to art students which is to make sure that their pen never leaves the surface of the paper. The goal is to create a figure with just a single prolonged swipe of a pen.



Famous Line Art Artists

One line art is no doubt taking the art realm by storm as more and more artists have entered the fray to put their own take on the simplistic form of art. A lot of young artists have even managed to make a name for themselves. An example of a young famous line art artist is France Daffon of the Philippines whose line art portraits aim to capture the subtle forms of a person’s profile. But of course, even in the earlier times, line art has been used by the likes of legendary artists, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and even Vincent van Gogh. Today, line art is also heavily preferred by interior designers as they usually go so well with almost any type of design style due to their simplicity. For more interiors hacks, you can also visit our other easy home design tips.



This particular piece of art combines portrait line arts with the more abstract counterpart which results in a more neutral humanistic drawing that doesn’t feel too personal. It is work that would look great no matter where you put it because it feels very universal and doesn’t require too much brainpower to understand. The warm colors that seem to blot around the frame give it a more cozy look which suggests it would look particularly great in a space like the living room or a bathroom. The faces that are drawn have a very blank look on them as if casually observing the world which sort of adds to its overall appeal.



Art that comes in a set is so helpful for young designers and people who are into decorating their own homes. It’s just such a convenient way to have a cohesive collection of art that you can either hang all together in a focal point of a space or just separate them all throughout your entire house. There isn’t really a combined or holistic theme in these works of art but despite this, they all clearly come from the same artist with how the stroke of the pen moves and even down to the choice of background colors that give it a unique sense of whimsy and overall warmth. There’s also very feminine energy that comes from the expressions captured in the humanistic art frames that suggest it would look so beautiful in your own personal study.




Most homes today can lean towards the more minimalistic side which results in a lot of plain white walls. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a white paradise for your interior motifs, you can also add some variation and texture by incorporating some hanging art that makes use of clever line art. This is a smart way to add some oomph to your space without breaking the minimalist aesthetic that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. With this particular piece, you have a linear pattern that sort of clashes at a central point which adds an unexpected pattern to a plain white wall but it doesn’t break the clean vibes that you’ve established beforehand.



Dogs are no doubt the most popular pets all around the world and they’ve been proven to have brought so much joy and happiness in a lot of households, so why not celebrate your love for dogs with this cool line art wall decor? Anything can be a subject for line art which is why pets are also one of the top subjects requested by people who have line art commissioned with famous artists. When you admire this work of art, you can almost sense the playfulness that the artist wanted to capture with all the wobbly lines that seem to be most evident towards the feet part of the dog as if to signify their curiosity and restlessness while walking around your home looking for their next adventure.



Line art can also be extremely personal and intimate despite its lack of complexity. There’s just something about it that feels so uniquely raw and personal especially as room accessories. This set captures a beautiful youthful time of a woman who’s on the journey of finding herself and understanding life with so many moody portraits that have so much feeling behind them. These very personal sketches belong in more private areas of the home such as your bedroom, but if you’re feeling like a very open living area, they can also look just marvelous above your sofa. Also, be sure to arrange them alternately to have a lot of contrast and drama between the black pieces and white pieces.



Even iconic artists have tried their hand at line art at some point and one of them is Pablo Picasso. His line art sketch of a woman with a wreath on her head is that perfect piece of boho art that your space has been waiting for. Added with a minimalist type font for the word, Picasso, up top, and you have a very contemporary piece that anyone would covet for their private spaces. It’s very moody yet simple to look at that it just makes for a very easy choice for room decor anywhere. If you ask any interior designer, they would surely tell you that this is a foolproof choice as far as line art pieces go.



Here’s another colorful entry to line art as it is usually a monochromatic arena of art. This makes use of solid colors to give depth and dimension to the simple line art. It also makes it look so much more fun and spontaneous with almost completely unrelated elements. However, they create a very casual vibe that anyone would just love and appreciate all around the house. They’re not too edgy or too provocative that they would suit even the more conservative tastes at home. Again, they’re also highly advantageous to buy as they already come in a set which results in a very cohesive arrangement at home.



Probably the most provocative and intimate of all the line art sets in this article, the delicate female form is probably one of the most perfect subjects for line art as they go hand in hand to create a very personal and feminine work of art. There’s a gentle simplicity that you can observe with every movement of the pen to capture the beautiful contours and nonchalant poses of the woman in the art. The result is a very body-positive set of artworks that you would love to hang in your bedroom or intimate spaces like the bathroom. These will no doubt become a topic of conversation whenever you guests over or just a set of art pieces that you can enjoy during your personal time.



Abstract art combined with the female form and nature is a very hot topic when it comes to line art as these combine the most frequently used subjects in commercial line art. It’s not really meant to be read into too much, but there’s a lot of meanings that can be derived from them depending on one’s mental state. The beauty of the arts, after all, is that it can be anything you want it to be depending on where you are in life. For some, this wall art can be interpreted as women loving their bodies, while some, it is to say that the female form is a catalyst for a lot of amazing things or is a masterpiece of nature, just like the flowers that bloom.



If you’re in the market for works of art that are meant to be calming, then you’re in a lot of luck. This line art set has six pieces of beautifully sketched line art of plants with pastel colors for their background. There’s not much to look into here except to appreciate the beauty of nature and the benefits that we get from it. It’s pretty amazing when you think about how just seeing the outlines of plants can give us such a calming and relaxing sensation even without the full effect of its greenery and lushness. The green tones are instead replaced with warm blots of color that feel familiar and cozy, which we can all agree is something every home is in great need of.




Modern and contemporary interiors make the most use out of line art as their go-to hanging art as this goes with the clean minimalist lines that usually come into play with these aesthetics. You can also learn their distinct differences by checking out our article on the two most popular design styles.



However, this is definitely not to say that your wall art can’t be line art if your interiors aren’t the two mentioned. The best thing about line art is its simplicity which allows so many people to enjoy it and admire it, while it can also add so much personality and individuality to your spaces. You will no doubt feel more at home with room accessories that not only fit the space, but also fit you as a person.



Whenever you get visitors, they can understand you a bit better through the different things they may find in your spaces. Having someone see the line art pieces that strike a chord within you is probably one of the best ways that someone can get to know you. And if you ever feel like taking the next step in your art journey, why not try your hand at making your own line art to display around your house? This is a personal challenge that everyone should do at least once in their life. You won’t regret it.

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