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Wood Furniture Buying Guide In 2021: From A To Z Wood Furniture Buying Guide In 2021: From A To Z

Your Ultimate Guide To All Things Furniture (2021 Edition)

July 24, 2020

Wood Furniture Buying Guide In 2021: From A To Z

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

Premium wood furniture that works for your living room, kitchen or bedroom! Learn how to choose the best products that elevate your experience.

Wood furniture are some of the best assets any home can have. The use of wood furniture in interior design dates back as old as mankind itself. Due to its aesthetic value and versatility, there’s no doubt that wood furniture (e.g. used wood furniture, wood patio furniture, reclaimed wood furniture) beautifies our homes and improves our lives significantly. Read on to explore the fantastic world of wood furniture.




Wood Furniture Buying Guide In 2020 From A To Z - Infographics



Top 3 Wood Furniture Products



Why Choose Wooden Furniture?

Wooden Furniture



There are many reasons why wooden furniture is the way to go in home design. For example, chairs made from wood are usually more comfortable, more durable, and highly portable as well.




Wooden chairs are not the only type of furniture that possess these qualities. Other furniture made of solid wood such as bed framesCheck Latest Price , cupboards, shelves, cabinets, ornamentsCheck Latest Price , and more are a fantastic fit for our homes. The use of real wood furniture in our home offers a natural feel and appearance, making it stand out among other furniture materials.




Apart from the qualities mentioned above, you also get to choose from a wealth of beautiful styles and designs that will give your home or office an outstanding look. For example, your dining spot can be made stylish with a great wooden dining tableCheck Latest Price . In the office, you can also reduce stress levels by getting a comfortable wooden chairCheck Latest Price .



Given its versatility, wooden furniture makes an excellent and classy fit for your home. 



7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Wooden Furniture




Below is a list of seven helpful tips you need to be aware of before you make the switch to wooden furniture.



Know Your Wood




There are three categories of wood furniture: veneer, composite wood, and solid wood. Each type of wood comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing about the different types will help you to make the best decision for a particular setting. 



Try To Avoid Glue And Nails




Instead of going for furniture fixed by glue and nails, you should opt for products that are joined from one end to the other without connectors. This helps wood furniture retain its raw, natural feel.



Fit It Into Your Lifestyle

If you’re someone who loves your colors, there are options for you in the form of brightly colored wooden furniture. Alternatively, you could settle for a quiet and warm design. Ultimately, you know yourself best, so choose furniture that best reflects your tastes and lifestyle.



Consider Your Design Scheme



When contemplating which wooden furniture to get, do remember to take your current design scheme into consideration (unless you’re looking at a complete makeover). Choose something that matches and complements it. The correct furniture will inject a breath of fresh air into your home and give it a feeling of sophistication.



Inspect Your Items Thoroughly

Before purchasing any furniture, ensure that you thoroughly inspect the piece in question to confirm that it is in its best condition. It’s better to be safe than sorry because as “new” as furniture may be, errors do occur occasionally during the production process.



Consider Colors




Colors are also important when buying wooden furniture because it is what confirms whether or not you have made the right choice for the right spot. Neutral colors are always a great option as they blend in effortlessly with almost any background.



10 Types Of Wood For Your Interior Design




There’s this feeling you get when you’re in your home surrounded by some well-crafted wooden furniture. Such furniture will leave memorable impressions even on your guests. This is why it’s vital to match wooden furniture with your interior. To help you make a choice, here are ten types of wood you can choose from.



Cedar Wood

Among its plethora of characteristics, cedar is well-known for being able to repel odors. It’s an excellent option for closets and can also be used in guitar-making, shipbuilding, and fencing. Furniture made from this versatile wood brings a feeling of bliss, style, and nature to our homes.



Oak Wood

The wood from oak trees can help create a spark between you and the dining tables in your dining area. Furthermore, chairs made of this wood also serve the purpose of creating a special bond with finesse and attraction.



Padauk Wood

Also known as hardwood, the padauk wood is famous for its hardened quality and heaviness. Musical instruments made out of this solid wood are highly durable and of top quality. In terms of furniture, this translates to products you’ll probably never have to replace.



Walnut Wood

Like how the seeds of the walnut tree offer an excellent taste, furniture made from this wood offer stylishness and class. Your kitchen floor would look so beautiful and durable with walnut wood, and so would furniture like rocking chairs and TV consoles. 



Teak Wood

Do you want to make your doors, window frames, and other types of furniture look majestic? Then teak wood is your answer. Teak wood furniture are desirable options if you want solidly-built furniture that have a rustic charm.



Purple Heart Wood

South Africa is the home of the purple heartwood. It speaks of sheer elegance, has great texture, and is responsible for the production of high-quality products. It is very flexible, has an authentic purple color, and will give you the exact brilliance you desire. 



Alder Wood

What do you get when you combine strength with elasticity in a wood material? The answer: alder wood. It is one of the most affordable species on this list, and is a beautiful, popular option for interior design nowadays. Furniture made from alder wood marry beauty and strength for timeless pieces you will love.



Maple Wood

Ever wondered what wooden baseball bats are made of? It’s maple wood. Maple wood is also instrumental in making well-crafted floors, furniture, and walls. If your house needs a touch of magic, maple wood can provide just that. 



Poplar Wood

Chopsticks, paper, matches, and plywood are all birthed using poplar wood. With this solid wood, you can also churn out high frames and use them for some great interior designs. Moreover, this wood is also an amazing material for home furniture pieces.



Lyptus Wood

Lyptus wood is a fusion of exoticism, naturalness, and hues that mash-up to create amazing beautiful interior designs. Furniture made from lyptus wood include doors, frames, cabinets, and floors.



8 Ways To Use Wood In Your House

Yellow Sofa and wooden table



Wondering how you can use wood to add spark to your interior? Here are eight ways:



Wood Decorations

Wooden Furniture




Wooden objects make great decorative pieces when utilized well. Such photo frames can help decorate your photos and make them appear more beautiful. Tealight holders, wooden bowls, and other wooden accessories are other eye-catching options you can turn to.



Wooden Floors

Only wood can give your floor that shiny and polished look. Solid wood offers a high level of durability and can be used to build floors. Wooden floors never disappoint.



Wooden Ceilings

Wooden Ceiling



For your interior to have a glamorous look, your choice of ceiling has to be top-notch. This is what wooden ceilings are all about. There are different ways you can make your ceiling look cool, and using wood is one of them.



Wood Paneling

Paneling works fantastically well with most designs, but the countryside design most of all. Wood paneling is a superb way to add texture and dimension to any room.







You can also use the best wood for outdoor furniture to make yourself some beautiful and durable stairs. This would go well with the neutral palette your interior already possesses.




Doors aren’t left out of the equation. With some of the best wood for outdoor furniture, you can make stylish and durable doors for your home. Bottom line is, if durability is important to you, wood is your best bet.







Yes, you can use wooden lighting fixtures to jazz up your space. Metal and plastic are other materials that can be used for this purpose, but wood makes for an extra-stylish option.




Closing this list is furniture. There’s a wide variety of furniture types you can create with wood. These include wardrobes, cabinets, chairs, tables… the list is endless, really.



Wood Furniture Ideas That Will Trend in 2020




The right furniture will significantly influence the aesthetics and overall appeal of your home, so you need to make the right choice of furniture this 2020. To help you make the right call, highlighted below are a variety of wooden furniture you can consider.



Natural Wood Furniture

Natural wood furniture are made from trees that are grown, cut, and seasoned naturally without the application of chemicals. Such furniture can be made from either soft or hardwood solid wood. Furniture made from this type of wood is usually brown – usually, the deeper the brown, the harder the wood.



The good news is that natural wood furniture can come in just about any form, shape, or size: a shelf, window, chair etc. Whichever form it takes, rest assured that it will serve its purpose well. As they require little or no maintenance, natural wood furniture can be used outside as well. 



Painted Wood Furniture

To turn natural wooden furniture/solid wooden furniture into painted wooden furniture, apply varnish to it and sand it before painting. Many painting techniques are now being used for solid wooden furniture. They range from flat matte to milk and chalk painting techniques. Discover the best paint for wood furniture below.



Flat Matte Finishes

Matte Furniture



Painted furniture with a smooth matte finish is a trend that is beginning to take off. Dark matte painted wood furniture is becoming more and more common these days but is still not quite as popular as its lighter counterparts.



Gold Paint Finishes

Gold paint can be combined with other colors to bring out the beauty of solid wood furniture. It can also be lightly applied along the edges of painted wood furniture to embolden carved areas or ridges.



Bright Color Paint Finishes

If you enjoy experimenting, you can opt for brighter colors (e.g. yellow, red, purple) to make your home come alive. They are colors you will describe as beautiful when applied to your solid wood furniture.



Dark Or Black Paint Finishes

A dark or black finish will look stunning on your painted wood furniture. You can make it perfect by adding a touch of gold paint to it.



Spray Paint

If you’re up for it, spray paintCheck Latest Price is a fast technique used in getting your solid wooden furniture painted. It will give your painted wood furniture a smooth and glossy finish.



Milk Or Chalk Finish

Milk or chalk paint is another way of giving your furniture a unique look. The end result is a subtle, brushed effect with a light texture.



Polished Wood Furniture

If your wood furniture is still in fairly good condition, you can give it a coat of polish instead of buying a new set. Here are 2 methods you can try:



Method 1

  • Use a commercial wood polishCheck Latest Price .
  • Prepare the surface of the solid wood you intend to polish by sanding and or applying varnish. This will make the surface smooth and ready for you to apply polish onto.
  • Moisten a soft cloth or brush with the polish and gently rub the solid wood surface. If this is done correctly, you will notice changes in the appearance of your wood furniture.



Method 2

  • You can make a homemade polish with vinegar and olive oil.
  • Put the vinegar and olive oil into an empty container (ideally a spray container). Make sure the vinegar and olive oil is well mixed.
  • Spray a moderate amount onto a piece of cloth and gently rub the surface of the wood furniture. What you’ll have in the end is well-polished wood furniture.



Unfinished Wood Furniture

The term is generally used to describe wood furniture whose surface is yet to be treated/applied. There are several reasons why you may consider going for unfinished wood furniture. Unfinished wood furniture tends to be cheaper compared to finished wood variants. If you’re seriously considering cutting down on your spending, unfinished wood furniture is the option you should consider buying.




Apart from being affordable, unfinished wood furniture should be considered because of its ease of integration with other wood furniture you already own in your house. This simply means you get to decide the color or type of wood finishing you want to apply to suit your preferences.



How To Choose Outdoor Wood Furniture

Outdoor Furniture



If you’re thinking of adding a piece of furniture (or more) to that balcony of yours, try to make sure that theme is consistent throughout your house: your backyard, garden, your poolside, etc. Whether it is a sofa or a chair, it’s always good to make your choice based on certain factors. Here is a list of some of them:



Type Of Wood

You should keep in mind that the type of wood you choose as your outdoor furniture will ultimately determine their lifespan. If the furniture is meant to be used outdoors, hardwood should be your top pick. It can weather the harshest of weather conditions (rain or sunshine) so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the individual pieces.



Type Of Covering Material

Choosing the right coverage for your wood outdoor furniture design can be a daunting task if not done properly. However, it should be a lot easier if you take into consideration their tolerance for high temperature and their ability to absorb heat.



Color Of Wood

The color of your outdoor wood furniture will determine the mood of your outdoor space. Color plays a massive role in the aesthetics of your outdoor design – you can play things up or tone it down as much as you like.



Wood Furniture Repair & Maintenance Tips




If you have invested a considerable amount of money and time in designing your home, consider carrying out routine maintenance to prolong the life span of your wood furniture. Below are some home maintenance tips you should follow:



Treat The Surface Of Your Wood Furniture Well

A careful and conscious effort must be made to ensure the surface of your solid wood furniture is protected from heat and moisture to keep the shiny, smooth surface intact. When putting food on the table, avoid placing the plate or cup of water directly on the table by using a table mat.




Avoid placing your wood furniture close to open windows where sunlight can directly touch its surface. This is to prevent damage that may result from the sun’s rays, which can cause wood furniture to lose their color over time.



How To Clean Wood Furniture

To keep your wood furniture clean, try the following methods:



Wet Cleaning: Wet cleaning is achieved by applying a considerable amount of warm water to a piece of cloth and gently rubbing the surface of the furniture.




Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning is achieved by using a clean and dry fabric to remove the dirt from your furniture.




Keep your wood furniture surface protected at all times. Polish and sprays made for this very purpose are affordable and readily available whenever you need them. Keep them close and apply them always.




Carefully treat wear and tear or any form of crack on your wood furniture. This can be achieved by applying polish, homemade polish, or even wax to give a refreshing look.



Re-Oil Old Dry Surfaces

After a long period of time, wood furniture tends to dry up. This is when oiling them becomes necessary.




Choosing the right kind of wood furniture can be hard, but it’s definitely a fulfilling process. If you choose to buy it, keep in mind that as with other things, only regular cleaning of your furniture will make it worth your effort, time, and money.

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