The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Storage Chest

A storage item that allows you to have a perfectly functional and delicate space is an outdoor storage chest, also known as garden storage chest or cabinet. With these big trunks, you can enjoy a sufficient storage place to store your tools, equipment, chemicals, and other objects – basically, anything you like.



These storage chests come in different sizes, different materials, and different shapes. Some people prefer to have a cabinet with bracket doors, while some go for trunks/chests. In this article, we’ll go over the reasons you need to have an outdoor storage chest – along with its benefits, a comprehensive buying guide and some creative tips.




Things You Need To Know About Outdoor Storage Chests

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The usage of storage chests is as functional in balconies and terraces as it is in gardens or backyards. Outdoor storage chests are used to conceal cushions of outdoor furniture in order to keep them clean.



While some people use it to store children’s outdoor toys or toy cars. Its use does not end here – people also opt for outdoor storage chests when they need to store gardening tools, barbeque tools, or cleaning tools for swimming pools. It can also be used for storage of garden hose. 



Outdoor storage chests are available in a range of sizes and materials. Some come as an outdoor bench, allowing you to have a comfortable space to sit and relax on while also giving you plenty of space to store things. 



Some of the outdoor storage chests have wheels attached at the bottom, so you can move them around easily.




5 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Storage Chest

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There are several reasons why investing in outdoor storage is a good idea. Below are the top 5 reasons why you might need an outdoor storage chest. 



1. To Secure Your Tools

If you leave your gardening tools, repairing tools, and power tools out in the open, it’ll increase the chances of rust. You need a secure place for your tools in order to hide them from sunlight and water – both of which can cause damage.



Moreover, your kids might touch and try to play with dangerous and sharp tools in your drawers or cabinets inside the house. To protect your kids from any unfortunate events, it is recommended that you keep all of your gardening tools and power tools inside the storage chest outdoors.




2. To Store Chemicals

Chemicals are another harmful substance which should not be lying around the house in front of your family and kids. Therefore, am outdoor storage chest is the perfect place to store chemicals, poisonous stuff, or fuels like petrol and gasoline.




3. To Store Old Things

You probably have a lot of old objects and things that occupy unnecessary space, but you can’t just throw them away because they hold sentimental value. These things can be old clothes, memorable pictures and photo albums, or old toys. There are a plethora of options out there such as outdoor storage bench, outdoor storage cabinets and outdoor storage chests. But let’s assure you, uutdoor storage chests are the perfect place to safely store them away in.  




4. To Store Seasonal Decors

Everyone decorates their house on holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Some of the decors like Christmas tree and Halloween costumes are way too expensive and memorable to throw simply away. Outdoor storage chest can hide those holiday season decor safely until the next year.




5. To Keep The Cushions Clean

If you have outdoor furniture,  you probably have cushions and pillows on them. Don’t let those cloth-covered pieces stay outdoors without a shield. They could get pretty dusty pretty quickly. An outdoor storage chest is a great way to store them away and bring these cushions and pillows out whenever they are needed. 




3 Signs That You Need An Outdoor Storage Chest

Some people are in desperate need of an outdoor storage chest, but they don’t realize it. If you constantly find yourself complaining about lack of space for your gardening tools and other miscellaneous objects, you definitely need to invest in a storage chest.  Here are the top 3 signs that confirm the fact that you need an outdoor storage chest.



Lack Of Space

If you don’t have enough space to store stuff like tools, cushions, toys, etc., consider it as a major sign that you need to get yourself an outdoor storage chest.



Threat Or Danger Of Injury From Power Tools

Every house consists of some tools. Mainly power tools like drill machine, electric saw, etc. This equipment can be dangerous to kids and can pose a threat if left out in the open. To prevent any mishaps, you might need an outdoor storage chest where you can hide away your power tools.  



You Need Quick Access

Every time you need something to work on, you wander around all the house to find it. The stuff you find yourself looking for can be tools, chemicals, electrical equipment,  or anything really. Make your life easier by getting an outdoor storage chest so you always know exactly where to look for whenever you need these items.




Factors To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Storage Chest

While buying the perfect outdoor storage chest for yourself, you need to consider some factors that can help you get the best one. 



Storage and Size – it is necessary that you consider the size of the box or chest. Make sure that it will fit within the space that you’ve calculated for it. Don’t just buy it and place it on a corner. Do work out the space that it will need to fit in so that you don’t ruin the outdoor decor. And remember,  the chest will provide 3 times more space than it will occupy, so keep that in mind as well. 



Colour and Design – the outdoor storage chest you’re buying should go with the environment of your garden or backyard. You don’t want a box sitting in your garden and ruining the landscape.  So, give the colour and design some thought.



Type: Wood, Plastic, and Metal – According to the stuff that you’ll need to store in the outdoor chest, consider the material of the chest. The wooden chests are very strong and durable, while rustproof iron chests are also suitable for tools and equipment. 



Once you’ve made up your mind about these crucial factors, you can start searching for options online. Amazon offers some really cool options that are highly affordable. Scroll down below to check out some of our top picks.




9 Outdoor Storage Chest Benefits

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There are many advantages of a storage trunk. Below are some of the outdoor storage chest benefits.



1. Organization

With a place to hold your stuff in one place, outdoor storage chests ensure easy organisation. You don’t have to look for your stuff all over the house. You can quickly access whatever item you need by simply checking for it in the storage chest.



2. Quick Access

When all of your objects are close to you in an organized manner, it’s pretty easy for you to just get them and get on with your task instead of wasting time looking for them.



3. Garden’s Appearance

With the right colour, right material, right shape, and the right size, the outdoor storage trunk can actually improve the look of your garden.



4. Frees Up Space

If your drawers are occupying unnecessary space, you can free up that space by putting those things in the outdoor chest. And space can be used for other things that you may need it for.



5. Generates Space

Not only does it free up space on the outside, but the outdoor storage chest generates three times more storage on the inside too. The trunk is wide and stores about 600 litres of volumes on average. That means space-generation is a storage trunk’s main purpose. 



6. Portability 

Some outdoor chests come with wheels attached at the bottom, which makes them easily movable according to your needs.



7. A Bench + Trunk

Some outdoor storage chest comes in the shape of a bench, which means that you can sit and relax on the bench while having plenty of space to store stuff inside. Patio cushion storage allows you to keep the cushion inside the trunk, you can always take them out to sit comfortably on the trunk. 



8. Security 

The outdoor storage provides security to all your expensive, sharp and fragile things. Not only does it provide security, but also keeps the items hidden away from the reach of children.



9. Little Maintenance 

Your outdoor storage trunk, once installed, does not need you to spend your time and effort on maintaining it and keeping it functional. In fact, it barely requires any maintenance at all. It is purposely designed to go through harsh weather conditions and sustain exposure to winds, cold, etc.




5 Types Of Outdoor Storage  Chest

Not all the storage boxes are waterproof. Waterproof storage boxes usually have a strong-bracket door and have the rubber layer on their opening boundary. So when the lid closes, the chest becomes totally waterproof. 
Plastic made outdoor storage chests are very strong and durable. They’re waterproof, weatherproof, and made with thick material that’s heavy but provides sufficient storage for your objects.
Wooden outdoor storage chests are purposely made to withstand every harsh weather and wind. They’re strong and worthwhile. If the wooden outdoor chest is made in the factory with high-quality lumber and rubber-sealed doors,  the chest would be waterproof and a good insulator. Though some wooden chests are made with wood placed with gaps. They’re see-through and, of course, not waterproof or weatherproof at all. Exotic woods are naturally rotproof but costly.
Rattan is also a form of plastic (polyethene, polypropylene). But instead of solid one-piece material, it is made with stripes of plastic stitched into one another. It is one of the best storage chest types. This material is lightweight and easy to move around. Synthetic rattan creates an attractive look, and it’s hard-wearing, weather-resistant. Sometimes it can be a sensitive material, but it’s relatively cheap.
Another storage chest type is a heavy-duty storage trunk. Heavy-duty outdoor storage trunks are usually made of strong fibre covered with layers of plastics or the mixture of iron and plastic. These are designed to support extreme and demanding use. They’re tough through and through, ready to survive harsh weathers and heavy rainfalls.



How To Organize Outdoor Storage Chest?

You can organize outdoor storage trunk depending on what stuff you’re putting inside it. Follow these tips below to have a safe organization inside your outdoor storage chest.


  • Don’t put kid’s stuff inside it if there are chemicals or any fuels. 
  • If there is any fragile object inside the trunk, it’s better to not put power tools or heavy tools inside it.
  • If you’re using the trunk to keep your cushions clean, don’t place any smelly stuff along with it. In isolation, cushions or pillows can absorb the smell and would be unappealing.
  • You can use hard material sheets to separate the outdoor chest and create portions inside it so you can store different categories of stuff inside it at once. 




How To Utilize Outdoor Storage Chest?

You can literally store anything in an outdoor storage chest. Following are the ways through which you can utilize your outdoor storage chest and be recreational with the additional storage space it provides.


  • Store gardening tools in the chest.
  • Power tools can be stored in it. 
  • If you have outdoor furniture, you can put cushions and pillows safely inside.
  • Store chemicals and fuels inside the chest safely.
  • It’s a good place for storing sports equipment like volleyballs, basketball, bats, etc.
  • It can be used as a sitting place.
  • You can store your garden hose inside the chest.
  • The outdoor chest can store fragile things securely. 
  • It’s a perfect hiding spot for old items and unused objects.




Sizes Of Outdoor Storage Chest

There are different storage trunk sizes. Usually, the outdoor storage chest comes in a rectangular shape. But it is also available in round and square structures. Even the smallest outdoor chest can store uptown 200 litres of volume.



While the maximum size of the outdoor trunk can store up to the volume of 1000 litres. The length of the rectangular-shaped trunks falls between  1 metre to 2 metres. And the width measures up to ½ metre, typically.  




How To Make Your Outdoor Storage Chest Waterproof?

If you’re paying the hefty amount to buy an outdoor chest, make sure that it’s waterproof. If the product you buy is not water-resistant, here are some things that you can do.



Plastic – outdoor storage containers made of plastic are usually naturally waterproof. If there’s a chance of the water seeping through from the lid, you can glue the rubber sheets along the boundary where the lid rests. Same rubber stripes would be stuck on the inner side boundaries of the lid. This process should pretty much do the job to make your plastic outdoor chest waterproof.



Wood – the best results can only be provided if the material of the wooden box is cedar or redwood lumber, these wood types are naturally water-resistant. If waterproof caulk and waterproofing sealant is used on these wood, it would make the chest completely waterproof.




How To Get Rid Of Termites At Your Outdoor Storage  Chest?

If you have a wooden chest, there’s always the risk of termite infestation. Below are some tips that you can follow to get rid of termites.



Use boric acid as a bait – take a piece of wood or cardboard covered with boric acidCheck Latest Price , all the termites will be attracted to it. Then take the piece out and burn it. Repeat the process if necessary. 



Expose your wooden chest to sunlight – sunlight tends to keep the termites away.



Get professional help – you can always call for an exterminator to solve your problem. 




Outdoor Storage Chest FAQ



Below are outdoor storage chest FAQ which might further simplify the problems you consider with having an outdoor storage chest. 



1. How To Avoid Having Termites In Outdoor Storage Chest?

Termites in storage chest made of wood can be a deadly problem. In order to avoid termites coming on to wood in the first place,  follow the steps. Eliminate the contact of the wooden chest from the ground, keep it at a higher place, if possible.  Do not let the wood be moisturized. Do not store firewood or debris near the wooden chest. 




2. Is Metal Storage Chest Protected From Termites?

Yes, fortunately. Termites love to eat wood, so there are no metal trunk termites. Scientifically, metal-made outdoor trunks are inorganic in nature, unlike wood, so it doesn’t attract any insect or fungi. Therefore, the metallic chest is completely immune to termites.




3. How To Avoid Rust On Storage Chest?

Iron made storage chests usually rust easily. To make the iron storage chest completely immune to rust, however, use rust-resistant products like galvanized sheets containing the element of zinc. These products make the iron completely rustproof.




4. How To Contain Tools Using Outdoor Chest?

The outdoor chest is a perfect place to contain tools. Most people tend to forget where they’ve put their toolbox or specific tools when they need them the most.



Outdoor storage trunk eradicates this problem, providing you quick access to all of your tools. Sharp tools and heavy power tools tend to create incidents among the house even when they’re not being used. If the tools are safe in the outdoor chest, you don’t need to worry about them any longer.




5. New Large Size Patio Cushion Storage

Patio cushion storage is a type of outdoor chest made with the material of synthetic rattan. It is mainly used to store cushions and pillows of your outdoor furniture.  Outdoor furniture is not used all day.



Therefore, cushions are not used that often either. If the cushions are in contact with the outdoor air for the whole time, they are likely to get dusty. This is why patio cushion storage is the perfect place to store cushions and pillows unless needed. 




6. How Much Is The Cost For Outdoor Couch Cushions?

Outdoor couch cushions’ price starts from $100 and goes up to $1,000 and more – way too expensive to be left out in the outdoors for the whole day. 




7. Where To Buy Outdoor Couch Cushions?

Couch cushions can be bought from any interior and outdoor furniture outlet, after considering all the factors of price, size, and quality. Amazon is a great place to buy outdoor couch cushions.




8. How To Maximize Your Outdoor Couch Cushions?

Outdoor furniture is used a lot less generally. People spend most of the time inside the house and a very little bit of time outside using outdoor furniture. So the cushions and pillows of the furniture should not be left outside, exposed to the air if not being used.



The constant exposure to outside elements such as temperature changes and harsh weather conditions can leave the cushions dusty and unusable. One way to maximize the life of your outdoor couch cushion is to place it inside the patio storage chest so that it stays clean and tidy. 




9. How Durable Are Outdoor Couch Cushions?

Outdoor couch cushions are as strong and durable as the ones inside your house. But what decreases their level of quality and strength is the constant exposure to the external harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to dust and debris.



To prevent this from happening,  be sure to store all the cushions inside the storage chest on your patio. You can always bring the cushions out when you need to use them.

More Outdoor Storage Chest Ideas