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Cheap Patio Paver Ideas for Your Home Cheap Patio Paver Ideas for Your Home

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Cheap Patio Paver Ideas for Your Home

Written by: William Harrison

Set your way to a stunning patio with these cheap patio paver ideas. Read more about how you can create your backyard haven within a budget.

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Finding cheap patio paver ideas for your backyard can be a struggle. When paired with one’s endless, sometimes crazy, concepts, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right one for your home. Not to mention doing all that while still being able to stick to the budget.



Luckily, we have the best deals and ideas for your patio paver needs. Below is a list of backyard low-budget pavers that can help you map out the best path for your patio paver projects.


What Are Patio Pavers?


There’s a lot to appreciate when spending time on your patio. You can have BBQ Sundays, entertain family and guests, or take advantage of the weather and breathe fresh air. Truly, patios provide a stress-free and relaxing experience if you feel like leaving the confines of your home, while still remaining within your haven.



But before you go to your backyard oasis, you must know how important it is to have the best paver. Patio pavers take the experience up a notch. Aside from enhancing your yard, patio pavers make it easier for the elderly to walk, make strolling comfortable for those in heels, and allow you to walk freely even in bad weather.



Indeed, such walkways do not only make it convenient to reach your patio, but they also add a decorative touch to your home. Even though they’re as equally durable as concrete, homeowners can better express their creativity with DIY cheap patio pavers.



If you’re not convinced yet, we suggest you read more about the other benefits of having low-budget pavers in your backyard today. Aside from metal garden art, such walkways can spruce up your backyard in no time.


Benefits of Incorporating These Cheap Patio Paver Ideas


Patio pavers are the backbone of your yard’s landscaping design. They add functionality, sophistication, and convenience like no other. But to persuade you to install these cheap patio paver ideas, we’ll walk you through some of its core benefits.




Cheap patio paver ideas are considered a one-time investment because they can last you a lifetime. You can pick from the wide variety of options in the market with a reasonable price range. Also, concrete requires a ton of grading and backfilling. Not to mention the price of labor to install this option. But with cheap patio paver ideas, you can do it yourself and customize it according to your liking.




Patio pavers are way cheaper to repair than concrete. You only need to lift or remove the parts that have cracks and replace them with new ones. So if there are any damages, the paver’s isolated sections make relaying easy, without tearing the entire area apart.



Adding to that, pavers are denser than concrete. This means that cracking due to moisture absorption is lessened by 5 percent than the latter. The interlocking design of pavers also allows them to expand and contract as the season changes.




When it comes to application, nothing will beat patio pavers. Concrete may require a few days to cure before you step on them. But with patio pavers, you can walk or even run on them immediately after installation. You can also install patio pavers in various patterns that fit your needs and style.


Design Options


Increasing your home’s curb appeal may take a lot of effort, but not with these cheap patio paver ideas. These walkways offer many style choices that mimic brick pavements, with some available in irregular shapes and precision cuts. Even if you have a traditional or modern style home, you’ll always find one that suits your taste. Indeed, pavers can quickly adapt to numerous design options with the help of an eye for good design.




Home renovations, when done right, can increase the value of your home. If you decide to sell your house, a well-made patio can boost its worth and attract more potential buyers. Not only will you enhance your backyard, but you’ll also increase your home’s return on investment (ROI). Besides, patio pavers are also a great place to display your collection of large flower pots — a trick to beautify the space further.


Cheap Patio Paver Ideas

Interlocking Deck Tiles


Interlocking deck tiles are a new way to refurbish your backyard inexpensively and effortlessly. Just snap them on with one another, and you’re done! No layering, tools, drying, or waiting is required. It’s so easy to do that one won’t need any prior construction experience.



Another reason why homeowners love interlocking deck tiles is that they’re easy to move and uninstall. This makes it perfect for temporary or rental spaces. So, if you wish to change the layout of your patio paver, then consider it done within an hour.



But don’t be fooled by their convenience because they can reach almost the same structural integrity as concrete. They require little maintenance since the patio tiles are pre-finished. So, they’re already resistant to the elements even before you lay them on your patio.



Also, interlocking tiles offer you tons of choices when it comes to design. Thanks to modern technology, some options in the market can mimic the appearance of wood, stone, concrete, and even brick. Plus, they can be laid on top of existing flooring to make your patio paver look new while keeping it non-slip, with increased longevity.



If you don’t have the time, budget, or skills to commit to a formal patio plan, then the interlocking tiles can be the best patio paver idea for you.


Concrete Molds


If you want to keep things looking realistic, then you can try concrete molds. Undoubtedly, concrete can be used to create the clean, traditional-looking pavement we’ve grown accustomed to. But instead of layering and executing specialized techniques, you can use concrete molds for easier placement without breaking a sweat.



Aside from a painless application, concrete molds require no professional skills, hence fewer labor costs are needed for the project. Molds can also be used over and over again so you can make a few when a repair is needed. Plus, this technique has a lesser chance of cracking because the spaces between the slabs provide room for each piece to easily contract and expand.



As for the styling, you can place them in an orderly manner or use them as stepping stones for your garden. Basically, your imagination is the limit when creating your dream flagstones for your patio or garden.



Not all desire the neatness of concrete and interlocking tiles. Some would rather have the outdoors in its proper form, with grass and leaves under their feet. If you want some grass that’s strong enough to endure heavy foot traffic, then a grid/permeable paver is your best bet.



Even if tiles and concrete are porous, they lack the permeability that outdoor spaces need. Rainwater can puddle on your patio since there’s no drainage system to carry the water out. This makes a grid paver the ultimate outdoor flooring option.



Mostly made of polymer or polyethylene, this patio paver is durable enough to withstand high-traffic areas. It’s the perfect solution for outdoor driveways and roads. It can even be put on steep inclines.



Aside from grass, you can also use sand and rocks for added toughness. Ultimately, this combination can withstand a heavy load and drain away water hastily.



An attractive patio would mean nothing without a distinguished pathway. It just makes the trip much more enjoyable and entertaining. To build the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of, don’t forget to check these cheap patio paver ideas for your home. Indeed, they can complete the look of your backyard patio.



If you and your family want to enjoy your backyard under the shade, check these covered patio ideas today. Now, you can let your loved ones spend time in the outdoors while staying protected from the natural elements.

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