Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Storage Box

A storage box helps store and protect all your outdoor essentials for a clutter-free deck, porch, or patio. A wide variety of deck boxesCheck Latest Price are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials (e.g. small outdoor storage box, waterproof outdoor storage boxCheck Latest Price , large outdoor storage box, extra large outdoor storage box). This guide discusses in detail how you can get the perfect storage box, and provides some helpful tips on maintaining one.



Ultimate Checklist To Have Outdoor Storage Box

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1. Sort and organize your priorities.
2. Identify the items you will be putting in the storage box.
3. Classify your items in three groups — store, use, and recycle.
4. Make inventories of the items you will be storing in a facility, as well as those you will be using in that season.
5. Get the best packing materials as this will allow you to utilize space better.
6. Prepare the packing materials you will be needing (e.g. boxes, wraps, etc.) This will keep your tools from coming in contact with moisture.
7. Decide how long you will be storing your items.
8. Always recycle or get rid of used boxes/empty containers.
9. Label and number each box to create an inventory. Make a list of items and their respective locations.
10. Place items and boxes strategically. Utilize vertical arrangement.
11. Leave space in between equipment. You’ll be able to access objects more easily this way.



Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Storage Box

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The reason this is at the top of the list is that a storage box is only as good as the material that was used to make it. Most storage boxes being marketed are of flimsy builds that can get ruined easily by rain or snow. An ideal storage box is constructed with durable, weather-resistant materials (e.g. wood, wicker resin, and high-density polyethylene plastic) so it can withstand years of use. 




Here are some features to look out for when shopping for a storage box or a deck box:




For better security, you could consider deck box options that come with locks to keep valuable outdoor equipment and toys safe.




These add style to a box’s appearance and makes transporting it a lot easier.



Gas Hinges

The smooth movement of gas hinges helps to keep the lid of a box up. It also features a soft-close mechanism that helps limit any damage caused.



Wheels and Casters

It’s always advisable to opt for a deck box with a set of lockable wheels and casters for easy transporting/wheeling around.




It’d be a wise to choose a deck storage box that can withstand any weather condition, since it would likely be exposed to the elements 24/7.




Storage boxes are available at different prices depending on their sizes, the materials used, and their features. It is very important that you choose the most cost-effective storage box so it will not compromise on quality and still fulfill all of your needs.




The size of an outdoor storage box is directly related to the amount of items it can store. Storage boxes were initially used on fishing boats to estimate how many gallons of fish can be stored and moved. Those sizing methods have been brought forward and are now generally used today to determine the storage capacity of your deck box. Always pay close attention to your box’s dimensions so it can fit into your desired space.



Where To Buy An Outdoor Storage Box

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Here are some places you can buy an outdoor storage box:



1. Amazon
2. Wayfair
3. Lulu & Georgia
4. Target
5. Urban Outfitters
6. Walmart



Types Of Outdoor Storage Box


Wood storage boxes are a classic and beautiful option for a storage box. Wood veneer deck boxes are constructed from moisture-resistant woods — like teak, cedar, and pine — making them an ideal storage box option. 
Resin storage boxes are the most affordable option for a deck storage box. They offer both the beauty and durability of wood and the lightweight of plastic. Most resin deck storage boxes feature a construction that’s woven and wicker-like, and if cared for properly, would not fade, splinter, warp, or crack. 
Like its name implies, waterproof outdoor storage boxes will not get damaged by even the strongest of torrents. They’re great especially if you live in a region/city where it rains all year round.
Ensure that when choosing a heavy-duty storage box it perfectly complements the setting of your poolside or lakefront. It should feature hinged lids, comfort grips, and a lock for safety measures. It requires very little maintenance and the plastic with which it is made is strong and weather-resistant.
Out of all the deck box materials, plastic storage boxes are the most maintenance-free of them all. They don’t rust, nor dent, nor even peel. They are durable and lightweight. Although some plastic storage boxes might fade, they can look brand new for years to come.
Metal storage boxes help give a modern look to your outdoor space, and they provide great security too. They are usually constructed in a way that their doors or roofs are not pried open. They cannot be easily damaged or vandalized because they are made from steel.
Easily move items from place to place with these versatile options. No more strained necks or backs when it comes to spring cleaning.



Top 100 Outdoor Storage Box Products

Useful and versatile, there’s no doubt that outdoor storage box play an important part in our lives. To ensure you get what you pay for, we’ve carefully compiled a list of the top 100 outdoor storage boxes you can get today.




How To Store & Utilize Outdoor Storage Box


Designate A Box For Chemicals

Set aside a box you’ll be using to store all your chemicals (e.g. pesticide spray, diesel). These tend to be toxic and most are flammable as well. In the process of figuring out how to organize your outdoor storage box, avoid spilling these chemicals on the floor, as they can corrode the wood. Simply place all of your hazardous chemicals in a storage container and label it clearly.



Use Magnetic Bars

You can organize any storage box using a magnetic bar. It is handy for keeping large equipment together and is great for storing gardening tools too.



Use Toolboxes For Metals

Toolboxes can store items such as nails, screws, screwdrivers. You don’t want these metals in the box when you go through it looking for a glove or a spray. Having nails around could damage your outdoor storage box when they get stuck in linings meant to be devoid of dirt.



Arrange Your Items Properly

Keep in mind what to store in your outdoor storage box, and arrange them neatly so that every inch of space can be maximized.



Add Silica Gel Packs

Silica gel packsCheck Latest Price are typically used to preserve food or keep shoes in pristine condition. They are specifically designed to keep moisture at bay, with effectiveness depending on the climate of the place you live in. Pop one into an outdoor storage box to keep the item(s) in tip-top condition.



Perfect Place To Put Your Outdoor Storage Box

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1. If you’ll be keeping garden equipment in your outdoor storage box, you could consider keeping it close to your garden.


2. Should you decide to store large pieces of equipment in your outdoor storage box, you should make sure there’s enough space surrounding it (for when you take the equipment out).


3. Considering the large equipment you’ll be keeping in it, do not place the outdoor storage box on an uneven or raised surface to prevent its contents from accidentally spilling out. 


4. Some lighting (either natural, artificial or a mix of both) is advised so you can identify the contents of the box more easily. We do not recommended that you put your outdoor storage box under direct sunlight. Outdoor storage boxes are sometimes placed near the walls of the house so they’re partially covered by shade.



Things You Should Not Store In Your Outdoor Storage Box


1. Canned Food

Avoid storing canned foods in your metal outdoor storage box. Metal tends to rust with time, often creating holes and resulting in contents getting spoiled/spilling out.



2. Paint And Glue

Paints and glue are capable of breaking down when subjected to extreme temperatures. They tend to become lumpy and useless when they get frozen due to cold weather.



3. Photographs

Storing your family photographs in an outdoor storage box is a bad idea because humidity and temperature would make them stick together or turn moldy.



4. Clothing And Bedding

Clothes and bedding will start smelling musty after a period of time, and it’s quite possible that insects and moths may ruin them. If you still want to use an outdoor storage box, ensure that it comes with proper ventilation.



5. Wine

Although the idea of cooling your wine in a storage box might seem like a great one, it’s actually the worst idea ever. The reason for this is that inconsistent temperatures can make your wine develop a bitter metallic taste. Ensure your wines are stored indoors, in a dark and cool place.



6. Electronics

When electronics are kept in an outdoor storage box, their internal wiring may begin to rust, rendering them useless in the long run. For instance, the screen of large plasma television can get destroyed if the surrounding temperature fluctuates constantly.



7. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are best stored indoors since heat and humidity can badly affect their conditions.



How To Make A Waterproof Storage Box? 

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1. Determine Its Placement And Size

The first step would be to decide what size of storage box, which depends partially on the amount of space that is available for it. A good move to gauge size would be to place a concrete block where your box’s base is meant to be.



2. Cut Your Wood

Cut the woods into the shape you wish, taking note of the final size of your box. Use a pencil to mark your measured dimensions on the wood, and afterwards a saw to cut out the pieces you’ve outlined.



3. Assemble The Walls Of The Box

Before putting the walls of the box together, apply waterproof glue on the ends of all the long pieces. If any excess is left afterwards, wipe it off for a neat finish and ensure that all sides or corners of the box are even.



4. Stabilize The Corners With Braces

Use right-angled metal braces on each corner of the box (when you’ve flipped it over) so the bottom would be facing the floor. Place one close to the bottom and another at the top of each corner of the box. With the use of ½ inch screws, you can easily stabilize these corners.



5. Attach The Top Lid

To ensure the box is square with all its sides equal, you’ll have to place the lid on the open face of the box. The hinges should be positioned in a way that one flap is under the lid. With the use of ½ inch screws, remove and screw the hinges in place. Placing the lid back on top of the box is the next step to take. It helps to ensure the hinges are secured to the back of the box.
Paint the deck box with a waterproof sealer once it has been fully assembled.


Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Storage Box


1. How Do I Protect Rattan Furniture Outside?

It all depends on the type of rattan used. When water gets onto natural rattan furniture, the fabric retains the water and causes bacteria, mold, and mildew to form. Synthetic rattan garden furniture, on the other hand, doesn’t stay wet for a long time and is more resistant to moisture overall.



2. How To Build An Outdoor Storage Box?



  • Build Your Frame

Cut all the frame pieces for the box (except the lid). Measure and cut the wood at a straight 90°.


  • Reinforce The Walls With A Base

Use 1/4″ plywood as the base. It’s great for the sides which are getting an extra layer of beadboard, but if the bottom is a bit thin, get some thicker wood.


  • Attach The Headboard

Measure each panel, cut a piece of beadboard to fit, and glue it in place.


  • Build The Lid

Measure the length and width of the box. Cut the frame pieces for the top according to those dimensions, then use a 1/2 inch screw to secure it.


  • Install The Hinges

Attach the hinges to the lid and center the hinge barrels ½ inch from the lid’s edge. 



3.  How To Maximize Use Of An Outdoor Storage Box? 


Arrange Items Based On Use

The benefit of grouping items together is that you can rotate them accordingly. For example, during summer, you can decide to arrange the winter items behind the summer ones since you wouldn’t really be needing them until summer is over. 



Clear Out Unnecessary Supplies

Clearing out unnecessary supplies is usually the hardest process when trying to maximize usage of your outdoor storage box, but it’s 100% necessary. Items that you no longer have a need for should be given away to charity or disposed of. Always try to resist the urge to store items that you think might be useful “sometime in the future”.



Regular Cleaning And Tidying

The best way to maximize your space is by cleaning, tidying, and organizing regularly. Make it a habit to tidy or clean up regularly: by keeping items in their proper places, you’ll know where to find ’em when you need ’em. 

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