The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Toy Storage

If you are a family with kids, you probably have toys lying around all over the yard. You can solve this problem simply by investing in good outdoor toy storage.



You might have a place inside the house where all the toys could be arranged and kept safely, but kids rarely ever consider putting things back in their place. And of course, you wouldn’t want the toys to be spread all around the house and risk tripping over them, damaging both the toys and yourself. Hence, toy storage is the ultimate solution to organizing your kids’ toys outdoors.



To help you manage and organize all the toys of your kids, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you in getting the perfect outdoor toy storage. The guide will focus on the available options in the market and how to build a toy storage yourself. Moreover, it will also help you figure out how to utilize these outdoor storage options to get the most out of them.




Ultimate Checklist Before Buying Toy Storage Outdoor



Before you begin to look for the right outdoor toy storage, make sure to keep the following things in mind so as to make an informed decision.


  • Always check the floor space that you can spare to place any kind of furniture, be it inside or outside the house. Ideally, measure the area where you plan on putting the outdoor toy storage so that the storage box would easily fit in it. Getting anything larger than the space you have available area would only create more problems for you.


  • Calculate what size of the storage box you need. Don’t get a large storage box if you only have a couple of toys to store. Make sure you assess the amount of storage space you require and only then decide on an option. Otherwise, you’ll just be spending money and wasting your effort without solving your storage problem. See how many toys your child owns and how much storage will be required to easily hold them all, and get the storage box accordingly.


  • See if you require more than one outdoor toy storage bins for different kinds of toys. It’s better to keep stuffed toys separate from the hard ones. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging them.


  • Since you’re going to keep the box outside, it is best to get an outdoor toy storage bin that can withstand the harsh weather elements such as wind, rain, and sunlight. Moreover, be sure to invest in a toy storage bin that is made out of durable and sturdy material so that it can withstand exposure to rough usage and harsh weather conditions.


  • Opt for heavy-duty plastic storage bins. These bins provide durable and long-lasting usage. Moreover, they are made out of a durable plastic material, which is also inert and rarely reacts with outside elements. Plastic also has the added advantage of being a lightweight material and can be easily transported from one place to another.




3 Reasons Why You Need Your Toy Storage To Be Outdoor

outdoor toy storage


Outdoor toy storage is excellent for keeping all of the clutter away, with no mess being created inside the house. Here are some reasons why keeping your kid’s toys outdoors is a good idea:



  • Having the toy storage outdoor will give you more floor space inside. When toys and other playing material is kept inside, it not only occupies a great deal of space but also leads to a messy and an overall unorganized look. Be sure to keep the interior design and décor of your home intact by simply investing in toy storage that you can keep outside. All the toys will go into this outdoor toy storage box when not in use.


  • It’s better to have the storage bin at the place where kids usually like to play with their toys. Outdoor toy storage will keep all the toys in close proximity so that they can easily take them out, play and put the toys back in the outdoor storage box. Especially in the summer, you’ll spend a lot of your evenings out on the porch. With the outdoor toy storage, your kids will have access to their favorite toys right there.


  • A storage bin for toys ought to occupy a significant area on the floor, so it’s better to keep the bin out and utilize the free outdoor space. You don’t want to clutter the space inside. You’ve probably already got several other storage items inside such as a storage ottoman or a storage container, perhaps. The point is to free up space indoors and organize your outdoor area with something elegant yet functional like outdoor toy storage.




Where Can You Buy A High-Quality Toy Storage Outdoor?

Amazon is your best buddy for buying every sort of outdoor storage bins. Their customer service and delivery procedure is exceptionally straightforward and ensures that the customers receive top-notch quality products.



There are literally thousands of different types of toy storage options you can take your pick from. With different designs, styles, and colors, you’re bound to come across something that you like. Moreover, you can add a pop of color to your otherwise dull patio or outdoor space.



The 5 Amazing Benefits Of Toy Storage

putdoor toy storage


  • Toy storage boxes are perfect for organizing all the toys you have lying around the house.


  • Toy storage will allow your kids to be more self-sufficient. By telling and showing them how to place all their toys in a storage bin when they are done playing you can provide them with a sense of responsibility and teach them to clean up.


  • With a toy storage box, you can say goodbye to messy rooms with toys lying all around the house and people stepping and tripping over them. A storage bin is all you need to hold toys of every size, be it the little tiny rubber balls or large cars.


  • When toys are placed anywhere out in the open, be it inside or outside the house, they are prone to damage. Putting them in a covered outdoor toy storage bin will prevent them from getting damaged. Especially if the toys are outside. Exposure to a harsh environment can easily damage the toys. A toy storage box or a toy storage bin can prevent this from happening while keeping things organized.


  • Keeping all the toys safely inside a storage box will make your yard and outdoor area more open and spacious, not to mention the space you’ll free up from the inside.



Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas For 2020

When planning to buy outdoor toy storage, it is best to go for something simple that’s easy to handle. Since most of the time, it will be your kids handling the storage bin, it is advised not to buy a box that’s either too heavy or too light. Here are a few outdoor toy storage ideas.


Outdoor toy storage bins are the simplest and easiest way of storing all the playing material of your kids. They are easily available online and at furniture shops in various sizes, materials, and colors, and are great to place in your porch, yard, patio, etc. They are pretty reasonable, so you can get a couple of them and store the toys categorically in each, like stuffed toys and teddies in one, cars in another, and dolls in another one. You can also label all the bins with sticky notes or chalkboard labels to help your kids find out their toys easily and identify which items are placed in which bin.
Baskets are a fun way of storing the toys and other stuff as kids would love the colorful aesthetics that baskets offer. Toy storage baskets outdoor are an inexpensive way of storing toys, so much so that you can even DIY a storage basket using materials available at home. Just make sure that whether you make the basket yourself or get them from somewhere, the material must be able to withstand moisture, heat, and other severe external factors. Moreover, a toy storage basket is normally very light-weight and easy to handle.
Outdoor storage cabinets never go out of style. With their vast space and a stylish exterior, they are capable of serving more than one purpose at a time. You can not only store toys in them but also use them for storing other stuff like garden tools, small pots, etc. Outdoor storage cabinets for toys are a safe way of storing all the toys safely. The cabinets are usually made out of durable material and can easily withstand harsh conditions, keeping the things inside safe. These cabinets are a little more expensive as compared to other toy storage options, but they are worth every penny for the quality and utility they provide.
Toy storage bench outdoor is another multipurpose option for storing toys, and these storages can be used for storing and seating both. The flat top of these storage benches is perfect to use for your evening tea sessions, while the space under the flat top-lid is used for storing the toys. These storage benches could be a great addition to your garden or patio furniture, as their wicker exterior would significantly enhance the grace of your outdoor space.
Last on our list is the toy storage box outdoor, which is another efficient option for storing all the toys while keeping them safe from heat and moisture. These boxes are made up of either polyresin, steel, or wood; hence the rainwater just flows off of them, preventing the toys from getting damaged. The materials are also heat-proof, and so, there’s little to no chance of getting damaged due to heat.



How To Organize Outdoor Toy Storage

Organizing toys can become a hassle if you do not have the proper storage item. With toys lying around here and there everyone constantly jumping over them in order to avoid stepping on them, they need to get some kickass storage space where you could dump all the clutter becomes imminent.



Especially when it comes to kids playing outdoors, the need to keep the space clean and tidy increases as the outdoor space receives quite a lot of foot traffic. And of course, you wouldn’t want the toys to present a disgusting sight right at the entrance.



A few tips mentioned below will help you organize toy storage efficiently.



  • Begin by sorting out the toy collection. You’ll be surprised to see the clutter your kids have kept away from you, which they don’t even use themselves. There would be toys that haven’t been used in ages and are just purposelessly lying there with all the other toys. Purging these seldom-used toys is the first step to getting organized. These items can be thrown away or donated to some kids’ charity that accepts such items. Purging your kids’ toy collection can significantly enhance your organization.
  • After the purge, begin an assessment of your storage needs. This shall be determined by the number of toys your kids possess. Start sorting out the ones which can be safely stowed away in the outdoor toy storage. Since, some toys are delicate or may be affected by inclement weather, make a list of the items that you can safely store outside.
  • Next, you’ll have to make the decision to buy the requisite storage option for the toys. There are a wide variety of kids’ toy storage options available on the market, ranging from simple ones like buckets and see-through plastic containers to more sophisticated outdoor storage containers with fancy designs and colors.
  • If you have multiple toy storage options available, select the most suitable one for each type of toy collection. For example, small toys can easily fit in the coffee table deck box on your patio; meanwhile, for larger toys, you must store them in larger bench-like deck boxes or dedicated storage sheds.
  • Divide all the toys into categories! Cars and other movable toys can go in one bin, stuffed toys in another, and so on. This way, it will be easier for you to organize all the items as well as for your kids to identify and pick up the toys they want to play with at a time.
  • Get small bins to store all the toys categorically, and when the kids are done playing, put all the bins in the outdoor toy storage box. It’s better to get a large chest, box, cabinet, or bench storage, which will accommodate all the bins.
  • Don’t just throw away all the toys into the storage box. This will make it hard for your kids to find the toys of their choice, plus the toys could easily get damaged when piling up on one another.




How To Utilize Your Outdoor Toy Storage?

Outdoor toy storage comes in various forms and styles. Therefore, to utilize outdoor toy storage, you first need to evaluate and analyze the type of options that align with your needs. These range from your classic plastic toy containers to plastic buckets or wall mounted mesh storage options. All these storage options require effective planning to be used efficiently.



The utility of outdoor toy storage is undoubted as it often provides dual functionalities. These include coffee tables with ample storage under the tabletop to store small toy items. Moreover, deck benches on your patio, which seat two to three people, can easily accommodate even the largest of toys.



Moreover, you can effectively use the outdoor space by investing in and arranging hooks and mesh storages across the garden wall or by merely using the vast space underneath your deck to store toy items. This desk can be easily made into a small storage shed to house kids’ toys and even their bicycles and small cars.




How To Maximize Storage For Toys Outdoor?

All modern organizers tend to maximize every storage option available to them and you can do the same. To maximize toy storage, here are some essential tips that can be followed to accomplish just that:



  • Do not clutter your storage options, treat them as organizers, and not as garbage cans that you can simply throw stuff inside.
  • Use all the space available at your disposal and do not think of any space as useless.
  • Spaces such as under the deck, back walls or garden, your sturdy fences, and even the patio are perfect places for storing containers that hold your kids’ toy collections.
  • Make use of shelves and drawers, even in the outdoor areas. This can be accomplished by purchasing wooden cabinets that house shelves and to make drawers, you can even utilize the area under the deck.
  • A simple combination of two wooden planks and some wire mesh can act as your ball storage. It is an efficient way to use vertical storage, which is often ignored outdoors.
  • One of the best ways to maximize storage for toy outdoor is by compartmentalizing these toys. It can be done by keeping the small toys in separate plastic containers according to their types and then storing them inside the deck bench or drawers. This will provide the toys with added security, as well as safety from dust and weather elements.




Creative Ways To Store Your Toys Outdoor

store toys outdoor


When finding a space to store your toys, you don’t always need to look for the conventional boxes and bins. There are a bunch of creative ways that you can follow for storing your toys in an outdoor space.



Under The Staircase

Outdoor staircases that have space underneath them make for ideal storage space. One can either build a small cabinet there to store the toys or hang milk crates and pegboards on the wall under the staircase to suspend some of the toys. This idea is perfect for those who don’t have much space in their outdoor area to place a big toy storage bin.



Kids Parking Space

For those tiny bikes and cars of your kids, covering a small portion of your outdoor space to turn it into a car parking would be an excellent idea. All you need are some wooden or plastic panels with pipes to hold the panels, hang a curtain, and voila, that is it—your kids’ very own personal car parking area is ready.



Box Garden

To add more to the aesthetic of your garden, get a large size storage box, and add some greenery on top of it. This way, it’ll look like a part of your garden pots and easily store the toys in the space under the lid.  



Outdoor Toy Storage Frequently Asked Questions



1. What Is The Best Storage For Toys Outdoor In Winter?

A toy storage box made of any water-resistant material would be perfect for storing the toys in winter as it will keep the moisture and dampness away.



2. How To Clean Outdoor Toy Storage?

Use a disinfectant spray, or you could DIY a box cleaner using 1 part vinegar and five parts water. Spray this inside the toy storage box and then wipe off with a dry cloth.



3. How Can You Make A Toy Storage Solutions?

For toy storage solutions, getting your hands on a storage bin, basket, chest, box, or cabinet would serve the purpose.



4. The Best Outdoor Toy Storage

Some of the best outdoor toy storages are:



5. Know Why This Outdoor Toy Storage Box Unit Is So Awesome


Suncast is our favorite when it comes to outdoor storage boxes. This particular toy storage box unit is absolutely amazing. With a beautiful wicker design, this outdoor toy storage box offers 99 gallons of storage space that can fit a ton of stuff inside easily. It’s safe to say that this storage box can store more than just your kid’s toy collection.



6. Things To Do With An Outdoor Toy Storage

You can get creative with your outdoor storage by thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas on how to organize your kid’s toy collection. If you have kids who love playing soccer or if you are a family that loves volleyball and you have lots of balls lying around the house, you can organize them using this simply DIY storage rack.




It takes minimal effort. All you’ll need is two wooden planks, some screws, and some rope. Select a corner in your outdoor space where you’ll like to fix this rack. Place the wooden planks (triangular in shape) and use a drilling machine and the screws to fix the racks in place.




Then use the rope and tie it from one plank to the other, making sure you cover the entire length. And you’re pretty much done. Store all your balls inside the rack and you’ll never have to worry about organizing them again.



7. DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Box

Making a DIY toy storage box is pretty simple. You can either choose to invest in a lot of effort by building one from scratch using wood as the primary material.



However, if you are planning on storing the box on the patio or somewhere where there is a natural shade, you can either opt for a toy storage basket and even repurpose old plastic containers and boxes to store toys in. Give them your own flair by painting them. However, be sure to opt for boxes or containers that have a lid on top of them.



DIY Done Right Tells You How They Made A Outdoor Toy Storage Box 

A DIY storage box is easy to make at home. However, it is a time-consuming process and will take some genuine effort so if you’re still feeling up for the task, read on.



Materials You Will Need

  • Wood (3 – 1×3) (10 – 1×4) (1 – 2×3)
  • Wood Glue
  • Piano Hinge
  • Lid Hinge Support (x2) 
  • Table Saw



Steps To Make A DIY Outdoor Storage Box

  • Start off by cutting the legs to length. Chop the wood and measure the length you want the legs to be. Then be sure to route the dadoes into the two sides after squaring off the sides of each dadoes.
  • Grab some of the glue and secure the shorter slats in place.
  • Let the glue try and make sure the shorter slats are fixed in place tightly.
  • Grab the longer counterparts and repeat the same procedure. Use the glue to stick the longer counterparts in place.
  • Next, turn over the carcass and secure ledges for the bottom slats. Do the same for both slats.
  • Glue the exterior support to the rear legs.
  • Then do the same for interior support.
  • Attach the lid slats last.



While a DIY project can be more fulfilling because you have more control over how you customize the storage box, investing in a read-made toy storage box is always an option.



Besides, you’ll never have to worry about weather conditions or other factors harming the storage box or the items stored inside. The manufactures usually take care of that themselves.



In conclusion, we hope this guide was helpful in helping you determine the best toy storage box suitable for your needs.

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