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45 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of 45 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of

100 Best Storage Ideas in 2020 (Amazing Pictures Included) • February 25, 2020

45 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of

Written by: Tabinda Mustershad

Start organizing your house today with these FABULOUS house storage ideas. From floating shelfs to bathroom racks, de-cluttering has never been this easy!

How you use the space around your house matters. In this article, we talk about all the wonderful tiny house storage ideas you can use right away. If you have an overflowing closet or a cluttered workspace or a room that is full of things piled up then it’s time to organize. Good interior design is all about efficient use of space because you don’t have to search through heaps of stuff before you find something you’re looking for.
And if you live in a tiny house, organizing and finding space for all the stuff you own can become a challenge in itself. With the minimalist movement on the rise – and with more and more millennials choosing simpler ways of living, it makes sense to declutter

Tiny House Storage Ideas On Amazon 

Amazon offers some really cool storage items that you can use to store and organize your things neatly. Not only will you save time by investing, but you’ll also end up making more room in the process. Moreover, with these tiny house storage ideas, you can make your house look well-managed even if space is limited.
So, we’ve made a list of 45 different tiny house storage ideas that you can get directly through Amazon today without any hassle. Certainly, there’s something in here for everyone. So, let’s take a look. 

1. SODUKU Floating Shelves

Floating shelf for tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

First of all, these storage shelves can be wall-mounted, hence, they are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, these floating shelves feature high-quality pine-wood for the reason that pine is durable and long-lasting. Therefore, it is an excellent material and will last a very long time. You can store all your seasoning bottles on these shelves and free up kitchen counter space. Alternatively, you can hang towels. Similarly, you can also store toiletries in the bathroom. As a result, this simple smart storage tactic can be used to free up more space for yourself.

2. ZEN’S BAMBOO Desk Organizer

Bamboo desk organizer tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

Seems like you’re in luck! This amazing desk organizer can be yours for as little as $25.  Because this desk organizer comes with several compartments, you can store all your office supplies with ease. So, all your pens and pencils can go in one, while paper clips and pins can neatly fit in another. As a result, your desk will always be free of unnecessary junk. Consequently, if you have a dedicated office space in your tiny house, this desk organizer would make a really good investment. 

3. Sorbus Kitchen Wall Pot Rack

 Wall Mounted Storage Rack Great Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

This efficient pot rack will hold all your kitchen utensils with ease. Additionally, it is also very fancy to look at, if we’re being honest. It can hold all your pots and pans, cookbooks to bakeware and even plants and decoration pieces. Similarly, this rack comes with hanging hooks. What’re those, you may ask! Therefore, these hanging hooks are simply designed to let you hang your utensils with ease. The hooks are secure so your utensils don’t fall off. 
At just $28.65, the Sorbus Kitchen Wall Pot Rack can be yours. In fact, it can prove to be a very useful addition to your tiny home furniture collection.

4. Y&ME YM 2 Tier Bathroom Storage Shelf

Wooden floating shelf - tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

Got too many slippers and towers lying around the house? We totally understand what that’s like. Amazon has a wonderful solution for that. Seems like an easily installable shelf is the answer you’re looking for. Storage shelves are a wonderful smart storage solution. Probably most suitable for slippers and towels.  This 2-tier bathroom shelf is made from Paulownia wood and powder-coated metal brackets. Consequently, is durable and long-lasting. 
Furthermore, these shelves are damp-proof and heat-resistant. Oh, and did we mention that the shelf has durable towel holders as well? That’s right, you can install and use these shelves for as long as you want without running into any problems. 

5. ZESPROKA Pots & Pans Holder

Pot and pan holder

Photo by Amazon

It seems like this absolute beauty was designed to save you space and time. It’s a very clever pot and pans holder. Due to its features like strong, hand-welded iron wire, you can enjoy the durability you deserve. Probably of our best tiny house storage ideas, this holder can be used for multiple purposes. Almost all your pot and pan lids can be easily secured on this. 

6. Homfa Tree Bookshelf

Tree bookshelf for tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

With its unique design, this bookshelf is a book lover’s best friend. The shelf is made from E1 particle wood. Moreover, the shelf is designed for durability without compromising on elegance. So, you can also store paper files, CDs and newspapers. Therefore, this option gives you a smart storage solution for your sanctuary.

7. VASAGLE Industrial Nightstand

Storage nightstand

Photo by Amazon

This set of two side tables bring an urban touch to your tiny home furniture collection. Because each table has two sturdy mesh shelves that provide an elegant design. As a result, they are super easy to assemble! Moreover, the stylish stand will look gorgeous in the living room. Maybe you can place it beside your bed or your sofas. Certainly, try and experiment with different locations and see what works well with your houses’ decor. 

8. FURINNO Andrey End Table Nightstand Set

Table Nightstand for Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

It is simple. Even more, it is stylish. It’s a nightstand set. You’ll be surprised to find that this nightstand stays sturdy on a flat surface or otherwise. Due to its composite wood and non-woven bins, this nightstand is a good investment. Additionally, it has rounded edges to prevent injuries to you and your children. Also, it is easy to set up and comes in a set of two. 

9. Simpli Home End Side Table

Charcoal brown table - tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

We just love hand-crafted products! They are probably our favorite option to go for when it comes to home decor. This elegant side table is hand-crafted from elm hardwood, plywood, and metal. Moreover, this unique side table has a graphite gray metal frame. As a result, the frame is visible on the legs, and base of the stand. Additionally, this table features a drawer for your personal belongings. Furthermore, it can also serve as a fine tabletop for your coffee mug. So, all in all, this tiny home furniture is a great option for your decor. 

10. mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Tower

Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage for tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

Vertical dressers are great for tiny houses. This particular one has 4 drawer chests designed to keep clutter under control. As a result, the dresser keeps your clothing separate. Furthermore, you can also store any valuable items inside in an efficient manner. Therefore, this smart storage device is versatile and perfect for your house. it will fulfil all your basic storage needs, certainly!

11. AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Shelving

Shelving Storage Unit - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Another noteworthy tiny house storage idea on this list. This 3-tier shelving unit is perfect for your kitchen, office or garage. The storage unit is a worthy candidate for good hidden storage ideas. For the reason that it can hold up to 750 pounds. Additionally, its durable steel construction gives you the reliability you expect from this tiny home furniture.

12. AmazonBasics Closet Storage Organizer With Bins

Closet Storage Organizer - Tiny house Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

The free-standing organizer has a metal frame with a breathable dark-grey fabric. Furthermore, it is lightweight and is super-easy to assemble. Additionally, the drawers are collapsible making it a unique tiny house storage idea.

13. Simple Houseware 4 Pocket Over The Door Wall Mount

Door Wall Mount Hanging Organizer Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

You need to get yourself this hanging organizer! It’s perfect for storage purposes. Furthermore, this particular one has 4 large pockets designed to hold toys, towels, magazines, books, newspapers, bottles and small containers. While tiny home furniture is wonderful, this is an even better option because it can be a great behind-the-door storage space for your house.

14. NEX Over The Door Basket Organizer

Basket organizer

Photo by Amazon

Seems like we’ve got another basket organizer on this list. The reason for that is that they are a great option for storing random objects. This 3-tier basket organizer with a solid bracket is a great tiny house storage idea because it is rustproof. Also, it can fit right in the kitchen to hang bottles, cups, plans and much more. Your kitchen could certainly use one of these basket organizers. Even more, you’ll see the improvement once you get one. 

15. SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

Door Organizer Holder

Photo by Amazon

This cabinet door organizer would be a very classy addition to your kitchen. Because it is made from very sturdy steel and padded with ultra-thin foam that adds to its beauty. Therefore, it is sure to last long while retaining its charm. This smart storage comes with hardware screws so you can mount it over any door. Talk about simplicity! 

16. SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet

Rack Holder for Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Kitchenware can be really difficult to organize. And it’s. not like you could discard any of it to make space. After all, you have to use all of those utensils. Thankfully, this great pan organizer helps you declutter countertop space. Storing up to 5 pans, you can install this cabinet horizontally or vertically – whichever you prefer. Make sure you secure it in place and get the most out of this wonderful kitchen storage idea. 

17. Titan Mall Clothing Organizer Bags

Clothing organizer - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

You absolutely need this clothing organizer in your life. It’s perfect to store your garments and kind of clothing you may have lying around the house. Furthermore, it would also make a great addition to your tiny home furniture collection. Having a clothing organizer gives you the ability to separately store pants, shirts, and underwear. It serves multiple purposes and is a great organizer for your messy closet. You’ll no longer have to search through an over-flowing pile of clothes to find the stuff you need. 

18. Anyoneer Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Clothing organizers are underrated. However, with Amazon, you can own one right away and start enjoying all the wonderful benefits that come with it. This smart closet organizer is sewn with two layers of thick fabric. As a result, it provides an extra-large capacity. Moreover, it provides you with secure hidden storage for valuable materials and has a strong, reliable two-way zipper.

19. Simple Houseware Double Laundry Hamper With Lid And Removable Laundry Bags

Removable Laundry Bags

Photo by Amazon

Made from polypropylene, this durable and lightweight laundry hamper is a great tiny house storage idea. If you want your laundry organized, it is a great storage option because that fits into most closet spaces.

20. Honey-Can-Do BTH-05281 4-Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver

Bathroom shelf - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Bathroom shelves are a blessing. This no-fabric space saver fits seamlessly over the toilet. It offers you the storage space you never thought you could have. With 4 shelves, you will have to keep yourself from placing everything on it. This smart storage and space saver is stylish and durable. Organizing toiletries can be a challenge sometimes. And with a tiny house, it can be even more difficult. This metal bathroom shelf space saver solves that problem in a heartbeat. 

21. Mantello Makeup Organizer Vanity Organizer With Drawers

Makeup Organizer

Photo by Amazon

The vanity organizer is a great tiny house storage idea. It keeps makeup, cosmetic and personal care products neatly organized in 9 different compartments. Moreover, it comes with some really cute drawers that you can store your jewelry in. This tiny smart storage device is multipurpose and works well in tiny office spaces as well.

22. Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet

Floor cabinet - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

This bathroom storage closet would make a great addition to your tiny house. It can hold it all. We’re not even kidding. This smart storage furniture can be a toilet paper stand and can hold bottles of toilet cleaners. Moreover, it can also be a great place to put your phone when you’re using the toilet. This cabinet features PVC foam board and is eco-friendly.

23. Spirich Home Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Bathroom storage cabinet for tiny house storage ideas

Photo by Amazon

This freestanding cabinet is a great tiny storage idea for your washroom. This cabinet is perfect for organizing cleaners and storing towels. Moreover, the cabinet has an ultra-thin design that would allow you to free up extra space.
This storage cabinet can also serve as a clean shelf to put your phone or purse on. The slim and durable design allows the cabinet to fit in narrow places with ease. 

24. Simple Trending 3-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer With Sliding Storage Drawer

Sink Cabinet Organizer For Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Sliding storage drawers are great for access because they allow you to reach items quickly. This cabinet organizer takes all your troubles away. Providing extra storage space in the kitchen, bathroom, and office, the under sink cabinet is highly durable. Additionally, it is made with anti-slip pads to give you a reliable companion. Also, you can always get creative with it and use it in other areas if you like. Just make sure it doesn’t mess up the rest of the house decor and fits in nicely. 

25. mDesign Metal Wire Bathroom Tub & Shower Caddy, Hanging Storage Organizer

Metal Wire Storage Organizer

Photo by Amazon

Bathroom storage organizers are our favorites. Tiny house storage ideas are all about making it more convenient for you to manage space. This gorgeous metal wire hanging bathroom storage organizer is an absolute must-have. You can use its 6-angled shelf baskets to hold all kinds. of things. Moreover, the 2 flat storage shelves are perfect to hold all kinds of things. For example, you can store bottles, place soap, creams and much more in one place in a neat manner.


Turntable Kitchen Organizer For Tiny House Storage

Photo by Amazon

Another clever organizer that is perfect for your kitchen shelf, table, pantry, and your outdoor dining table. With its spinning motion, you can access all the essentials easily.

27. 3-Tier Standing Spice Rack

Spice Rack Kitchen Bathroom Countertop Storage Organizer

Photo by Amazon

The rack is a great tiny house storage idea. With its 3-tier storage, each floor has different shelves and each shelf allows for easy sorting and organization of items. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and can prove to be a valuable organizer in the kitchen.

28. Takyl Home Metal Countertop Bathroom Organization

Metal Countertop Bathroom Organization - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Perfect bathroom solution above all. And a great tiny house storage idea; the stylish and functional organizer is heat resistant and is conveniently sized to be placed in the confined space of your bathroom.

29. GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer

Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pot

Photo by Amazon

This adjustable black metal pot rack can be part of your tiny home furniture and certainly give you more options to organize your kitchen. Additionally, it can hold up to 9 frying pans and is a firm solution to bring order around your cooking area.

30. Expandable Pan Rack Organizer with Knife Holder

Tiny House Storage Ideas - Pan Rack Organizer

Photo by Amazon

Keep all your pans in one place with this smart storage organizer. Interestingly, it also comes with a knife holder. Certainly, a great addition to your kitchen shelf. Expandable up to 23 inches, the organizer gives you flexibility. Furthermore, it makes it easy for you to keep your kitchen utensils in order.

31. AmazonBasics Expandable Metal Hanging Storage

Organizer Rack Wardrobe with Shelves - Tiny House Storage Ideas

Photo by Amazon

Another one of the many wonderful tiny house storage ideas on Amazon, this expandable closet organizer has an adjustable width. First of all, it has 10 shelves with adjustable heights. Secondly, it is made from durable steel wires so it can hold up to 100 pounds. This makes it a great smart storage device. Don’t let the looks deceive you, however. Because this closet organizer fits anywhere surprisingly well and doesn’t even take up that space. Finally, it is multi-purpose and can store diverse types of objects. 

32. Honey-Can-Do 3-Drawer Plastic Storage Cart On Wheels

Plastic Storage Cart on Wheels

Photo by Amazon

This no-fabric small storage unit can easily declutter your tiny home. Furthermore, it can also be moved around without any hassle. Additionally, this storage container is a great tiny house storage idea as it can handle up to 11 pounds of weight.

33. FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Computer Writing Desk

Writing desk

Photo by Amazon

This stylish and functional multipurpose desk, made from CARB compliant composite wood, can fit into any space making it a great choice for tiny home furniture. Furthermore, assembling is easy and gives you great organization with little or no hassle.

34. Adjustable Height Laptop Cart With Storage

 Adjustable Height Laptop Cart With Storage

Photo by Amazon

This smart storage device has heavy-duty panels that are moisture resistant. Also, the most noteworthy feature is the adjustable height of this cart and the storage compartment is spacious. Attached to wheels, the cart is a good hidden storage idea.

35. Refrigerator Organizer Rack Magnetic Kitchen Magnetic Holder

 Refrigerator Organizer Rack

Photo by Amazon

One of the best tiny house storage ideas is to have this mounted on the refrigerator door. Additionally, it has 2 layers and several hooks to hold kitchen items, pots, and kitchen rolls. Part of the must-have tiny home furniture collection, the holder gives you extra space where you least expected it.

36. TomCare Cube Storage 6-Cube Closet Organizer

Cube Closet Organizer Storage Shelves

Photo by Amazon

Providing a large storage space, the multifunctional organizer can be used in any place. Moreover, the organizer is easy to set up and can store toys, clothes, shoes and much more. Additionally, the smart storage container is made with an ABS connector that holds the entire structure firmly, leaving you worry-free.

37. Serta Happy Home Storage Bookcase

Home Storage Bookcase

Photo by Amazon

This strong and sturdy wooden construction is a great bookcase for all of you book lovers out there. Being a great tiny house storage idea, it neatly organizes all your best reads into one convenient place. Additionally, it has an anti-tip feature which allows it to hold up pretty well.

38. Tangkula Floor Cabinet

Wooden Storage Cabinet for Home

Photo by Amazon

Large drawers, and a well-polished stand-up top. This floor cabinet is a great tiny house storage idea to neatly pack your belongings so they never get lost again. Furthermore, it can be placed alongside your bed, serve as a nightstand and a side table for your home office.

39. SONGMICS Black Shoe Rack Bench

Black Shoe Rack Bench

Photo by Amazon

A heavy-duty storage shelf, stand and shoe organizer, specifically designed as a piece of tiny home furniture for hallway bathrooms, living rooms, and corridor. Moreover, this rack is stable, robust and can hold up to an impressive 264 pounds of weight.

40. HFREOI 15.7 Inch Household Shoe Bench

Household Shoe Bench

Photo by Amazon

Made from a high-quality MDF board, it is a 2-tier shelf which is a smart storage device designed to hold kids’ and women’s shoes. With a modern appearance, it perfectly complements entryways, hallways, living rooms, and even porches.

41. Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest

Fabric Ottomans Bench

Photo by Amazon

Toys are all over the house when you have kids. The folding toy box chest is a great addition to your tiny house furniture collection. Easily set up and folded, the chest gives you a lot of storage space needs and is very spacious.

42. AmazonBasics Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table

Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table

Photo by Amazon

A great coffee table with a top that lifts to provide extra, reliable storage. It gives you the perfect storage space to hide those extra things that you can’t seem to throw anywhere such as blankets, remote controls, and board games.

43. KOUSI Cube Storage, Clothing Storage

Cube Storage Clothing Storage

Photo by Amazon

With a large storage volume, it has more space than your average cube container. Great for storing clothes, bags, toys, towels, and other household items, each of its cubes can hold up to 30 pounds. It is strong, sturdy and portable. Therefore, making it one of the many great tiny house storage ideas.

44. Design Plastic Stackable Household Storage Organizer

Plastic Stackable Household Storage Organizer

Photo by Amazon

The smart storage container fits DVD’s, PS4’s, Nintendo’s, XBox’s video games in a single managed space. Being a smart storage container, it can also hold remote controls, video game controllers and other small items that are usually scattered around the couch.

45. Household Essentials 1228-1 Double Basket Door Mount

Double Basket Door

Photo by Amazon

This 2-tier wire basket is a great shallow basket for kitchen and bathroom organization. It is a great hidden storage idea for tiny houses. With the ability to mount on solid surfaces, the basket is a great way to organize miscellaneous items that take up space.
And that concludes our tiny house storage ideas list! These tiny house storage ideas are very easy and simple to implement. While decluttering may seem daunting to you at first, it doesn’t’ have to be. It all beings with taking things one step at a time. And with so many amazingly simple tiny house storage ideas on Amazon, you can make things even easier by organizing without compromising on the decor of your house. 

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