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3-Tier Bamboo Folding Bookcase Tower

Give your books and collectibles a sturdy storage with the 3-Tier Bamboo Folding Bookcase Tower. Made of solid bamboo, it provides a durable and long-term storage for your...

Black Cube Cases

Maximize the space of your living room with the Black Cube Cases. Its 12 compartments are perfect for storing baskets, books, shelves, and other home decorations. Its sleek...

Letter/Legal File Box with Lid

Create a safe storage for your important documents with Letter/Legal File Box with Lid. This durable plastic container will maximize your file storage. It perfectly fits either letter...

Organize U - Dorm Essentials

The Organize U- Dorm Essentials is a super space-saving closet organizer designed to maximize your cabinets. This versatile product will help you find your clothes easily and grab...

SoHo Shelves

Organize your laundry room, garage, office and room with style with these SoHo Shelves. Made of steel, it provides your items with a sturdy storage option. Its use...

Studio Shelves

Make your bedroom, house and office storage spaces more stylish with these Studio Shelves. Made of durable plastic, it offers a durable storing option even for heavy items....

Storage Buying Guide 

Storage is basically when you stockpile and put away a lot of stuff in a designated place for future use. You can store anything and everything – from the data on your phone to physical objects such as clothes, books, food, accessories, bathroom supplies, etc. Having good storage is especially very important for people who love buying things in bulk and people who already own quite a lot of stuff. A good storage area or supplies can help you organize, compartmentalize, and keep track of all the things that you own in a neat, clean, and un-cluttered way. 

Factors to consider when buying storage

Here are some major factors to consider when buying storage items:

Which space do you need the storage for? The very first thing you need to do when picking out storage is to decide what space you need it for. The storage items and essentials for bedrooms are completely different from what you’d need for your bathroom or your kitchen. Therefore, you have to determine which room you need it for before progressing any further.

What kind of items do you need to store? Now that you know which room you’re buying the storage for, it’s time to decide what items you need to store in the first place. This can help determine the type, size, and quality of the item that you’ll be buying. For example, if you need cosmetic storage, then you can either buy nail polish holders, lipstick holders or a full-out chest depending on which items you need the storage for. Similarly, if you need storage for kitchen drawers, then you’ll need to browse through all the drawer dividers, cutlery trays, and other such items to select one which suits your needs the best.

Do you have any aesthetic preferences for your storage item? This one is only important when you’re conscious of the impact a certain storage item can have on your space. For example, adding new wall-mount shelves or a moving island to your kitchen storage requires you to consider the visual impact of such an addition to the space. However, if you’re considering cabinet hardware, then aesthetics can be overlooked. Same with adding storage to your bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices.

Types Of Storage

Following are the most popular types of storage that you’ll come across:

Bedroom Storage

The bedroom has a lot of stuff that is deliberately kept out of sight in order to maintain a neat, uncluttered, and relaxing atmosphere. This is why choosing the right bedroom storage should always be a priority. There are a number of big and small items that you can use for this purpose. Setting up a rectangular ottoman bench with an openable lid at the foot of your bed can provide a great camouflaged space to keep all your bed linens, laundry, and other miscellaneous items. A small dresser can help you keep all your ‘getting ready’ essentials like make-up, socks, and skincare products in an organized manner. It’s all in the details and these bedroom storage types can definitely assist you in a subtle manner.

Closet Storage

If you own a walk-in closet, then you’ll understand how precious and coveted these clothes storing space can actually be. In fact, it often feels too small to keep track of all your wardrobe-essentials. Therefore, you need a great storage management system to make your walk-in as efficient as possible. You can furnish the back end of the door with an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep all the daily shoe-wear handy. You can install spring-loaded drawer dividers to better organize all the small, stackable, and foldable objects inside drawers. Airtight boxes can be used to store all the off-season clothes that you won’t be wearing for a few months. There’s a lot more in the closet storage genre. New things always keep adding on, so you need to keep your eyes peeled if you’re a closet organizing aficionado.

Bathroom Storage

It’s hard to believe just how diverse the bathroom storage genre has gotten over the decades. But that’s only a given now that bathrooms have evolved into hybrid spaces. Even just the vanity countertop and cabinet provides a hub of storage for various items. If you’re wondering what else you might need, then here’s a list. You can go for plastic or wire laundry baskets to keep track of all your dirty clothes. A number of cosmetic organizers can be furnished on the vanity countertop. You can install handy shower caddies in your bathroom stall to organize all your bath essentials. Bath totes and baskets can also be used to compartmentalize all the different cleaning supplies that don’t really have a specific space to be kept otherwise.

Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is another highly functional space that requires additional storage. From countertop additions to cabinet hardware, there are a lot of things you can use to make your kitchen a well-organized haven. You can place turntables and lazy susans by the sink to keep track of all the washing supplies. Drawer and cabinet organizers can help improve the compartmentalization of the different bulky and small utensils that are hard to place otherwise. Storage containers can be filled up with bulk food supplies for those who have large families or run a commercial kitchen space. Plastic containers can help you better organize your spices, condiments, and pet food. Narrow storage carts can make empty corners efficient again. There are a lot of other essentials that you can have a look at if you’re in the mood to organize your kitchen for the better.

Office Storage

The office consists of so many different knick-knacks that need proper organization and a place to be kept. Therefore, having the correct office storage supplies is an absolute must. Otherwise, you might end up with a highly disorganized and inefficient workspace that keeps distracting you with all the clutter.

If you’re wondering what kind of office storage supplies you can use, then here are a few examples. Letter/legal file boxes with lids are a great option for offices that don’t have enough wall-to-wall shelving. All the older files can just be organized inside these boxes. Clip holder containers can be used to keep those pesky paper pins and thumb stacks. A magnetic utility pocket can be used to keep track of all the envelops that might otherwise litter your desk. Similarly, a battery case holder and a USB hubman can help you keep track of your digital device essentials. You don’t quite notice, but there are a ton of things that require regular maintenance and storage in the office, and these are just a few devices that can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage

1. How much storage do I need?

This completely depends on the quantity of the things that you’re trying to store. It also depends on the physical manifestation of the things you’re trying to store. For example, you can easily fit a lot of neatly folded clothes in airtight containers. But you cannot do the same with bulk condiments – you’d need enormous plastic containers to keep all those food items stockpiled for a long time. Similarly, you’d need to know how many kitchen utensils you need the new storage for in order to buy the kind that suits your purposes. Similar is the case with cosmetics, shoes, and other items that require storage.

2. How to get more storage?

This depends on how much space you can afford to give way to in an existing space. For example, installing new hardware inside kitchen cabinets is no big deal – you already have a predetermined amount of space to work with. But if you need more shelf space, then you need to look at how much empty real-estate you have on the walls to determine how much more storage you can reasonably opt for.  Similarly, if you need more storage space in the bedroom, then you need to make sure that there’s enough room to bring in a storage ottoman or bench.

3. How to build a platform bed with storage?

First of all, you need to construct the base frame and its dimensions need to coincide with the size of your mattress. Secondly, you must construct the upper half of the frame with the right internal support. After you’ve designed the frame it’s time to cut out the drawers and assemble them apart from the bed. You need to figure out how many drawers you really need and where do you want to place them beforehand. After that, you need to insert the drawer sliders, build their fronts, and start the installation process inside the existing bed frame. Then you need to go for the final adjustments and finishes. Go for any stain or color that you like. Place the bed in your room and fit the mattress on top of it.

If this seems too complicated or too much work, then you can go for prefabricated platform beds from Amazon. Here are some great recommendations: Prepac Tall Twin Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, Prepac -K Mate's Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers, and DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage.

4. How to build a storage box out of plywood?

This is an easy storage project to delve in if you’re good with tools and sharp objects. You first need to get the plywood and cut the length and width of your box out of it. After that, you need to cut out the base and start with the assembling process. You’ll need wooden biscuits to draft the joints together. They can be easily installed when you’re working on a flat surface. The next step involves cutting out support angles so that the edges of your box won’t fall apart. Glue it all together and hold the box steady with a clamp. After installing them, you need to cut out the box lid, attach hinges on it, install it to the top, and enjoy your new product. If these instructions are too simple for you, you can browse through this step-by-step guide.

And if you don’t want to DIY now, then here are some great prefabricated storage boxes that you can buy from Amazon: Blake & Lake Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray, VASAGLE Lift Top Entryway Storage Chest, and the IRIS USA Modular Wood Storage Cube Box with Door.