Best Storage Closets: Your Ultimate Guide

Big wardrobe with different clothes for dressing room


Large or small, short or tall, there’s no denying the convenience storage closets bring to our lives. Be it clothes, accessories, or even toys, these storage options are perfect for compartmentalizing your items, making for easy and almost instantaneous access to them. What are the best storage closets out there, and how can you maximize closet storage space? Let’s find out.


Top 3 Storage Closets Ideas


Why You Need Storage Closets

Like how you and I live in houses, clothes and miscellaneous items need a home of their own: storage closets make the perfect choice for that. Apart from ensuring that items don’t pile up (and subsequently create a “war zone” of sorts) , closets often come with many drawers/sections, thus allowing things to be sorted by category.


What We Need To Consider Before Buying Storage Closet?

There are 3 main types of storage closets: walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and wardrobes/armoires. Before buying a storage closet, here are some factors you should take into consideration:


1. Space

Without a doubt, space is one of the most important aspects to consider: how much space do you have at home, and how much of that are you willing to give up?


If you have limited space, it’s best to go for a reach-in closet or wardrobe. Reach-in closets are space-saving as they are built directly into walls, whereas wardrobes are often modestly sized and can fit in most corners/areas of your house.


If you’re lucky enough to live in a large house, though, a walk-in closet can be a truly dreamy place: it doubles as both a storage closet and a dressing area, and can serve as your own private beauty retreat. Sweet.


2. Size

Size is almost entirely dependent on the number of clothes/accessories that you have: if you’re a minimalist and own just a few pieces of clothing, a small closet such as the Sterilite Shelf CabinetCheck Latest Price would probably suffice. Those with an ever-expanding clothes collection, on the other hand, should look at larger options (we can’t stop gushing about the versatile Kousi Portable ClosetCheck Latest Price ) or even custom make their own closet for greater flexibility.


3. Quality Of Materials

While storage closets are usually made from wood, they can also be made from materials like aluminium, bamboo, and steel. When it comes to wood, go for hardwoods over softwoods as the former tend to be more durable. Some examples of hardwoods are mahogany, red oak and birch.


4. Price

A good closet doesn’t have to be pricey – most storage closets will set you back $50-$150. For an excellent pick under $100, SONGMICS 59 Inch ClosetCheck Latest Price is your best choice. Sturdy, spacious, and quick to assemble, it’s an all-rounder boasting an affordable price-tag.


Where to Buy Cheap and High Quality Storage Closet

Storables is your best choice: to save you time, we’ve carefully curated this ultimate guide compiling the best storage closets there are in the market. Rest assured that we’ve taken into consideration all aspects/factors, so any storage closet you purchase from our page is sure to be of the best quality, and the most value-for-money.


Types of Storage Closets


From cherry wood to hickory wood, wood storage closets come in a variety of different variants and finishes. They’re sturdy, durable, and affordable in general. Wood storage closets are perfect for minimalists due to their connotation to nature, and the sheer simplicity of their designs.
An extravagant closet variant, walk-in closets are for those who value an all-rounded experience: people who enjoy dressing up as much as they enjoy picking out clothes. As a pre-requisite, you’ll need to ensure that you have ample space at home.
These closets allow air to circulate freely, thereby discouraging the growth of mold, mildew and the like on your precious clothes. They tend to be light and can be moved from place to place easily.
Choosing and installing that perfect storage closet gets tricky when it comes to sloped ceilings, but there are ways to work around it. Instead of buying just one closet with uniform height and width, you could opt for closets of different heights and sizes.
Make the most out of your house with these hanging storage closets: they hardly take up any space when set up, and can be folded neatly away when not in use.
Arguably the most common type of storage closet there is, these options are typically cheap and come in a wide variety of colors and designs.
Easy to dismantle and set up, portable storage closets are a dream come true for the domestic traveler, those with transferable jobs, or even people who frequently seek change within their houses.
The most common type of storage closet, reach-in closets balance functionality with style by means of adjustable shelves, drawers, hampers etc. As its name implies, all items are laid out, so all you have to do is “reach in” to get what you want.


How To Utilize Storage Closets (Best Uses Of Storage Closets)

Storage closets are super versatile and can be used to store virtually any item including (but not limited to) cleaning supplies, toys, clothes and stationery. Here are some ways to drastically enhance your experience.


how to utilize storage closet


Get Shelf Dividers

Not only do shelf dividers help you sort items by category, they also prevent piles of items from fall on top of one another, so that your closet will stay neat and tidy. You don’t even have to break your bank for them: most sets of dividers cost under $30, with a handful retailing under $20. If you’re seeking something attractive yet durable, the Kosiehouse Shelf DividerCheck Latest Price is your best bet.


Add Storage Under And Above Clothes

Who says a closet can only be used for storing clothes? If you ever find yourself running out of space, consider fitting small dressers and shoe racks into your storage closet beneath your clothes. Alternatively, hang an additional bar on top to create room for hats, bags and more.


Accessories Are Your Best Friend

To maximize the full potential of your closet, add accessories such as hooks, shelves, hangers and more. Hooks are a great way to make use of unwanted/extra space: you can either hang them on the railing of closets, or affix them to closet walls.


Sliding Doors And Closets

Opt for ergonomic options like closets with sliding doors, which are great space-savers. Sliding doors usually require less clearance than swinging ones, so you can go for a deeper closet without any worries.


How to Organize Storage Closets

Dread spring cleaning or organizing of any sort? It’s actually really easy to Marie Kondo your way to a neater closet you’ll look forward to opening every day. This short video from Buzzfeed Nifty will show you how:




Closet Storage Ideas For Your Kids

A little child girl is sitting in a wardrobe in a children's room. Saving and storage system for children's things and toys concept.


When you’re 5 years old, there’s nothing more daunting than a tall closet with deep drawers. Even if your child should reach the drawer he/she is looking for, the end result is more than likely to be a mess.


Make life easier for your child by placing storage options where he/she can easily access them. Make sure racks and railings are placed at/near eye level, and go for closets with a sliding door design/sliding rails: they’re easier to open, especially to the little ones.


Best Storage Closet Design Ideas For Small Room

White wooden closet in bedroom of contemporary apartment


Contrary to popular belief, fitting storage closets into small spaces is less difficult than you may think.


While a walk-in closet may be out of the option, there’s always room (literally) for wardrobes and armoires. Pick multi-functional wardrobes with sleek silhouettes to maximize every inch of your space. This South Shore 1-Door ArmoireCheck Latest Price is an excellent option to start with.



Best Storage Closet Materials

A collection of different materials


A closet is one of the most important investments you can make for your bedroom; as such, it’s important to choose one that can withstand the test of time. Subjective as the word “best” may be, we’ve whittled the list down to 3 materials we think are both durable and aesthetically-pleasing:



Extremely stable and resistant to chemicals, plywood does not corrode and makes a cost-effective choice. As it can be easily stained, it’s also ideal if you want to experiment with different colors. If you’re looking for something easy to assemble, take our word and go for Modular Closets Plywood Tall Hanging ClosetCheck Latest Price .



MDF, otherwise known as Medium Density Floorboard, is a type of engineered wood. Apart from being dense, it is also resistant to insects, and boasts a smooth surface with no knots or kinks. We can’t resist this gorgeous Manhattan Comfort Freestanding Closet,Check Latest Price which features soft close hinges and a classic white finish.


Solid Wood

Strong, durable, and easy to clean, solid wood has a high-quality look that makes it a fantastic choice for storage closets. There’s something about Palace Import’s Wardrobe in JavaCheck Latest Price which makes it so very irresistible: maybe it’s the gorgeous 100% kiln dried pine construction? Or its smooth-as-butter Metal Euro roller glides? You decide.


Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Closets


1. How To Build A Walk In Storage Closet?

Careful budgeting and planning is needed before you build a walk-in storage closet. Such DIY closets typically cost $400 to $800 and thus are are a great alternative to hiring a contractor. which can set you back as much as $3000. For more inspiration and information, be sure to check out this video by 92 Nails on Youtube:



2. What Is Ventilated Closet?

Unlike your typical closet, a ventilated closet contains either holes or tiny gaps, such that air can be properly circulated. This effectively discourages both the growth of mold and the accumulation of dust/dirt.


One example of good ventilation is wire shelving: options like Closetmaid 24 In. Hanging Steel Wire ShelfCheck Latest Price have gaps that are evenly spaced out, are strong and are not easy to break.


An example of a ventilated storage close


3. What Is The Standard Size Of Closet Doors?

The standard height of closet doors in America is 80 inches, whereas closet door openings tend to be 6 foot long. That being said, this measurement does vary slightly from country from country: in Germany, for example, it’s 78.7 inches, and 78 inches in the UK.

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