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Closet Storage

Make the most out of your closet with these fabulous closet storage options: from tote bags to shoe organizers to hangers, they're sure to meet all of your organizational needs.

Best of Closet Storage

Closet Storage Products

3.9 x 2.8 x 11.8 inches Spring Loaded Drawer Dividers

. Make your drawers less messy with the 18" Spring Loaded Drawer Dividers. The easy-to-use dividers can be placed vertically, horizontally or stacked on top of each other...

19 qt. Ultimate Airtight Box, 17.25 Inch x 11.75 Inch

19 qt. Ultimate Airtight Box, 17.25" x 11.75" is the ideal storage file box for keeping your important documents secured. It is airtight, keeping your contents free from...

200g Charcoal Bag

Purify the air using this 200 g Charcoal bag. Made of bamboo charcoal, it is non-toxic and fragrance-free. It absorbs odors, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens and can prevent...

30 qt. Ultimate Airtight Box, 19.5 Inch x 15.5 Inch

Keep valuable items protected from moisture and pests using the 30 qt size Ultimate Airtight Box. Its thick seal and reinforced lid and body allows for heavy duty...

32 qt. Stock Box 18.5 x 14.9 Inch

Get organized with 32 qt. Stock Box 18.5 x 14.9". This sturdy container will enable you to store bulky items safe and secure. Maximize the space that you...

44 qt. Clip-Lid Box, 19.7 x 15.8 Inch

Maximize your home and office space with 44 qt. Clip-Lid Box, 19.7" x 15.8". This storage box makes organizing easy and quick with its translucent feature and sturdy...

Closet Storage Buying Guide

Does the mere mention of closet storage remind you of the phrase “skeleton in the closet?” Keeping the closet doors closed puts an end to the limitless potential your closet holds. Take a tip or two from us on how to ace the skill of keeping your closet storage hassle-free.

A Brief History Of Closet Storage

Back in the medieval period, closets were used as a place of seclusion, secret space for keeping treasured possessions, and so on. From Europe, the closet concept reached the New World, i.e. today’s America. From being owned only by well-to-do families, closet made entry to almost everyone’s house. More so, as we reached 21st century, clothing rose above ‘necessity’ to become the main thing in fashion. Today, closets are an essential part of every household.

Types And Varieties Of Closet Storage

Based on material, closet storage can be of two types:

  1. MDF-made: Costs a fortune but lasts for generations
  2. Laminated: Strong but light on the pocket

Based on the size, closet storage can be:

  1. Master closet: As big as a bedroom
  2. Walk-in closet: Big enough for a wheelchair turning a full circle
  3. Built-in closet: Attached to the walls, often lacking the top panel

As for size, your choices are not limited. You can always custom-make a closet space that would match the size and dimensions of your hallway or the room you prefer to put up your closet in.

To Keep Or Not To Keep

As we mentioned already, do not get carried away by the space of closet and just dump anything in here only because you cannot find anywhere else to keep them. Of course, you can use your closet storage space for keeping your shoes to home appliances. But the expertise would lay in choosing how and what to keep in there.

Do you really fit into your prom dress now? Do you still really need your ex-boyfriend’s coffee-stained shirt? Do you still have some faded jeans, saggy dresses, etc tucked in here and there in your closet storage? Ask yourself, are you ever going to wear them? We are more than sure the answer will be a “No.” Well, then, get rid of them!

Even before you start putting things in your closet storage, look at it and give it just what it needs. Hooks, hangers, rods, shelves, and pantographs, etc for various purposes will give your closet a much needed space-saving option. Hang belts or scarves from the hangers. Keep your shoes in the sliding shelves, and you are sorted.

We get it that we always have some emotions attached with some of the things we own. How about making them a piece of art instead of stashing in the closet? As for what to include in the items to be kept in there, you can make space for items that you do not need frequently (like travel suitcase) to your undergarments. The trick is to keep them organized and clutter-free.

‘Organizational management’ Is The Keyword

To make your closet remain functional in the proper way, you need to flex your skills at organizing. As numerous purposes are there to use a closet for, as many ways of organizing it are also there.

Just make a mental note of one thing- it is not a dumping space. It requires the same amount of attention and care as you devote for decking up your hallway, bedroom, drawing or dining space. From color-coding the clothes to using the vertical space, there are so many ways to de-clutter your closet storage.

How To Organize Any Space Using A Closet

Start your venture with a small toolkit of yours. Make sure you have access to a mirror to convince you that you really truly do not fit into the pair of jeans you bought before your first date! Keep a tape measure handy to get an idea about where to put rods and shelves etc. Once you start going through the closet, you will be amazed at what you get from here- you may come across a restaurant bill that you had forgotten you ever paid a visit to! So, keep a bin with you to keep all these itsy bitsy things and go through them later.

Keep boxes aside for clothes and other items that you choose to donate or to alter, send to the dryers and cleaners or simply covert them into something else; a pillow cover or a cushion maybe? YouTube is full of those DIY videos.

Keep the items you need rarely at the top shelves and keep your regular dresses at eye level. This will ease out the everyday hassle and save tons of time. It’s a lot better if you hang your clothes instead of stacking them. Be it dresses or skirts, blazers or sturdy coats, hang them and keep your closet storage neat and organized. Want to make it more efficient? Hang them in a color-coded way. Neat. Period.

We all know how much space the woolen items consume. So, do the denims. Well, stack them. They won’t get crinkled for they are sturdy; won’t slump either. It’s easy-to-find too!

Frequently Asked Questions about Closet Storage

1. How to de-clutter a closet storage?

Why make it cluttered in the first place? Now that you have, don’t worry, we have your back. Use your brain and DIY ideas to make every cubic feet of the closet storage available. Put up a junk drawer and shove items which you fail to place properly. Pile your shirts and denim in a neat and folded way. Hang items from coordinated hangers. Put up a rotating shoe tower or hanging shoe organizer. Hang belts and scarves in-line and keep woolens in cubbies. Use storage boxes for t-shirt, pajama or workout clothes. Keep your formal suits or dresses in dirt-free garment bags and store them in the back of the closet. Above all, do not clutter.

2. How to organize closet storage?

There are myriad of ways to do so, dear. Instead of single hangers, use 5-in-1 hangers; shelf dividers can come to your rescue. Stack your belts, bags, and scarves in boxes or just hang them from hooks inside your closet storage. Lingerie and socks are some of the unruly items in your closet. Use drawer organizers and manage them like a pro. Before all these, just decide which items you should keep and which you should toss away.

3. How to maximize storage space in a small closet?

Keep your purses and totes in a bag organizer, hang a shoe pocket organizer behind the closet door, stack similar items into cardboard boxes, hang jewelry items from the empty walls, use drawer dividers to store the intimates, socks etc. Add drawers or put a drawer set under the hanging clothes. Install a closet organizer consisting of hang track, shelf brackets, rods and rod support- everything. These will solve your issue and maximize the closet storage space.

4. Which closet organizer gives you the maximum storage?

Closet organizers that come with everything- from standards to rod supports are best to get more storage space. Storage bins are also good options to utilize the space inside your closet. Pay attention to the vertical space of your closet storage. Hang organizers for your shoes or bags on this space and voila.

5. What is the best closet storage system?

Well, it is tough to say as this will vary with your choice and requirements. Alan, Rubbermaid Configurations closet storage, ClosetMaid Impressions are top choices of critics in 2020. As for your little ones, Little Seeds Grow with Me is a good choice. If you have a fascination for solid wood, John Louis has closet storage of red mahogany for you. If you are eying a large walk-in closet, Elfa has you covered with closet storage consisting of shoe racks, shelves etc. So, choose any and see which one suits you best!

6. How to build closet storage?

Choose a piece of plywood (at least 72-inch) and drill holes on it at a certain distance for attaching pegs once you are finished. Miter the plywood with the help of a saw blade. Glue the mitered corners together and give it the shape of a box and fix them with pin nails. Now, secure the back of the box by putting another piece of plywood on it and flushing the edges. Now, turn it right side up and screw a piece of ply on the front along with screwing a piano hinge together. This will make your closet door. Now put it upright, open the door and slide the shelves into. Insert shelf pegs into the holes. Finally, screw a knob and latch as you wish. There you have it.

7. How to install a closet storage?

Before installing you need a well-chalked out plan. You can trust your skills or take the help of an interior decorator. Mark the studs where you wish to hang the tower unit. You can grab ready-to-assemble kits and make your tower easily by following the directions and locking the bolts and cams together. Now, as you desire, put them on the floor or hang on the wall. Attach brackets on the tower unit and wall; cut shelves to size and place on the bracket- you get your top shelf. Now, attach open and close brackets on the tower and wall respectively, size the rod and lock it with a screw to get your hang rod. Now place drawers, cubbies and more shelves as per your need here and there. And you have your closet storage installed.

8. Where to buy plastic closet storage?

Visit any shops selling interior designing items or furniture and choose from the options. Also, you can always trust online shopping sites that have a wide array of plastic closet storage for you to choose from. As for guarantee and material quality, you have to trust the reviews the customers give and decide which product to go for.

9. What do you keep in closet storage?

Anything you wish. But then again, do you want it to be your closet or junkyard? Then just decide that you actually want to keep. Refer to the “To Keep or Not to Keep” section of this article to get a better idea of what you should keep, donate, or toss away. You’ll find three similar black cardigans, five similar green t-shirts and so many other things which have just piled up over the years. Keep your clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, tie and belts, intimates, suits, dresses, woolen garments, denim, jewelry- did we miss anything? Well, keep that too in the closet.

10. How to convert a closet into a pantry with pull-out storage?

At first, take all the measurements and chalk up a plan where you want to keep your pantry items. If needed, remove the door frame and make sure the door is sliding or opens on the front. Pull out all the poles and shelves from there. Put the baseboard straight across the closet wall and install the pull out drawers. You must ensure that everything is dry fitted after you complete each step. You can line up the cabinet front with the wall of the closet storage.

Remember what Amy Fine Collins says; “Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like.” With a pile of stained and cluttered items crowding your closet, that won’t ever be possible, will it? Get up and get going! Have a clutter-free closet storage today with the tips we shared. After all, “You do not know what you have unless you clean your closet!”