Full Guide To Have The Best DIY Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets DIY can keep your garage organized, and give your screwdrivers and spanners a home. The downside is that they tend to be difficult to build. In this post, you will find out all that’s involved in building a DIY garage cabinet. By following the steps listed, you’ll be able to create the best DIY garage cabinet (e.g. DIY garage cabinets with sliding doors, DIY garage cabinet with drawers, cheap garage cabinets DIY) in about two hours.



Checklist For Your DIY Garage Cabinet

Home garage interior highly organized and clean with parked car


Before you decide to make a DIY garage cabinet, you must go through certain stages. This is necessary if you want to achieve the goal you’ve set. Here are some things you must follow to see if you are on the right track. 



  • Plan: A well-planned process would give you a good mental image of what you want.
  • Buy the things you need: The frame of the cabinet would be made of melamine.  
  • Work with safety tools: You need to protect yourself while working. Wear glovesCheck Latest Price and other protective gear if necessary. You need to be careful with tools while working. Seek help from an expert when you need it.
  • Trim the edges 
  • Make the support for the shelves: Drill in the support into the shelf sides. 
  • Crosscut 
  • Assemble the parts to make the cabinet 
  • Fix the hinges. (You will soon know the type of hinges and the best to use for each of the designs you are using.)
  • Install the doors. You should do this from below.
  • Use a ledger or any kind of base that lifts the cabinets off the floor and protects it from moisture. 
  • Hang or fix the cabinet onto the wall. 
  • Cover the upper part of the cabinet.
  • Construct the upper parts first.
  • Install it.
  • The inner shelves can now come into the frame. 
  • Be careful when hammering screws into melamine.



Why Do You Need A DIY Garage Cabinet? 

garage metal cabinet



Proper storage ensures that tools and devices are protected all the time. When there is the right storage, devices stay where they are (safe and protected), and remain in pristine condition. 




Your garage can also serve as a mini-workshop where simple maintenance processes like changing tires, cleaning your car, or lubricating gears are carried out. A garage cabinet makes your space more tidy as you can keep tools and materials in it instead of hanging them on the wall or leaving them on the floor. One thing’s for sure – clutter and peace of mind are two things that do not go together.



Greater Customizability

Because you are making the DIY garage cabinet yourself, you will have more room/flexibility to work with. All that is required is a rich imagination and some planning. Put on your thinking cap and imagine what you want your cabinet to look like. Creating a cabinet is possible using some tools, up to a few days’ time and a detailed guide like this one.




DIY garage cabinets are usually cheaper than store-bought options. Hence, although it requires some time (and patience), creating your own cabinet is the most ideal choice if you are on a tight budget.



Joy And Sense Of Personal Achievement

If you have yet to try DIY-ing items, this is a good project to start with. You’ll feel a certain sense of satisfaction knowing you did it all on your own – after you put in the effort and achieve exactly what you’d hoped for.


Things To Consider Before Buying A DIY Cabinet 

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The main purpose of getting DIY garage storage cabinets is to improve the functionality of your garage. This does not mean there are no other benefits to owning a DIY garage cabinet. Here are some other things you should consider:




Firstly, you’ll need to know what garage cabinets DIY are for. How are they used in a space? What do you plan to do with one? Your needs at the moment will determine what you should be looking for. General purpose garage cabinets tend to be cheaper than specialized ones.  Also, when making a choice, consider the amount of space you have.




Garage storage cabinets come in different sizes and prices. You are advised to have a budget in mind before you make a choice. This will help you to make a quick decision from the hundreds of products in the market. Don’t forget to choose a garage cabinet that fits your budget.




The best part about DIY garage storage cabinets is that you can customize them however you want. Not only is it a garage storage cabinet, it’s also a utility tool that allows you to make the most out of your space.



Material(s) Used

The material(s) used for manufacturing the cabinet is an important consideration. It/they could determine the lifespan of the cabinet, but other factors such as the type of craftsmanship can influence durability as well. In most cases, DIY storage cabinets made from metal are highly durable.



What You Need To Store

The design, cost, and quality of a DIY storage cabinet are important things to consider but so are the things you’re planning to keep inside. Can they fit in? Would the cabinet take it all? How will you keep items safe?  You have to look at the kind of locks, doors, and drawers that are used.



Garage Cabinet Doors Design   

There are several designs of garage cabinet doors out there. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve whittled the list down to these types of garage cabinet doors. 



Garage cabinet lift up doors are folding lift-up lids for aluminum cabinets and wooden doors. This lift-up support is made of strong and high-quality metal alloy, which is the reason for its longevity. Installation can be easily made at any angle – say 90, 75, or 105 degrees. 


Adjustable door frame door hinges made for the user’s uttermost convenience. After installation, you will find this feature an excellent tool for making the door hinge turn smoothly.

Choose something like this product from DonYoung: it’s a door handle pull for heavy-duty machines that’s perfect for both exterior and interior use. It feels sturdy and is sure to last you for a long time.
Good for both aluminum cabinet doors and a wooden doors, stay lift garage cabinet doors like this are 10/10. Minor adjustments to the screw at the center of the hex can make the door panel work the way you want it to.
KETER Storage Cabinet is a product you won’t regret going for. It has a sleek appearance and is available in an eye-catching color that grabs the attention of any person. Your items will be safely secured with its quality locks.



Types Of Hinges For Cabinet 

Adjusting fixing cabinet door hinge



A hinge is the joint, usually external, that holds two things, façades or elements together, and permits rotation to various extents. In terms of interior design, the hinge two objects share would rotate on each other and on one axis. 



Generally, the appropriate size of hinges is dependent on the professional or the person with the DIY garage cabinet ideas. Some factors that influence selection include panel/door thickness, available space, and the weight of the component. Engineers suggest choosing a hinge that’s proportionate to the size of your door – we think that’s solid advice.



1. Butt Hinges




Used for windows, doors, furniture, and cabinets, the butt hinge is one of the most common type of hinges available. Another name for butt hinge is the mortise hinge.



These hinges are made mostly from steel. You’ll have to maintain exterior doors on a regular basis to prevent the hinges from getting corroded. Stainless steel or brass are the best choices for interior works. 



2. Piano Hinges 




Also called continuous hinges, these got their names from the kind of hinges that run through the edge of the whole length of a piano. Nowadays, they are used for covering the whole length of the objects involved. You’ll be able to spot piano hinges on toolboxes, shower doors, folding wall partitions, and of course, on pianos. 



3. Barrel Hinges




From the appearance, it looks like a barrel – thus the name. It is one of the easiest hinge types to install because it just needs a single hole to be drilled into one of the pieces. Barrel hinges are usually used for gates and in instances whereby low loads are applied to the radius. 



4. Butterfly Hinges 




Butterfly hinges are beautifully designed in the shape of the famous insect. It is used wherever hinges would be visible such as in boxes, cabinets, and general furniture pieces. When you look at it closely, the shape resembles  a butterfly is spreading its wings. To make it more appealing, they come in different colors and shapes.



5. Pivot Hinges 




Pivot hinges are available for both heavy-duty and lightweight uses.  They are made in such a way that one part is attached at the top while the other is fixed over the bottom of the door. You will find this kind of hinge in overlay doors. There are two essential advantages of this kind of design. One, the door can be opened either inwards or outwards; two, it looks beautiful.



6. Flush Hinges 



Flush hinges are quite small and tend to take up less space than butt hinges. One leaf of the flush hinge can be hidden inside the second leaf. With these hinges, you don’t need to cut a corner of the door, and when you apply them, they make the look consistent and eliminate any gap or space between the door and its frame. 



7. Gate Hinges



One thing about the gate hinge is that it comes in multiple different designs. Most of them can hold both heavy-duty and lightweight gates or duty. They can be made of brass, bronze, steel, or other high-quality materials.



8. Spring Hinges




These hinges make closing cabinet doors a much smoother process. For maximum efficiency, you will need 2 spring hinges. Like a typical spring, the door will return to its original position some time after you have opened it. 



New DIY Project Ideas: The Space-Saving Garage Cabinet 

tools drawer



Depending on the kind of space you have, certain types of cabinets might be better than others. It is wise to explore the options that are available so you can make the best possible choice.



1. DIY Heavy-Duty Cabinet With Workbench 




This choice of garage cabinet can potentially make work a lot easier. With a beautiful appearance and a wide surface, this cabinet is all you’d desire in a DIY garage cabinet and drawer. 



2. DIY Top and Bottom Garage Cabinet with Workbench




For the love of red, this workbench could make a garage look truly like a place to be all night. Additionally, rolling cabinets like this one are excellent for storing tools and products.



3. DIY Corner Garage Cabinet With Workbench 




Corner garage cabinets don’t usually take up much space – in fact, some can also be mounted onto walls to free up precious floor space. This simple but fully functional DIY garage cabinet with drawers is our go-to pick to get more done.



4. DIY Corner Garage Cabinet




This Sauder AndaNorr cabinet is a feature that will put the corner of your garage to good use. Also, the shelf comes with an instructions manual that makes it very easy to assemble.



5. DIY Tall Garage Cabinet 




WATERJOY 72” Tall Cabinet will allow you to maximize vertical space. It only measures 16’’ by 13.55’’, so it’s great for even smaller corners.



6. DIY Ceiling Garage Cabinet




This storage is coated with an anti-rust finish that prevents its color from fading. Strong and sturdy, it can hold bulky and large items without any trouble.



How To Organize Your DIY Garage Cabinet 

As a house owner, organizing your garage is one of the best things you can do. When every item or tool can be located easily, your mind and life would be in order. So let’s see how to go about this organizing process.




Start your journey to having an organized garage by removing the clutter that’s in there. Clean up: all items that don’t belong in the space should be donated or thrown away . Free up space from the floor. Most items on the can either be hung on a wall, stored inside a box, or hidden behind another feature in the garage. 



Don’t keep items just because they’re expensive, or under the pretext that you’ll “use them someday”. Ask if they’re making your life better right now. 




Plan Well, And Plan In Advance

What you are planning to do is put some cabinets in the garage so plan it. You will use a tape to measure the space the cabinet would take and mark it out. But before you do that, you should ensure that the garage does not obstruct crucial areas such as doors and windows. What is the best way to do it?



Mark out space for doors and your car(s) first. Next, mark out the space you need for movement – to get your car into and out of the garage, to use the cabinet etc. 



Use What You Already Have

It might surprise you that some of the things you have at home can serve as good DIY garage cabinets. Look carefully and be creative.



Storage Towers

A plastic bin can go inside storage towers. Position the towers according to what is inside and the season you will need them for easier accessibility. Select bins of different colors to make things easier for you or label each bin. 



How To Build Plywood Garage Cabinets

Carpentry workshop routine



  • You will need plywood, nails, and hammers. When you have the plywood, decide which side of the wood will be exposed and which side will be hidden. 
  • With your saw, tapes, and nails, design the storage towers to support the weight of 5-gallon bins. You can create as many towers as you want.
  • After cutting the pieces of plywood, ensure they’re of the right lengths before you put them together.
  • Use a brad nailer to bring the shelves into position. Screw each joint in with a 2-inch head screw. 
  • You can make the plywood tower sit directly on the floor. You can avoid this by using a pressure treated board. Cut this board and fix it below the plywood tower. You can also use 4 square blocks at the bottom of the plywood.
  • Some garage walls are not completely flat, and as such the tower might fail to stand straight up. In that case, you’ll need to screw the wood to the wall. 



Use Hanging Cabinets For Your Car Care Products

Garage Interior Realistic Composition



Remember, taking things off the floor of your garage is your main priority. Making a hanger will help in that regard, and you can use plywood as described above. The length and breadth of a hanging garage cabinet can be as long as you want, or as long as your space affords.  



Adding a working table below the suspended shelf would be an advantage. This is not a real table – just a flat board nailed to the wall that’s placed below the shelf, and protrudes out of the wall.



How To Utilize DIY Garage Cabinets 

After you have your DIY garage cabinets, you should maximize their uses with the following tips.  You might have good shelves and the garage can still be disorganized while all you need a little tweak and changes.



  • Use wall shelvesCheck Latest Price . Remember to mark out spaces for movement and circulation. Then use as much space of the wall, vertically upward. This makes room for more space on the floor. The less clutter you have on the floor, the more organized your space would be.
  • Track systems should hold items with awkward shapes. Shovels, rakes, and vacuum cleaners would not fit into shelves. So, use tracks, hooks, and attachments to keep these awkwardly shaped tools in place. 
  • Hanging shelves are great but if you can’t make them, revisit your DIY garage cabinet ideas. Use metal shelving unitsCheck Latest Price like this.
  • Make space for a workshop or workshop. You don’t carry things out because you want to fix something. So make room for a small workshop with a working table.
  • Choose transparent binsCheck Latest Price for items that are difficult to find, an opaque bin for hiding unpleasant items. 
  • When you arrange on a tower, the everyday item would stay below the shelf and items you rarely use will stay up the shelf. 
  • Lawn items should be placed close to the door for greater accessibility.
  • Wheelbarrows take up a lot of floor space; opt for a simple cleatCheck Latest Price  to keep items above the floor instead. 
  • Hanging your ladders would save more space than leaning them on the wall.



Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Garage Cabinets




1) How Can I Make My Storage Cabinet Waterproof?

Suspend the cabinets above the ground. Alternatively, you could fix a ledger a little off the floor and let your wooden cabinet sit on this ledger, then nail it to the wall. A third option would be to coat the wood with water-resistant materials like Tung oil, polyurethane, lacquer, etc.



2) How Does Melamine Make My Garage Cabinet Stronger?

Generally speaking, melamine is good for making cabinets. It has plenty of characteristics that make it a durable choice, including resistance to heat, stains, and moisture. Add a durable coating and you’ll make it even stronger.



3) What Are Some DIY Garage Cabinets Ideas? 

Finding DIY garage cabinet ideas can be difficult. But remember, always think about the space you have, think about taking items off the floor, and check the options mentioned in this article again to see if the creative side of your brain is coming alive.



4) What Type Of Wood Is Used For Garage Cabinets? 

All woods that are strong can serve your purpose. What makes it last longer is what you do to make it durable. Painting it and the maintenance you give it. Plywood is a good option though, but other woods work well too. 



5) What Makes A Heavy Duty Garage Cabinet So Strong?

Heavy duty garage storage cabinets are made from hard, durable metals. To make them even stronger, you can add supports.

More DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas