100 Best Garage Storage Cabinets To Conceal The Clutter

August 12, 2020

If a messy garage is your pet peeve and a constant problem, storage cabinets can be a godsend. They occupy less ground but give you lots of storage space. This way, you can tuck away your clutter and organize your garage. If you’re a DIY person, there’s good news for you. You can even undertake a DIY garage storage cabinet project. However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty and spend so much time and effort, get a pre-built one! 

Most garage storage cabinets come in various forms and designs! You can find tall garage storage cabinets, metal garage storage cabinets, Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets, or even a garage storage cabinet with doors. The options are endless. However, if you don’t know where to look, here’s a list of the best 100 options on Amazon. Choose the right garage storage cabinet for you, depending on your personal preferences, requirements, and budget.


This plastic cabinet has separated compartments, making it super versatile and multifunctional. You can use it to store your garage tools and pretty much anything you want as long as it is lightweight and fits the compartment’s size.


If you’re looking for tall garage storage cabinets, this one will come to your liking. It’s grey, flat, and very aesthetically pleasing. It’s made of plastic, so it’s lightweight, resistant to weather and water damage. Furthermore, it’s very easy to maintain.


This garage storage cabinet is in-demand because of its looks! The espresso color makes it a great option for houses with warmer tones. Additionally, it provides three shelves that you can use to tuck away all the clutter.


While this floor cabinet is ideal for bathrooms, you can also use it in your garage. Since it’s built for the humid environment, it’ll do well in both places. The white marble aesthetics of the cabinet are a cherry on top!


Filing cabinets can be great for storing your garage items. You can tuck away wires, tools, and crafting materials in here. This white cabinet has lockable casters and five spacious drawers. Overall, it features plenty of room to store away diverse household items. 


This garage cabinet from Ketter is perfect for storing away all your tools and equipment. The storage cabinet features 5 shelves. Each shelf comes with a loading capacity of 55 lbs. Moreover, the lockable doors provide extra protection to your items. 


Who doesn’t love a vintage storage cabinet that gives you space, adjustable shelves, and aesthetics? This South Shore masterpiece gives you everything you need for your garage storage. It features a compact design with an elegant royal cherry color. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable shelf that you can alter according to your storage needs. 


With its resin design, lockable doors, and silver platinum exterior, this cabinet is one of its kind. You can mount this Subcast cabinet on the wall and reduce clutter on the floor. The metal reinforced shelving can hold 50lbs of weight easily. 


Another of the best tall garage storage cabinets is this one by SJ. It’s wooden, very spacious, and looks gorgeous standing in any part of your garage.


This chic garage storage cabinet will give your garage a whole new makeover while giving you lots of storage space. It’s all white and features engineered wood with stylish doors and handles. 


Another classic vintage storage cabinet is this one by Rimax. Even though it might not look like it, it’s all plastic. The material makes it lightweight, durable, and very easy to assemble. The storage cabinet features 2 shelves for storage. Moreover, it is stain and scratch-resistant. 


This resin rectangular cabinet is durable and does not rust or rot around moisture. You can organize your stuff in the five shelves available and lock the doors for maximum safety.



This drawer cabinet is a multipurpose heavy-duty storage organizer. It consists of ten iron spacious drawers that slide out easily and have a metal mesh construction. 


If you’re looking for tall garage storage cabinets that are sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and give you lots of storage opportunities, consider this one. It has a door, three closed, and one open compartment to hide and organize your stuff. Additionally, it can anchor to the wall to provide more stability. 


This heavy-duty cabinet comes in a steel body with 184 bins inside and on the doors of the cabinet for maximum storage capacity. The smaller bins also help you organise and compartmentalize your smaller stuff. 


This Rimax masterpiece is one more classic addition to the list of tall garage storage cabinets. It’s resin, plastic, and very sturdy. The brown color and design only add to the aesthetics of the model. The cabinet is easy to assemble. Moreover, each shelf has a weight capacity of 55lbs. 


This one is a utility cabinet with a fixed shelf and 4 compartments. The special features of this particular garage cabinet include full piano hinges and all-welded construction which prevent twisting, warping, and door sag.


This one is an all-welded, steel, heavy-duty storage cabinet that allows maximum ventilation for visual management and airflow. It’s also got three adjustable shelves that can handle a load of 1200 lbs each.


This steel cabinet features 176 bins on either side of the door and inside the cabinet. It’s got a 14-gauge steel all-welded construction for maximum strength and durability.


Apart from a smooth, chic design, this metal cabinet is heavy-duty, and lockable. It offers four shelves and magnetic closure for both ease and storage. 


Tiered shelving can become an excellent open garage storage cabinet. A tiered shelf is sturdy, minimalistic, and very spacious. Put it against a wall, and you can store and organize plenty of items on it. Each shelf can hold up to 200 lbs. This cabinet is also made of steel so if you’re interested in metal garage storage cabinets, check this one out. 


This 14-gauge alloy steel cabinet allows storage for your ignitable liquids and flammable materials. It has a capacity of 6 to 45 gallons and the doors close on their own for maximum safety. You also get forklift pockets under the elevated cabinet. 


This one is yet another steel cabinet with no fabric whatsoever. You can move it around in your garage and it offers one drawer and two doors covering an adjustable shelf. 



Along with heavy-duty steel construction, this cabinet also has three adjustable shelves that can hold up to 950 pounds each. The cabinet is pry-resistant, tamper-proof, and has a three-point locking system that’s compatible with most padlocks.


This steel heavy-duty cabinet has two lockable doors with one adjustable shelf inside. The swivel casters are stainless steel and allow easy mobility around the garage. 


If you’re looking for a beautiful garage storage cabinet with doors, check this one out. Bush Furniture has created this masterpiece with engineered wood and installed two adjustable shelves and a fixed one for your storage needs. 


If you are into barn and farmhouse furniture, you’ll love this design. The wooden exterior looks like a barn gate, and the sliding doors are convenient. Together, they make your garage look fantastically modern yet old school. 


The cabinet comes with an interlock system, a heavy-duty structure, and a large capacity of four shelves. You can also install this storage cabinet to a wall using the wall anchor and screws that come along with it. 


RiverRidge has done it again with this gorgeous engineered wood corner cabinet. It will look perfect in a modern, simplistic garage and has beautiful doors to hide your stuff away. Furthermore, the cabinet features 3 shelves and offers ample storage space. 


This uniquely designed cabinet comes with a composite wood frame and non-woven bags as drawers. It’s low-key, convenient, and easy to manage. Do note that this cabinet is not ideal for storing heavier items. 


Metal garage storage cabinets can be convenient if you have something in your garage that you want to be hidden away or out of the children’s reach. This steel cabinet has a locking mechanism and two removable shelves inside, along with a padded bottom. 


The vertical cabinet has wall brackets and pivot door hinges with high-quality steel body and recessed handles. Inside, there are four shelves (3 adjustable and one fixed) for maximum storage capacity.


This Deluxe cabinet features two shelves, brushed chrome handles, and a sturdy heavy duty construction. The frames are fully welded with 16-gauge steel and the doors are lockable with a three-point locking system.


If designs and styles aren’t a priority, consider this minimalistic but very spacious cabinet. It’s got four fixed and 12 adjustable shelves to make storage a breeze for you. 


With its three spacious drawers and durable steel construction, this mobile cabinet has an electrostatic powder paint finish and a modern design. 


Again, if you don’t care about the aesthetics and storage is a priority for you, you’ll love this cabinet. It has 24 plastic drawers for your hardware and crafting tools. Moreover, you can either stack it or wall-mount it. 


As beautiful as this molded wall cabinet is, it is also very sturdy. It offers one shelf that can hold more than 50 pounds of storage weight. Unless you’re planning to store a person in there, it’s enough for most of your garage equipment!


Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets have a good reputation within the home storage world. And there’s a good reason for that. They are reliable, durable and long-lasting. This particular Rubbermaid garage storage cabinet features a resin construction. It’s all plastic and has two lockable doors to hide away and protect your storage items. 


This grey, durable, sturdy cabinet has a 20-gauge steel frame and is wall-mountable. It has a grey powder coat finish and rods for your wires. The top also has smaller compartments to store your tiny items like keys, screws, and nuts. 


Apart from the various colors and modern design, this steel cabinet also has other important features. These features include adjustability, a locking swing handle, and a powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and chipping. 


This unique garage cabinet has a polypropylene plastic body and a metal frame. This combination ensures both durability and strength. It is resistant to dents, comes with a lock, and has one shelf with a capacity of 22 gallons. 


Once again, this Durham steel cabinet offers both storage and strength with its steel construction and four spacious drawers. The drawers also come with high-impact plastic inserts.


Aside from the gorgeous blue color, this cabinet has 9 drawers that completely pull out and are lockable. The drawers also have partitions, dividers, and compartments inside. 


This one is another Mind Reader masterpiece with four basket drawers. The drawers slide out and have a metal mesh design that keeps everything ventilated, visible, and very chic. Other important aspects are a stable footing and strong construction.


This adorable cabinet has two sliding basket drawers with tight mesh grid designs. The frame is entirely stainless steel so it is very stable and strong if used properly. 


The metal dispenser has three drawers that are compartmentalized. Each compartment has a particular size and length and each of them is labelled for organisation and identification.


Alongside the amazing two color options, this rolling tool box cabinet comes with lockable doors, two drawers, a big bottom compartment. Thanks to the wheels, and 3-inch swivel and swivel brake casters, you can also move it around easily.


The grey steel flush doors of this cabinet have 7 gauge leaf hinges that prevent sagging. Other special features of this cabinet include a three-point locking handle, rods, and shelves for storing heavy tools and equipment.


This stackable storage cabinet will be very convenient for a small garage. You can put it away in a corner since it has one door and doesn’t require a lot of space under or around it. It gives you three large spacious shelves to put your stuff away. 


This green metal storage cabinet has two shelves, two doors, and wheels underneath that allow for free movement. The doors have built-in storage compartments and two of the surrounding walls are metal mesh for visibility and ventilation.


The unique features of this metal cabinet include two spacious compartments, a chic finish, a metal swing handle, and four wheels underneath. Two of these wheels are swivel while the other two are braking swivel. The shelf is adjustable and supports approximately 230 lbs.


This metal cabinet has a solid, sturdy 14-gauge steel sheet on the top and bottom. The frame is completely iron, the walls are metal mesh for visibility of your contents and maximum ventilation, and the cabinet has cradles to hold your tanks firmly. 


Sauder has given us yet another vintage but practical storage cabinet for a garage. It has two drawers; the top one has safety stops and metal runners, and the bottom drawer has plenty of storage space for files and paperwork. The whole piece of furniture is a mix of engineered wood and metal details.


This one is a lightweight aluminum shelf with a diamond plate. It’s open from the front and has one shelf that divides the cabinet into two compartments. 


Sandusky cabinets is a strong, robust cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves and a raised bottom one. It has also got the wheels underneath so you can move it around the garage if you want. 


This particular wire cabinet also has a compartment box with 20 compartments. The sixteen rubber grommets can support a maximum of 10-gauge wire and you get 6 rods for your wire storage.


Another one of the fantastic Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets is this mini resin design. It is weather-resistant, so if your garage is too humid, too cold, or has a lot of sun exposure, this storage cabinet will be the best option. 


For maximum storage capacity, this tool cabinet has 10 drawers. It is entirely made of alloy steel and has a powder-coated finish. The color is a beautiful green and you also have a handle on the side to move it around.


Here’s another beautiful bright blue tool cabinet that has four drawers. The construction is all-steel with an industrial powder-coated finish to prevent rusting. 


Along with a welded steel construction, this cabinet offers a pre-installed lock and two shelves that slide independently. Each of these shelves can carry 75 lbs of weight, 24 standard aerosol cans each. 


This unique cabinet has 2 doors with a metal mesh design ensuring visibility and ventilation. Both the doors are lockable and you can mount the cabinet into the wall. The top and bottom cable panels are removable. 


This beautiful mobile metal cabinet has seven drawers, each of which is structurally stiff and has a lift latch pull mechanism. The cabinet has a beautiful UV- protected powder coat. 


If you need more metal garage storage cabinets, here’s another appropriate option. This storage cabinet has four large shelves that can hold up to 150 pounds of weight. The cabinet also has doors that cover these shelves, so everything remains hidden and safe. 


If you are into basket drawers and vintage-looking furniture, you’ll love this Winsome storage cabinet. It has three baskets as drawers and a beautiful, sturdy wooden frame. 


Whether you want a 5 or 7 drawer version, the cabinet has a heavy-duty steel body and a durable, stunning powder coat finish. The drawers have an automatic internal lock mechanism and each of them can carry 120 lbs.


This black rolling cabinet is plastic but very strong and durable. It has 5 drawers and 16 removable cubes. The construction is polypropylene so it’s weather-resistant and does not dent, peel, or rust. 


This still cabinet has two lockable doors that cover two spacious shelves inside. The shelves are adjustable for your convenience. The DIY garage storage cabinet comes with the mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes. 


This large steel storage cabinet comes with a detachable tool chest with four drawers. The bottom compartment has one pull out drawer and a large compartment. The lockable door has pre-attached hooks for keys and other stuff.


If metallic furniture is your favorite, here is another option. Seville provides plenty of high-quality steel cabinets just like this one. This particular heavy-duty cabinet has a powder-coated finish and lockable steel doors.


This unique wooden hang-up cabinet weighs less than 100 pounds but can carry over 120 pounds in total. It offers three spacious drawers with a laminated light grey finish and satin nickel handles. 


True to its name, this tool organizer cabinet is a bright red that immediately attracts all the attention in your garage. It comes with an adjustable shelf, four drawers, directional wheels, and swivel casters. 


Another great stainless steel production by Seville is this mega storage cabinet. It offers three shelves and a fixed one. The frame is powder-coated steel, and the doors are lockable. 


With a powder-coated finish, this steel storage cabinet offers space and protection for your storage items. The cabinet is divided into two parts: a smaller shelf on top and a larger one underneath. You also get a rod to hang garage clothes, rags, wires, and other hanging materials. 


Garage storage cabinet This steel silver cabinet offers durability, strength, and space. It has two steel doors that cover a large storage area and an open shelf underneath. 


The tall metal cabinet has a smooth finish with four lockable drawers. It’s compact, fits well, and has an aesthetically pleasing color. 


Those who are a fan of chic but straightforward designs will particularly love this base cabinet. It has an all-black exterior with silver details and stylish handles. The doors cover an adjustable shelf and a fixed one. 


Along with being a perfect combination of strength and aesthetics, this particular wall cabinet provides you safety and lots of storage space off the ground. The lockable door opens on either side and latches magnetically. 


Here’s another bright red steel cabinet that will attract immediate attention. Along with being eye candy, it is firm. It can support approximately 150 pounds of weight on every shelf. Plus, the shelf is also adjustable for convenience. 


While continuing the list of high-quality Seville steel cabinets, this one is another masterpiece. It has a lockable door, a steel handle, and a front door with a ridges-design. 


With four galvanized adjustable shelves and clearview doors, this extra strong cabinet has an all-steel, welded construction. The heavy-duty door hinges allow 210 degrees of movement and have a three-point locking system.


Every garage requires a toolbox. And if it has lockable doors and rolling wheels, it’s a gem! This one by TANKSTORM is all metal, features two drawers and a large compartment underneath.


This garage storage cabinet with doors is as beautiful as it is practical. It has a beautiful wooden finish, two adjustable shelves, protected by two doors. 


Along with three adjustable shelves and 900 lbs of capacity, this heavy-duty metal cabinet comes with a clear view door. It’s damage-resistant, lock-protected, and does not require assembly. 


This model is another one of the heavy-duty Seville tall garage storage cabinets. It has a satin graphite finish with a lockable door for protection. 


This sturdy and practical storage cabinet comes with 24 drawers and a rolled steel construction. The drawers have a unique interlocking design that ensures superior strength, full-size handles, and an easy gliding system. 


VASAGLE has some rather unique one of their kind models, and this one is definitely one of them. It’s an open cabinet with a cushion on top (a storage bench design) and adjustable shelves. 


Every garage requires a storage cabinet for keys. This steel key storage organizer provides space for 93 keys and has a smooth steel construction. 


Along with five strong heavy-duty shelves and a removable cover, this utility closet is high in demand. It would be perfect for your garage, basement, or any place where you would like some extra storage. 


In case you don’t need a very large space consuming cabinet for your garage, you can get this security cabinet that has a three-point locking system and padlock compatibility. It also comes in 12 different colors.


If you are still looking for appropriate garage shoe cabinets, here’s another popular option. This one has open plastic and metal shelves and doesn’t have a cover.  


If your garage is prone to lots of moisture and sun exposure, you might want to get one of the Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets. This one is durable, resistant to weather, denting, leaking, and has lockable doors for added security. 


As the name suggests, this cabinet has two adjustable shelves that are covered by two doors. The entire rectangular gray cabinet is excellent for garage storage, including shoes, fabrics, umbrellas, and much more. 


With its heavy-duty steel body, this particular cabinet gives you compartmentalized storage. You get eight separated compartments and six adjustable shelves to organize your tools and equipment.


This cube cabinet is different from the other ones; it’s stylish and modern. It has beautiful patterns on the front doors, and the furniture is all beautifully white with black details. You can order these cube storage cabinets in three different options depending on your storage requirements. There are 6, 9 and 12 cube options you can choose from. 


With its vinyl legs and engineered wood construction, this Baxton Studio masterpiece comes with two tones of colors- white and dark Oak. It has two doors, three shelves, and two non-removable dividers. 


This beautiful and chic wooden cabinet has a vertical streamline pattern and two doors that cover the storage space inside. Although this one may look rather small in comparison to some of the other options we have on the list, the cabinet does have its perks. It’s small, so garages with limited spaces can effectively utilize it. Moreover, the solid wood construction gives the cabinet a durable element that all homeowners would appreciate. 


This robust cabinet is another masterpiece by StrongHold. It’s got six drawers and six adjustable shelves for maximum storage convenience. This cabinet is tamper-proof, pry-resistant, and can hold up to 400lbs of weight in each drawer. 


The STERILITE drawer unit features three large drawers with driftwood legs and handles. The front of the cabinet has opaque woven patterns for aesthetics. Sterilite weave drawer unit features a woven pattern on the three drawers that give it the classic furniture look. The espresso color only further adds to this aesthetic exterior. Also, the entire cabinet is super easy to clean. 


Mobile cabinets are convenient because they are easy to move around. If a portable cabinet comes with a classic design and lockable doors, there’s no way you can say no to it! This Lorel Cabinet is precisely that and much more. 


Last but not least, here is another solution for your nails, screws, crafting materials, spare keys, and other tiny items that you keep losing or keep stepping on! This draught cabinet offers you nine individual drawers so you can put everything in place. 


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