25 Stunning Garage Storage Cabinets To Choose Today

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or annoyed when your garage looks more like a treasure island then an actual storage space where everything has its place and designation. The clutter in your garage can limit functionality that can otherwise be achieved with proper storage cabinets.



It is easy to overlook the importance of garage storage cabinets. However, if you have heaps of knick-knacks that make no sense but can’t be thrown away, the hassle of finding one item you need can be avoided with proper storage cabinets installed in your garage.



If you’ve been looking for the best garage storage cabinets that’ll make your life easier and organized, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll help you find the best garage storage cabinet types and suggest things to consider when buying garage storage cabinets.



Let’s begin!



The season for reorganizing our home has truly come. With winter fast approaching, we should make sure that we try our best to keep our homes as clutter-free as possible since we’ll be spending even more time indoors in the coming colder season. Though it’s definitely true that keeping our home clean should be a year-round habit, we’re just not going to be able to escape it once it’s difficult to actually go out and escape your messy home.



Clutter can be a giant source of stress and anxiety because it will nag at you until you actually clean it up so the best way to overcome this is to create effective storage solutions in every space of your home. One of the rooms we usually tend to use as a storage space the most is our garage. It isn’t just a place we park our cars, but also where we keep our most unused items. We don’t usually like to think of making our garages pretty. It’s usually dark, dingy, and not much fun to be in, but we can actually turn into an efficient storage haven in your very own home by just adding some great garage storage cabinets. (You can also view our previous recommendations here.)




Starting with something small, a metal cabinet with wheels is the quintessential garage storage cabinet because it can take getting any random hits from tools and the metallic surface makes it doubly useful to hang notes with magnets or even magnetic tool hooks for lighter tools. Sometimes though, you don’t really need full-length cabinets if you don’t have a lot to store. Low designs like this can easily double as work surfaces too.




The ceiling has endless potential for storage in your garage which is why hanging storage has become more prevalent than ever when it comes to garage organization. Especially if you drive a sedan, there’s sure to be a lot of extra space above that’s just itching to hold all your extra things. It leaves you with tons of room to move around and definitely keeps clutter out of sight.




Your garage is probably in a boring shade of white or gray so why not liven up the space with a vibrant pop of yellow. This sturdy and iconic design from Dewalt is not only highly functional and super sturdy, but is also guaranteed to be a breath of fresh air for a dingy space like a garage. You have multiple tiers to store anything you could possibly think of as well.




Of course, nothing beats straightforward garage shelving. Not only are they easy to install but they’re also good at keeping things looking lightweight. Having large cabinets all around can tend to make any room feel more claustrophobic. It’s as if the walls are brought in closer to you. You’d definitely want to avoid this if you already have a small space. Also, a wire frame garage shelving such as this can definitely add to the rugged aesthetic of your garage.




One of the most unbeatable classics in garage storage cabinets is this metal cabinet from UltraHD. From its lightly corrugated metal door panels to its sturdy smooth frame, everything about this storage cabinet exudes reliability. Every garage should have a trusty and gorgeous cabinet like this one.




If you have a lot to store in your garage but you would like to keep all of them out of sight, you can invest in an expansive garage storage system like this one. It’s also worth noting that it’s so minimalist and neutral that I’d dare say it would look gorgeous as a storage system for a fancy walk-in closet.




You can also try segmented cabinets like this to have a multipurpose furniture that encompasses a lot of your possible activities within the garage. You have the large overhead cabinet as well as the lower storage cabinet for your storage needs while there’s a perfectly good work surface in the middle for any personal projects you might be working on.




You probably just usually store large boxes and clutter in the garage but we also shouldn’t forget that small tools and knickknacks exist as well which is why cabinets with smaller compartments are important to have in the garage too! For smaller objects, it’s not really smart to dump all of them in large open compartments because they would just end up forming a messy pile inside. In those cases, opting for slimmer and more compact drawers are the key for more efficient storage.




Making use of vertical space in your garage is also key in making the most out of every cubic inch. Aside from full cabinets, you can also make use of a wall mounted tool rack that you can customize to your liking. There are endless pegs to support equally endless combinations that would best suit your needs. Here’s you can store almost anything you can think of and quite effortlessly, too!





You can also get a metal cabinet that has a lock if you would like to keep certain things out of reach from kids. Especially when you deal with a lot of power tools or just generally heavy objects that could fall, storage cabinets like this are there to keep your home safe from random accidents. Who knows what happens behind the scenes when you’re not looking. It’s impossible to keep an eye on your kids at all times so it’s good to have a cabinet like this to keep your mind at ease.



When it comes to utility storage, it’s quite common that the designs lean towards simple and plain details so it’s quite refreshing to see brands like FastTrack put a little bit more effort in the finer details such as this wall-mounted design. The ups and downs that go into the handle design make for an interesting effect as well as a subtle but convenient handle.




A simple cabinet will never go out of style but here’s a design that helps you better utilize the large space inside a cabinet by subdividing it into three open compartments instead of one large space. This will remove the need for extra organizers and baskets and you will find yourself being able to store even more things.




If you’re a fan of the industrial look for your garage storage cabinets, the door panels on this one have the classic rugged good looks that every hardcore industrial fan dreams of. Inside, you have four spacious subdivided shelves to maximize on storage efficiency as well.




Here’s another useful tool rack that doesn’t bear the same visual weight as most hanging cabinets. Sometimes, it’s better to opt for open or exposed shelving such as this one to keep your garage looking airy and spacious as cabinets can make it feel like the walls are closing in. This also helps keep your tools within reach and you grab them a lot more effortlessly.




Metal racks with wheels are endlessly useful no matter what space you put them. Their clean and polished look makes them deserve a space in fancy restaurant kitchens and not just a workspace in your garage. The shiny chrome finish will definitely give any space some shine without being too overwhelming and it’s also durable enough to store heavier objects despite it’s delicately thin metal frame.




Getting bespoke storage systems can be time consuming and, not to mention, super expensive so it’s quite amazing to see that we can get custom-made level systems today without needing to spend a premium. Here, we have a gorgeous combination of gray metal drawers and counters combined with a beautiful wood work surface guaranteed to make your garage look like a million bucks.




You can expand the storage on any surface and any door by adding this cabinet that easily swings out to reveal even more secret storage. You can store your tools or even your house keys as they’re easily accessible on your way in and out of the house. The finish is also simple, flush, and discreet that you would probably end up having it in every room of the house because it’s just so convenient to have around.




Instead of one big pair of cabinet doors, why not split them into two? Maybe you have some stuff you don’t like seeing every time you open your cabinet so you can keep them in the lower compartment to minimize access to them. This will also make your storage more personalized and efficient instead of just one giant gap of space to dump your stuff in.




Overhead cabinets are a great way to have cabinet storage without the heavy visual weight of a cabinet. If you just have a workstation but require a little bit more space to keep your things, putting an overhead cabinet above the work surface can streamline your workflow by keeping your tools more conveniently within reach.




Your garage can look extra chic and fresh with this crisp white storage solution that combines a lower cabinet, an overhead cabinet, and a spacious work area for an instant productivity station in your garage. Multipurpose furniture such as this one can really save you a ton of time and space instead of having them separately in the garage.




Probably the medicine cabinet equivalent for a storage cabinet in your garage, this design is perfect for storing the little essentials such as your car keys or even a small first aid kit for random accidents that could occur during your workshop time. Safety is always an important consideration no matter where you are so might as well get a small cabinet that’ll match the other rugged furniture in the room.




If you’re not a fan of the texture metal panels of most garage storage cabinets, then maybe a smooth and streamlined look might pique your interest. Here, we have a clean and crisp metal cabinet that has casters for easy transport. You can keep them in a tight nook in your garage then just wheel it out once it’s time to use it again.




We’ve heard of using really rustic wooden furniture to give texture and life to other areas of our home, but the same can be done with really vibrant metal cabinets for the garage. Instead of just grey, white, and black, why not give this fire red metal cabinet a try? It’s sure to give your space that burst of color and energy to match your workshop activities and it just looks insanely cool.




Basket storage is timeless for a reason and it’s because not only do they keep your tools and essentials visible and easy to access, but they also keep the well within reach and well-organized. Baskets are so much easier to pull out than just simply putting stuff on fixed shelves. You can make your workflow much faster and smoother by not needing to rummage through a crowded shelf. You can pull out baskets and properly sort through them whenever needed.




You can also go for a more traditional and classic vibe with this paneled cabinet that’s slim and compact which can probably fit in the more awkward crevices of your garage. After all, not every garage can accommodate those expansive storage systems or even a standard size storage cabinet. Slim ones like these were usually only available if you had them custom-made so it’s refreshing to see this level of inclusivity when it comes to ready-made storage systems in the market!



I think we can all agree that our garage can be as functional as any other room in the house and it’s really only limited to our imagination and creativity. From a space that no one likes to visit, it can be turned into a space for hobbies such as woodworking and crafts or maybe just the ultimate storage area within your house. You invested a lot in your home, after all, so why not invest a little bit of time, effort, and a whole lot of love into a space that has limitless potential? Garages are so much more than just a place to put boxes upon boxes of your stuff. And just like any good investment, giving a lot of time and effort into making it work the best way for you will pay itself back in dividends.



1. Why Do You Need Garage Storage Cabinet?

Garage metal tool cabinet


You need garage storage cabinets if you’re tired of continuously knocking into things that are lying around on the floor or that can pose as a safety hazard to the well being of your children or yourself.



The best garage storage cabinets will help you organize everything that is lying around without a proper place and make sure you get the proper use out of your garage while being functional as well.



However, there are many things to consider when buying garage storage cabinets that promise safety and durability, here are few factors to keep in mind.




2. Things To Consider When Buying Garage Storage Cabinet

Things to Consider


Getting storage cabinets isn’t hard but before you begin here are some important things to consider when buying garage storage cabinets:



  • Budget: if you want high-quality garage cabinets that are affordable and durable then you’ll have to be generous with your budget. It is easy to install cabinets that are cheap but they won’t last you long. Investing in a high-quality storage cabinet will make sure they last you a long time
  • Usage: does your garage have limited space or do you plan on storing many items in your garage? These are important questions to answer when deciding on the best garage storage cabinets.
  • Durability: there are many garage storage cabinet types to choose from but you need to factor in the material that’ll last you for a long time and will not be affected by the environment.
  • Customization: When you’re making an investment in the best garage storage cabinets you want to make sure that they’re customized to your liking and dimensions. That includes color, paint, material, and design as well.




3. Where To Buy High Quality And Affordable Garage Storage Cabinet?

available, accessible. affordable



You can get high-quality garage cabinets that are affordable from stores really good stores and also on storables.com. There are many garage storage cabinet types to choose from, but not every single one is affordable or the best quality.



However, we’ve listed some great options to choose from that can be the best garage storage cabinets for your space.



4. Perfect Storage Cabinets For Your Garage

Garage storage cabinets’ importance can be realized once they fit perfectly in your space and give you the organizational aid you needed. Finding the perfect cabinet among the many garage storage cabinet types isn’t hard, and to make that decision easy here is a list of options to choose from.



Installing an affordable steel cabinet for the garage is a good option if you’re looking for durability and strength as steel cabinets are known for holding up a ton of weight without breaking or denting. However, metal can be susceptible to rust or corrosion if it comes intact with water or humidity as well as being expensive. Also, every steel cabinet is most likely to rust or erode. 
Steel cabinets are functional but they’re usually not the best looking, if you want to have cabinets that can be customised to your designs and color schemes then wood is the way to go. You can customize with paint and accessories to make it look totally your own. The one drawback to wood, however, is their non-resistance to moisture which can lead to it cracking, bowing, or breaking. With proper care and avoiding contact with snow or water, you can make sure they last you a long time.
Stand-alone garage cabinet can come in handy if you constantly need to move around things in your garage or don’t want to drill holes in your wall. They’re pretty sturdy on their own and most of them come with attachable wheels for extra mobility that make them easier to shift. Similarly, a stand-alone garage cabinet can offer lots of space in terms of height and if you need to fill in any narrow gaps or corners they’re a good option to go for. Some of our best finds are:
If you have toddlers running around reaching into everything, wall mounted cabinets will make sure items that can be dangerous for their well being are outreach. They also give a more organized look to your garage while freeing up much-needed floor space. You can also store things that aren’t needed all year round and create more free space in cabinets that are easy to reach.
Plastic is another good material to go for, as manufacturers produce some high-quality plastic storage cabinets for garage with resins or other material that gives durability. Since it is also resistant to rust or water Plastic poses a good option for environments that are hot or humid.



5. How To Organize Your Storage Using Your Garage Cabinet

Organize your garage storage


So far we’ve shown you how storage cabinets in the garage can help declutter everything lying around, but we haven’t told you how to organize garage storage cabinets for maximum productivity, here are some ways:



  • Categories: organize garage storage cabinets according to the categories of items you have like tools in one place, toys in one shelf, and likewise. Similarly, you can organize items according to the garage storage cabinet types you have as well.
  • Add LabelsCheck Latest Price adding labels to each cabinet will help you quickly identify where something is stored and won’t have you rummaging around everywhere.
  • ContainersCheck Latest Price :  Use containers to further divide each shelf and organize smaller items in their container or bins. This will give a more uniform look.



6. How To Utilize Garage Storage Cabinet

Garage with rolling gate


Now that we’ve told you how to organize your things in cabinets let us tell you some ways through which you can utilize garage storage cabinets for maximum functionality:


  • Install hooksCheck Latest Price inside your cabinet to hang long ropes or wires you may have lying around.
  • Adjust shelves according to the height of objects you’re placing in them.
  • In order to utilize garage storage cabinets better mount them on walls to clear up more floor space.
  • If you have children that can reach into storage cabinets use locked cabinets to keep things out of reach.




7. Design Ideas For Garage Storage Cabinets 2020

Tools on magnetic band


Storage cabinets can transform your garage and how you access things immensely but even with all that organization things can still get messy and tangled up. To avoid constantly fixing things here are some best garage storage cabinet designs that will make sure everything looks in harmony and is in your reach as well.



  • Magnetic Tool HolderCheck Latest Price no one wants to continuously buy the same screwdriver when you know there are at least 5 at home. Where? Now that is the question you’ll be asking if you don’t have a magnetic tool holder that will keep every magnetic surface tool in one place.
  • Canvas OrganiserCheck Latest Price If you have small knick-knacks lying around that don’t seem right on the shelf? Put them in a big canvas wall organizer that has many compartments and is durable. From garden tools, baseballs, caps, gloves, fit everything in them.
  • Ceiling Storage: Ceiling storage is the best garage storage cabinet design that makes use of those long heightened ceilings and clears up much-needed floor space. A no brainer, and a clear win-win.
  • Wall Mounted Bike Rack: You can save a lot of floor space by installing wall hooks where you can mount up your bikes without it leaving any tire marks.




8. Top Masculine Color Ideas For Your Garage Cabinets

Looking to make the garage an extension of your man cave? Then why not add in a personal touch by using garage cabinet paints according to your preference. If you happen to spend a lot of time there here are some garage paint ideas to make it look nice and match your taste.



  • Solid Colours: we all like to bring out our inner Picasso once in a while but if you haven’t painted recently then sticking to solid colors is a great idea. You can’t mess it up and if you want to add any designs you can do it
  • Light Colours: a garage usually won’t have that much sunlight and already may look a bit dark, spruce it with some light garage cabinet paint colors like beige, tan, grey, and more. Don’t worry it’ll still look masculine enough for you.
  • Experimental: if you’re looking to be more experimental a great garage paint idea is to have an accent wall that could of a color of your choosing and equally daring like a bright blue, metallic chrome or any other choice.




9. The 4 Ultimate Ways To Have A Safe Garage Storage

Safe and Clean garage


When you have children or frail elderly around that are prone to accidents it is wise to make sure you have safe garage storage whether they visit the garage frequently or not. Precautions are always a wise choice as safety matters.



Here is some way you can ensure safe garage storage:

  • Lock up tools or equipment that can pose a threat to kids. Especially construction tools like drills, hammers, or screwdrivers. You can find many cabinets with locks these days and we have mentioned them above as well.
  • Many cabinets have power outlets installed that are safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about tripping on extensions.
  • Always get rid of things that are not in use. Clean out your garage at least twice a year. Less clutter will result in less mess on the floor.
  • Install overhead storage cabinets to utilize the garage space effectively and keeping sharp items out of reach.




10. 5 Things You Should Avoid In Storage Cabinets

Steel garage metal tool cabinet

Garage storage cabinets may seem like the solution to clearing out all the mess in the garage but that doesn’t mean you can store every item in them. There are don’ts when it comes to storage cabinets like:



  • Avoid storing chemicals near combustible materials like rags, gasoline, or plastic to prevent any fire accident.
  • If your garage is down below, avoid storing items on the stairs as they’ll only pose hurdles on your way or down the garage.
  • Make sure all your power outlets are not located near taps or where water accumulates. Especially if you have deep freezers or fridges installed to make sure they’re in a dry place.
  • It is better to store tools off the floor but not too high in overhead storage as they can fall out.
  • Not having locks can make your valuables at risk, it is better to have them stored in locked cabinets.



11. Garage Storage Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some garage storage cabinet FAQ for you to know.



1. What Type Of Paint For Garage Storage Cabinet?

There are two types of garage storage paint to choose from: water-based in Latex or Oil-based. Latex paint is a better option to go with for indoor garage as they dry up pretty fast and cleanup is easy.



2. What Type Of Wood Should I Use For Storage Cabinet For My Garage?

MDF or Plywood is good wood options to go for as both are pretty durable and strong however Plywood is pricier. If you’re looking for cheaper alternative particleboard is another option but it is light in weight and not so sturdy.



3. What Is The Standard Size Of Garage Cabinet?

The standard size of a garage cabinet can be anywhere between 30” tall and 12” deep. However, you can customize according to the dimensions of your garage.



4. Storage Cabinets For Garage For A Small Space

One garage storage cabinet FAQs we get is for small spaces check out these options:





5. Where To Buy Metal Garage Storage Cabinets

You can buy Metal cabinets from many stores but storables some of the best deals and we’ve listed a few options above as well.



6. How Much Will It Cost For A Metal Garage Storage Cabinets

A reliable metal cabinet will cost anywhere between USD 150-300 however, you can get pricier options with added embellishments.



7. Why Use Metal Garage Storage Cabinets

Metal Cabinets can hold a lot of weight as compared to other cabinets, they’re also extremely durable and are powder-coated to make them resistant to rust, moisture, or dust.



8. Ideas For Your DIY Garage Storage Cabinets

Looking for some quirky design ideas? Check out point no 7.



9. Organizing Your Tools Using Plastic Garage Storage Cabinets


We’ve mentioned many organization hacks in the Point no 5. Do check them all out.

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