The Best Of Storage Boxes: A Complete Guide

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Storage boxes might seem trivial, but they are actually really useful: they help us organize our place, keep clutter controlled, and make it easy to move multiple items from one place to another in a single trip. As various expert studies have shown, greater cleanliness and better organization also lead to better mental health. An ideal storage box is airtight, sturdy, lightweight, and stylish. Read on for some of the best storage boxes in 2020, what to look out for when choosing one, and plenty of clever storage box-related hacks.



Top Products For Storage Boxes



Where to Buy Affordable and High-Quality Storage Boxes?

Typically, storage baskets tend to be high in demand, especially during the moving season (which is at the end of every month). This is why these storage boxes are available for sale in most popular retail stores. However, the best way to purchase them is via online retail shops like Storables, which is known for providing high-quality storage products at competitive prices. Here, you’ll find a stunning range of storage boxes that will meet all your needs and demands.



What do we need to consider before buying storage boxes?

Storage boxes are an investment and hence, should be purchased after giving careful thought. Listed below are some important things that need to be considered before you buy your storage box.


Type of Box

It matters for various reasons since the type should complement your overall décor of the room, the kind of things you store, your needs, and the duration for which you need the box.



Size of the Box

The size of the box also depends on your needs and the overall space of the room where the boxes are to be stored.



Material of the Box

This depends on the type of things that you are planning to store, such as clothes, perishable goods, miscellaneous items etc. Perishable goods are best stored using airtight storage boxes, whereas clothes and miscellaneous items can be stored in more opaque options.



Best Uses of Storage Boxes

There are multiple uses of a storage box but, in a nutshell, it stores all your items and prevents external clutter. Here are some of the best ways to use a storage box.



  • For storing your hair tools and products.
  • Use it as a shoe box.
  • Store your innerwear.
  • You can use plastic storage boxes to store food.
  • Store all the extra makeup that you hoard.
  • Let your cat use one.
  • Store everything that does not really have a place.



Type of Storage Boxes

You will find a wide range of storage boxes in the market, each with its own pros and cons. However, the final choice shall be based on your needs. The following are the different types of storage boxes that you will find.



Using these storage boxes is a great way to save space: these can be mounted on any wall with little or even no effort.
Metal is a sturdy material and does not degrade as quickly as some other materials. It will protect your stuff from excess exposure to the outside world including water, weather, insects etc. 
They come in various sizes and are considered to be the best option when it comes to storing food. They’re also really affordable, so no worries even if you’re on a tight budget.
These storage boxes are designed to store clothing items in a way that they are hanged in a closet. So, you simply have to take out your clothes from your wardrobe with the hanger and hang them in the box instead of taking them out and individually folding them.
They come in a wide range when it comes to sizes and designs. They can be used as extra storage for clothes or shoes. The best part is that they will not ruin the aesthetics of your room.
Portable and versatile, these airtight storage boxes keep your goods dry and clean by preventing the entry of water.
Stylish and timeless, wooden storage boxes will not only keep the clutter away, but also elevate the look of your room instantaneously.



Best Storage Box Ideas

While there is nothing wrong with plain/minimalistic storage boxes, you could easily add an extra “wow” factor by customizing them using cloth slipcovers, paint, and other materials. However, make sure that the final product complements the theme of your space/overall look you’re going for; otherwise, the storage box will stick out out like a sore thumb. Moreover, it is best that you use stackable storage boxes since they are more stylish and tend to take up less space.



Best Storage Box for your Bedroom

Compromising bedroom space? No problem. Here is how you can place your storage box in your bedroom.



  • You can store it under your bed or your study desk.
  • Storage Boxes made out of cloth can be stored on the top shelf of your wardrobe.
  • Use the box as shoe storage and place it at the bottom half of your closet.
  • Use wall mounted storage boxes.
  • Stack the lighter storage boxes onto the heavier ones to create a shelf look.
  • Use one stone to kill two birds and use the storage box as a side table.



Clever Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Storage Box

Wooden storage box



Wooden furniture is hard to maintain but, the following clever trick will help you maintain your wooden storage box like a pro.


  • Dust it often.
  • Protect it by applying a layer of silicone oil, or petroleum distillate.
  • Treat any wear and tears immediately.
  • Use toothpaste to remove water stains.
  • Apply mayonnaise to get rid of crayon marks.
  • Rub off dark stains using vinegar.



Decorative ways to use Metal Storage Box

Metal box


Metal sounds too boring, right? But, you can spice it up by utilizing the following ideas.


Rustic Touch

Add a rustic vibe to your home by stacking small metal storage boxes on larger ones.



Interesting Entryway

Add beauty to your entryway by placing metal storage boxes as shoe racks.



Color them fun

Paint the metal storage boxes with colors that match the overall theme of your living space.



Mix and Match

Metal storage boxes give a traditional look so mix and match them with other traditional furniture pieces and plants.



Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Boxes



1. How to keep the mice out of storage boxes?

Oh, rats! Mice may seem very hard to get rid of, but all can be taken care of if you have a plan. The first step of the plan is to prevent their entry into your home as a whole by sealing the cracks. Then use rodenticide to scare the mice away. Alternatively, you could also use mouse repellent sprays or poison.



2. What are the Dos and Don’ts for your Metal Storage Box?

The following are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to protect your metal storage boxes.



  • Do not keep food for long periods of time as aluminium can leach into your food due to its highly reactive nature.
  • Put a bag of medicine to avoid mice’s interventions.
  • Do not expose it to wet places or outdoors as the metal can rust easily.
  • Keep the storage really light since excess weight can destroy the storage box
  • Protect it from cracks or scratches.
  • Protect the metal storage box by applying a coat of potassium nitrate or sodium hydroxide diluted with water.



3. How to make storage boxes out of cardboard?

The first step is to decide how many storage boxes you want because that will decide the number of sides you need to cut out. The next step is collecting the right tools. You’ll need:



  • Liquid glue or Hot glue gun
  • ½ inch thick cardboard pieces (2 for each side)
  • Decorations (such as cray paper, gift paper, sequins, washi tape, etc.)



Now, cut three pieces of 10 inches x 9 inches, and two pieces of 11 inches x 10 inches. The bigger pieces are to be placed on each side. The other pieces are to be attached at the front, back, and bottom. Make sure that you wait for the cardboard to dry before you start decorating it.



Alternatively, check out this video tutorial by Youtuber Lily Ardor:





4. How to DIY cardboard storage boxes with lids?

Once you have gotten the cardboard ready, it’s quite easy to make a lid for it. Let’s try one of the easiest methods which is practical and works like a charm. Just 7 steps are involved! 



Tools you’ll need

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or rotary cutter




  1. Lay the cardboard box down on the largest box side (the soon to be lid)
  2. Draw a line around the box 
  3. Draw a line in every corner from inside to outside
  4. Using a ruler or a rotary cutter fold the sides where the line is drawn
  5. Score the cardboard from edge to edge 
  6. Fold the sides where score lines are made
  7. Using glue attach the corners & fold in one corner flap, then fold the other flap on top 



5. Importance of storage boxes with lids

  • During extreme weather conditions, boxes with lids help you in protecting items within without any wear and tear. 
  • When eatables are stored in storage boxes with lids, it keeps food items fresh by preventing pest attacks. 
  • By covering the boxes you can also prevent the spread of any foul smell.


For more information on storage boxes with lids, be sure to check out this article.



6. How to DIY fabric storage boxes?

Nothing like a beautiful FABRIC storage box when it comes to storage boxes. It is quite easy to make one at home without consuming a lot of time. Try it out by following our simple DIY fabric storage box guide.



Materials you’ll need:

  • 1 Yard of thick fabric of 2 different colors 
  • Cardboard
  • A fabric marker
  • Box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Scissors




  1. Select a cardboard box and cut out the handles.
  2. Select the fabric and cut them out to wrap them around the outside. 
  3. Cut the second fabric to wrap the inside.
  4. Using superglue, stick the fabric to the cardboard box neatly
  5. From inside, place a single cardboard piece at the bottom of the box, so the cardboard box remains sturdy while you place items inside the box.
  6. Put glue inside, on each side of the cardboard box, and place the second fabric accordingly 



That’s it! You have your fabric storage box ready. The biggest advantage of this method is that there is no requirement for sewing at all!



7. Why use decorative storage boxes?

As simple as it is, decorative storage boxes are more appealing and beautiful than the ordinary plain cardboard boxes. It gives you a feeling of ownership and makes it more personal. It can be used for endless purposes.



decorative storage box

Photo from Momtastic



Also, unlike the ordinary cardboard boxes, this can be used in your living room as decor. In most of the houses, decorative storage boxes have held a secure position in the kids’ room to stock up their toys. Some people prefer decorative boxes above plastic storage boxes because they are sustainable, economical and environment-friendly. 



8. How to maximise the use of photo storage boxes?

Gone are those days when we used to walk around with photo albums and preserve photos in photo storage boxes.  Since photos made from films were so delicate and irreplaceable it was so crucial to store them in good storage boxes. But now since it’s the digital age, photo storage boxes can be used for many other purposes as well. Find out what they are in this article.



9. Why are file storage boxes a necessity?

File storage boxes are a huge necessity for those who have umpteen number of files strewn around at home. We know each file has serious information pertaining to a specific purpose. Therefore, misplacing a file can lead to grave danger. To avoid such hassles it is so essential to have file storage boxes. 



There are different kinds of file storage boxes available in the market (for a variety of purposes). Certain files are so confidential that losing it might land you in trouble. So you needn’t worry about storing then because there are file boxes that can be locked with keys. Apart from this, there are different kinds of file storage boxes such as transparent storage box (where you can organise the files as per your convenience in sections), metal mesh folder holders that are sturdy (where you can dump all your files in one) etc. 



So make sure to get a good file storage box as soon as possible and say good to the clutter in your office room. 


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