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Jewelry Trays

All that glitters may not be gold, but what we know for sure is this: jewelry is a girl's best friend. Keep your gems safe by opting for one of these durable jewelry trays.

Best of Jewelry Trays

Jewelry Trays Products

Gray 17-Compartment Jewelry Tray

Store your jewelry with the Gray 17-Compartment Jewelry Tray. Made of durable leather, it allows for the secure and long-term storage of your rings, earrings and necklaces. It...

Gray 8-Compartment Jewelry Tray

Store your rings, earrings and neckalaces with the Gray 8-Compartment Jewelry Tray. Securely store your jewelries for a long period of time with its use of high quality...

Small Linus Jewelry Tray

Store your rings, earrings and necklaces with the Small Linus Jewelry Tray. Made of durable plastic, it allows for the secure and long-term storage of your jewelry. It...

Jewelry Trays Buying Guide

The right kind of jewelry can add a sparkle to any outfit. From earrings, bracelets, necklaces to rings - every piece is special. But to ensure that your jewelry stays as good as new for years,  storing it properly is crucial. Jewelry trays are a great way to organize your jewelry in a neat and elegant way. 

Purpose Of Jewelry Trays

The purpose of jewelry trays is pretty simple - to keep your jewelry well-organized and prevent it from damage. A good quality jewelry holder is made of sturdy material, has enough compartments for different types of jewelry, is easy to open and close, and should be made of a material that doesn't scratch or damage the jewelry. Finally, a jewelry tray can be of an elegant design too.

Reasons To Keep a Jewelry Tray

There are several benefits of keeping your trinkets organized in a jewelry holder. Here are a few of the most important reasons to get yourself a jewelry display tray:

  • Prevents tangling of jewelry: Jewelry is often made with delicate chains and gemstones, which could be damaged if rubbed against each other. Good jewelry storage is spacious and will have enough compartments to give each piece its space. This will prevent different pieces from getting tangled with one another and getting damaged. 
  • Makes all pieces easy to access: Keeping all your pieces in a jewelry holder helps you access your trinkets easily. Since your entire collection becomes easily visible and organized, you can pick the one you want to wear quickly and without any hassles. 
  • Keeps your collection organized: This is perhaps the most important purpose of jewelry trays. A good jewelry holder is built in such a way that you're able to divide your collection into different types and organize them accordingly. This way, you don't have to worry about your pieces being cluttered and messy. 
  • Saves space: Have low storage space? No worries! With a stackable jewelry box, you can keep a lot of jewelry and accessories in a very compact space. Since stackable jewelry boxes have multiple tiers, you can keep a lot of accessories without needing too much shelf or drawer space. 
  • Jewelry organization by occasion: Want to keep your party jewelry and daily jewelry separately? No problem! Good jewelry trays have enough space and compartments to help you organize your accessories by occasion. This way, you can quickly find the piece you're looking for, no matter what the occasion. 
  • Prevents jewelry from tarnishing: A lot of jewelry is made with metals that could tarnish over time - by air or moisture. Closed jewelry trays protect your jewelry from air and moisture, and prevents it from tarnishing your favorite pieces. 
  • Looks beautiful: Beautiful jewelry deserves a beautiful jewelry tray! There are well-designed jewelry holders available int he market that is crafted with good materials and have fabrics such as velvet. Storing your pieces in such trays is an elegant looking solution to your storing needs as well!

Types of Jewelry Trays

Jewelry storage can be made with different materials - from metal to plastic. It's important to go for the right one which works for your collection - according to how much and the type of jewelry you have.

  • Metal Jewelry Trays: You can find jewelry holders made with metal in the market. Most of these are crafted with stainless steel to prevent rusting. These trays are sometimes coated with rose gold or gold plating to enhance their look. Metal jewelry trays are easy to clean, made of rust-free material and can look quite exquisite. However, since most metal jewelry trays are simple trays and don't come with compartments, they are ideally suited if you have only a few pieces. there is also the chance of the jewelry edges scratching the metal surface, so it's important to keep that in mind.
  • Velvet Jewelry Trays: Velvet jewelry trays are a great option to store your precious jewels. These are usually stackable trays and come with several square compartments to neatly organize your jewelry in. The trays are lined with soft velvet fabric, which provides a padded cushioning. The soft material prevents the jewelry from getting scratched or damaged.  
  • Plastic Jewelry Trays: Plastic trays are durable, sturdy and widely available. These trays are an affordable way of storing your jewels. You can find plastic trays with or without compartments, depending on your needs. You could go for a stackable jewelry tray in plastic or a single-tiered tray. 
  • Leather Jewelry Trays: You can also go for jewelry trays made with leather. These are durable, sturdy and also flexible and foldable to an extent. Since leather is relatively soft, it will not scratch your metal jewelry. These can be cleaned with a dry cloth but leather should ideally not come in contact with water. 
  • Stackable Jewelry Trays: Stackable jewelry trays are trays that have multiple levels stacked on top of each other. These trays can be made with any material and is an excellent space-saving way to store a lot of jewelry in a compact yet organized space. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Trays

1. How to use jewelry trays?

Jewelry trays are the perfect way to store your precious trinkets and accessories. You could buy a single-tiered tray if you have limited accessories, or go for a stackable, multi-tiered jewelry tray if you'd like more space to store your jewels. Most jewelry trays come with compartments, which helps you keep different types of jewelry separately. You can find trays with anywhere from 2, 4 to even up to 17 compartments. 

If you have jewelry that doesn't tarnish, then you can go for open jewelry trays. However, if you have sensitive jewelry that could tarnish upon exposure to air and moisture (such as silver), then you should go for a closed tray to protect it. 

You can choose to organize your jewelry by type, occasion, type, or metal/material as well. You could go for a closed top jewelry box or a glass top jewelry display trays to make it easy for you to visually access your trinkets. Jewelry trays can be kept on your bedroom dresser, bathroom, or your walk-in closet in case you have one. 

2. How to decorate a tray for jewelry?

There are many ways you can spruce up the look of your jewelry tray. Here are a few decorating tips:

  • Painting your jewelry trays: You can make your jewelry holder look attractive by painting it with vibrant paints. To do this, First and foremost, you must completely clean your jewelry tray from the inside and out. For the inner lining, use a damp cloth with vinegar to gently clean it and let it dry. You can clean the outside area of your jewelry holder with a damp cloth and a dish soap. If there are glass panels on the outside, you can remove those and clean them using a glass cleaner. Once both the inner and outer surface is completely dry, apply an even coat of primer to the inner and outer area of the jewelry holder. You can choose the primer according to the material of your box. Once the primer is fully dry, apply a coat of paint in long, even strokes. You can choose from acrylic or metallic paint. To go for a somber look, you can paint it in white, or for a bling effect, go for gold or silver metallic paint. Once the paint dries, apply a coat of lacquer for the final finish. 
  • Decoupage: This basically means gluing colored paper pieces onto the surface. Decorating your jewelry tray in the colored paper can make it look super vibrant and pretty. To do this, clean the outer surface of your jewelry holder thoroughly and apply a layer of varnish on it. Once the varnish is completely dry, take the colored paper with attractive designs of your choice, and apply a layer of varnish on its backside. Then, lay the paper flat to stick them onto the surface of your jewelry box. Finally, apply varnish to the entire jewelry box for a final finish. 

3. How to organize jewelry trays?

Jewelry trays give you the freedom to organize your accessories in a number of ways, especially if you have a stackable tray with compartments.

  • By type: You could organize your jewelry by separating them into different types - for eg. separate compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings.
  • By material: You could also organize them by the material - for eg. keeping your silver jewelry separately from your gold.
  • By occasion: Another great way to organize your jewelry holder is by dividing it by occasion - keep your party pieces separate from your daily jewelry. 
  • By make: To avoid damage by rubbing pieces against each other, you could also keep your more delicate jewelry separately from your sturdier pieces. For eg. diamond is an extremely tough material that could scratch your other pieces, which is why it should be kept separately.

4. What are the best stackable plastic jewelry storage trays?

There are a number of great stackable plastic jewelry trays available online. You can go to stackable jewelry storage where each tier is already attached to each other, or go for separate standalone trays of the same dimensions that can be manually stacked on top of each other.

Go for jewelry display trays that are made with durable, sturdy plastic material. You can go for one with a glass top display, or a closed lid box. Some plastic stackable jewelry trays also come with a mirror on the inner part of the top lid. This way, you can quickly check the piece against your ears/neck to see if it's going with your outfit for the day. 

You also have freedom in choosing the number of compartments in your stackable jewelry box. You can go for fewer compartments if you don't have too much jewelry or only a few types of pieces. However, if you want a more elaborate organization, you can go for even 17-18 compartment jewelry boxes. Jewelry holders with so many compartments lets you practically keep each piece of jewelry in its own individual compartment. 

5. How to replace the mirror in a jewelry tray?

A lot of jewelry trays come with a glued-on mirror. In case it cracks or you want to replace, this is how you can go about doing so:

  • First, lay down a cardboard surface under the jewlery box on a flat floor. This is to keep you safe, in case any shards of mirror fall out.
  • Then, Use a hairdryer to heat the glue. The heat will melt the glue to a point that the mirror starts to come loose.
  • Once the mirror is loose enough from the edges, you can start to pry it using a crowbar. Gently apply the pressure from the edges, and you should be able to feel the mirror coming loose. You can also use a guitar wire or metal wire to separate the mirror from the glue. Just slip the wire behind one edge of the mirror, and gently move it across through to the other side. If the glue is loose, the mirror will come off. 
  • Now that the mirror has come off, remove the remaining glue by using applying vinegar or oil to the glue and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a dry cloth to remove the residue.
  • Once the surface is fully clean, then take the mirror of similar dimensions. You could measure the previous mirror and buy one of the same dimensions from a glass or hardware shop. 
  • Then, apply glue to the backside of the new mirror, and slowly place it onto the surface. Let it dry for as long as it needs to fully stick on. And voila! You've successfully replaced the mirror on your jewelry box. 

Jewelry display trays are a fabulous and elegant way to keep your jewelry well-organized, protected from damage, and super easy to access. gof or one that suits your aesthetic, preferences and budget.