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Shower Caddies & Organizers

For an all-in-one bathroom solution, look no further than shower caddies and shower organizers. They are lightweight, sturdy, and most importantly allow for a significantly better showering experience.

Best of Shower Caddies & Organizers

Shower Caddies & Organizers Products

12 Inch Stainless Steel Zia Squeegee

Achieve that spotless clean window using our 12" Stainless Steel Zia Squeegee. Remove streaks of steams on your bathroom glass doors or dry your car window after the...

2-Tier White Shower Caddy

Make every shower hassle-free using this 2-Tier White Shower Caddy. This caddy has a suction cap that will prevent it from swaying so you can grab that shampoo...

Adjustable Shower Caddy

Organize your shower essentials and keep them all within reach with the Adjustable Shower Caddy. Made of durable stainless steal, it not only allows for your shower essentials...

BambooBarrel Shower Caddy

Have that spa-like feels in yourBathroom with ourBambooBarrel Shower Caddy. This stylish and relax-styled shelf can hold large shampoo and shower gel bottles. Its durability will surely satisfy...

Black Cubiko Shower Caddy

Give your bathroom items a durable and versatile storage with the Black Cubiko Shower Caddy. It has large shelves and movable hooks that fit all of your bathroom...

Clarity Totes

Keep everything in order with this Clarity Totes. This product is perfect for every storage need in your house or outdoor appointments. Holds your toiletries in place while...

Shower Caddies & Organizers Buying Guide

There's nothing quite like a relaxing shower at the end of an exhausting day. And the last thing you want to do is to stumble around, looking for your shampoos and conditioners while bathing! don't worry, we're here to help. High-quality shower caddies are a great way to organize all your showering essentials and keep them well within your reach. 

Purpose of Shower Caddies and Shower Organizers

Shower organizers, also known as shower caddies, are a must-have for every bathroom. These space-efficient shower organizers are mostly made from plastic or stainless steel and meant for keeping your showering products - from shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps, loofahs to even razors. They can be hung over the showerhead, hung upon your towel rack, or installed onto a wall with drills and suction cups. Shower caddies are a perfect way to keep your showering accessories easily within your reach and save space while you're at it. This ensures a convenient, safe and smooth bathing experience every time. 

Benefits of Shower Caddies & Shower Organizers

From keeping your bathroom well-organized to improving your bathing experience, shower caddies have a lot of benefits. Let's read more about the reasons you should have one in your bathroom:

Makes showering easy

Hanging a shower caddy over your showerhead means that all of your shower products are well within your reach when you're bathing. This means no more stumbling around for the soap with shampoo getting into your eye! You know exactly where your toiletries are. This makes showering a hassle-free experience. 

Organizes toiletries

Shower organizers keep all your showering essentials well organized, fully visible and ready for use whenever needed. This way, you know exactly where your shampoo, razor, and soaps are kept. You can easily organize your toiletries in shower caddies - the top shelf can be for tall bottles, middle shelf for soaps and the lower hooks can be for hanging your loofahs and razors.

Reduces clutter

By helping you neatly arrange all your bathing products in a compact space, shower caddies reduce the clutter in your bathroom and help you make the most of your bathroom, no matter what its size is. This means each area of your bathroom is well-utilized with no wastage of space. And who doesn't want a mess-free bathroom?

Enhances safe bathing experience

A disorganized bathroom can be the source of bathroom mishaps. By keeping all your showering products well-organized, shower caddies reduce the chances of you knocking over bottles or getting injured while looking for your products. 

Types of Shower Caddies 

Most shower organizers and shower caddies available are made up of a few types of materials. Each material has its own benefits and features, so pick the one that suits your bathroom's needs and aesthetics the most. Let's find out more about what they're made of and their design:

Stainless Steel

A lot of the popular shower caddies are made with stainless steel. Since this metal is rust-resistant, stainless steel shower caddies are long-lasting and safe for use in and around water. These shower organizers are also sturdy and durable, which means they have a good holding capacity. 

Plastic Shower Caddies

Plastic shower caddies are light-weight, rust-free and easy to hang. You can find plastic shower organizers that are either transparent, white or in a variety of different colors. Since plastic is light by nature, you should make sure that the one you choose is sturdy and made with thick plastic, so that it doesn't break under the weight of the shower products. 

Bamboo Shower Caddies

Shower caddies made with bamboo add a natural, organic touch to your bathroom with their golden brown color. These shower organizers are lightweight and naturally mold and mildew-resistant. 

Aluminum Shower Caddies

Being a rust-resistant metal, aluminum is a great material to make shower caddies with. These shower organizers are incredibly strong and lightweight as well, which makes them long-lasting and perfect for storing your shower products without distorting in shape or being weighed down by its own weight.

Adjustable Shower Organizers

You will also find adjustable shower caddies where you can slide the shelves up and down to adjust their height. This makes it easy to make space for taller bottles such as shampoos and conditioners if needed. 

Tiered Shower Organizers

Why stop at single-tiered shower caddies, when you can buy multi-level or tiered options in the market? Having more than one level in a  shower caddy lets you store more products in it, and gives you the freedom to organize each tier according to your needs. For eg., the top shelf becomes about hair care - shampoos and conditioners, while the lower shelf is shower gels and soaps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shower Caddies & Organizers

1. What are shower caddies?

Shower caddies, also known as shower organizers, are a storage rack used to store shower products, that can be hung over the showerhead or fixed onto a wall. Shower caddies are a great way to declutter your bathroom and store all your showering products in a single space that is within your reach while you shower. 

Shower caddies can be made from different materials - from plastic, aluminum, stainless steel to even bamboo. Each material comes with its own features and benefits. You can buy single or multi-tiered shower caddies, depending on the number of shower accessories you plan to store in them. 

2. How much weight can a shower caddy hold?

The holding capacity of shower caddies varies from product to product and can be anywhere between 3 to even 15 pounds. However, if you're attaching your shower caddy right on the showerhead, then we suggest not loading it up with too much weight. This could put pressure on the showerhead that it may not be built during the plumbing process. You can attach shower caddies in a caddy-corner that is a little further from your shower if you plan to hold a lot of heavy showering products in your shower organizers.  

3. How to hold shower caddies in place?

Since some shower caddies may be prone to sliding off the shower rod and falling, there are a few simple ways to prevent that from happening. You can buy a simple plastic zip tie and fasten it over your showerhead once you've hung your shower caddy. This would prevent the shower rack from sliding and moving forward. The zip tie has the added benefit of being cheap, easy to find and rust-free. 

Using rubber bands is another cheap and effective way to prevent shower organizers from falling. Take 4 to 5 rubber bands. and fasten them above the head of the shower, in front of the shower caddy. Do ensure that the rubber bands are tight enough to not slip along with the water with time. 

4. Why do all shower caddies rust? 

While some metal shower caddies may rust over time due to water contact, there are rust-resistant and rust-proof options available in the market. Aluminum and plastic shower caddies are rust-proof and have long durability. Stainless steel shower caddies can only be rust-resistant provided they have a chromium finish that protects the iron in the steel from coming in contact with air or moisture. It is important to store your storage accessories in a rust-resistant shower caddy to ensure safety and hygiene. The last thing you'd want is rusted metal in a space where you're taking a shower!

5. What are good shower organizers? 

With a wide variety of shower caddies available online, it is important to know the features you should be looking out for. The following are the features that good shower organizers should have:

  • Sturdy: Make sure that the shower caddy you purchase is made with strong material. This will make sure that it doesn't crack or break under the load of the shower products. 
  • Lightweight: It's a good idea to buy a lightweight shower organizer. This means that it doesn't add additional weight to your showerhead when you hang it there and leaves more capacity for products to be added onto it. We won't want a heavy shower caddy overburdening your shower head and adding unnecessary pressure onto it. 
  • Rust-resistant material: Since shower caddies constantly come in contact with water day in day out, it is crucial to buy shower organizers that are made with rust-resistant materials. Stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic are some of the materials you could choose from. This will ensure that your shower caddies never become an injury risk to you. 
  • Mold-resistant: The high water and moisture content in the bathroom also means the risk of mold and mildew formation. This is why you should go for a shower caddy that is made with a mold and mildew-resistant material such as stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum. Some bamboo shower caddies may also be mold-resistant. 
  • Slide-resistant: Another common complaint people have with shower caddies is that they slip from the shower rod and fall. It is important o make sure that the hook of the shower caddy is sturdy, and so are the suction cups attached to the wall. 
  • Spacious: A good shower rack is spacious, with multiple tiers and/or enough storage space to keep all the shower products you will need during your shower - from shampoos, soaps, razors and more. Multi-tiered shower caddies let you organize your products according to type as well - keeping the bottom hooks for razors and loofahs, bottom tier for soaps and shower gels, and the topmost for shampoos and conditioners.  
  • Proper drainage slots: Since there is a constant stream of water pouring in while you shower, make sure that your shower caddies have proper drainage slots that drain the water away from the rack. 
  • Easy to clean: A good shower rack should be designed in such a way that it is easy to clean whenever needed. This reduces the amount of residue left behind from the shower products and helps maintain hygiene as well. 

6. How do you organize a small shower?

If you have a compact shower, then there are a couple of things you can do to organize it properly. Here are some simple shower storage ideas:

  • Firstly, getting a shower caddy will greatly save space. This is because you now have a dedicated space to keep all your bathing products without having to place them around the sink.
  • Next, get a shower curtain that has pockets in them. These will help you store your toiletries discreetly and without taking up extra shelf space. Make sure you get a shower curtain with pockets that have drainage holes in them, to prevent water from accumulating. 
  • You can also install an extra shower rack or shelf for more storage space on the wall. These can be used to store additional toiletries and items such as toilet paper and handwashes. 
  • Use plastic baskets to store your hand towels and other small objects. These are lightweight, and space-efficient ways to store any smaller bathroom accessories and materials. Simply fold and roll up your handtowels and stuff them inside the baskets.  
  • You can also install hooks behind your bathroom door. This is an excellent way to make space to hang up your towels and clothes.
  • Instead of installing only a bathroom mirror, invest in a medicine cabinet instead that has a mirror in the front. This way you have a bathroom mirror, but also tonnes of storage space inside for your medicines as well as toiletries and other bathroom knick-knacks that you may need.