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3oz Rectangular Containers

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Product Description:

The MagnaKoys Rectangular Hinged Top tins make for a great travel size container. The top and bottom are permanently attached so you never have to worry about losing the lid. The hinge top tins are great for containing products such as mints, candies, teas, herbs, and more! Creative Ideas for your Metal Tins: Gardening Container Idea Storing your seeds this season is simple with our metal tins. These metal containers have snug closures, and may help prevent germination by protecting the contents from light and moisture. Our hinge top metal tins are great for storing a variety of items, Ideal If you’re looking for a great way to neatly organize your craft supplies, look no further than our metal hinge top tins.

Product Specifications:

  • Metric size: 86mm x 61mm x 19mm
  • Inch size: 3.40 x 2.40 x 3/4 inch
  • Round smooth edges No Sharp Edges
  • Volume: 3oz
  • You Receive: 1 pcs. of Hinged Top tins