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Jewelry Boxes & Chests

Coco Chanel once said, “Accessories are what makes or marks a woman.” Can anything be truer than this when it comes to jewelry? Give your treasured items the perfect abode and keep them safe in a perfectly crafted jewelry box or chest.

Best of Jewelry Boxes & Chests

Jewelry Boxes & Chests Products

Earring Book Organizer

Never lose an earring again with the Earring Book Organizer! This elegant leather book allows you to neatly store your ear studs in one place. Each page is...

Two Tier Jewelry Organizer

Collect your jewelry in one place with this stackable jewelry storage dish! This 2-tiered storage dish keeps your jewelry and other accessories organized, getting them in easy reach...

White Diamond Drawer Organizer

Honey-Can-Do drawer organizer, collapsible, 17 in overall length, 15 in overall width, 2-3/4 in overall height, 32 compartments, plastic, White. Product Specifications: Color: White Product Dimensions: 18.5 x...

Jewelry Boxes and Chests Buying Guide

A girl, they say, can never have enough jewellery. Isn’t that so true? There’s something truer than that. Every day the heaps of trinkets, earrings, rings, chains, pendants (and so many of them!) make it tough to get ready on time as one or the other pair is always lost somewhere in there! But does that ever dampen your spirit and refrain you from buying more of these beauties? Yep, never. That’s exactly why you would need jewelry boxes and jewelry chests- to sort your jewelry storage. We present you here with the perfect buying guide for jewelry boxes which would do justice to the precious pieces you own.

But before we get down to discussing the top choices in jewelry cases, here’s what you need to understand about the storage solutions.

Points to consider before buying jewelry storage units

What size do you want?

Jewelry chests can be of myriad sizes. Know which would suit you best. Only you know how much you have to stack and how many you plan to buy more in the coming times (who can put a limit on that!).

Where do you want to keep it?

If you are planning to showcase your jewelry collection and keep the storage unit on your dresser, a small lightweight jewelry box will be perfect for you. If you are planning to bejewel your master bedroom with your jewelry collection in one corner, free-standing jewelry chest is what you should be looking for.

What material would you prefer?

While some jewelry case can be made of veneer, some other jewelry chests can be made of wood. A common material of jewelry boxes is particle board. Decide on the make and finish of the piece of jewelry storage unit according to the contents you are going to keep in them.

How much organizational space do you want?

This largely determined by how large your collection is. Do you want your storage unit with separate space for necklace storage? Would you like jewelry drawers already fitted in your jewelry box or jewelry chest? Get the answers of these yourself and buy accordingly. The best options are those that come with drawers, dividers and open space all in perfect ratio. This gives you enough space for both the small and large items of jewelry.

How is the décor of the interior of your home?

The interior décor and furnishing would determine the type of jewelry chest that will go best with it. Will mirrored jewelry storage do justice to the interior? Or will it take a simple wooden jewelry case to complement the décor? Take a moment or two and look around you and you will know the answer. Settle on buying only then. A mismatched jewelry dresser will ruin the effort you took to deck up your room.

Is there a protective lining in the interior of the jewelry box?

Even when you keep your trinkets and baubles in the separate sections and use the necklace storage for the long necklaces that adorn your neck so dearly, they will end up somewhat crammed against each other. Result? Scratches on them and damaged jewelry pieces. To prevent such nuisance, you must make sure that your jewelry box is lined with felt or other anti-tarnish material so that protection of the contents is never compromised with. No stain, no discoloration. Jewelry as flawless as new ones- isn’t that all you want? Protective interior lining is what you should settle for.

How would you like a mirror fitted in?

Would you like to add a bit of Disney Princess touch on your jewelry box? When you lift the lid, a hidden mirror will pop up and show you “who’s the fairest of them all”- sounds cute? And convenient too. But if you are placing your jewelry case on the top of your dresser, the fitted-in mirror would be useless and only add to the weight of the storage unit. Know whether it will serve your purpose and buy likewise.


We hope you have got a mental picture of what you need when you go jewelry storage-shopping next time. Now, have a look at the items that are ruling the market and buyers’ mind. Here we present you with a few of the jewelry boxes and jewelry chests that we think will be perfect in terms of storage space, utility, value for money, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Boxes and Chests

1. How to declutter a jewelry chest?

Pick out the scratched and discolored ones from your jewelry chest. Are you ever gonna wear them? Even you know the answer is a definite no. chuck them or use them in DIY décor items but don’t heap them in the storage. Choose a jewelry box or a jewelry chest with drawers and compartments and separate space for necklace storage. Keep your rings, earrings in the particular spaces allotted for them (especially after you come back from your outing or party). This will keep clutter away a lot.

2. Where do you put your jewelry chest?

Well, where do you want to? You can keep it on your dresser top if it is lightweight and made of materials that won’t put pressure on the dresser. You can also keep it at one corner of your dressing room or Master bedroom if you choose a standing jewelry chest. Just don’t keep it in your bathroom as the moisture and humid environment may damage the material and the contents as well.

3. What should I look for in a jewelry box?

That is exactly what we have pointed out for you at the beginning of this article. Could you just scroll up and give it a look? Just not to disappoint you, you should look for the size, shape, the number of drawers and compartments available, the material used, presence of protective lining on the inside, presence of mirror etc before buying a jewelry box. Why and how? Just scroll up!

4. How to make jewelry box inserts?

Cut pieces of fiberboard or piece board according to the size of the box and stick one on another with double-sided tape to make it more durable. Now cut felt as per the size of the boards and wrap them with felt using all-purpose glue. This will give an extra protective layer. If you plan to keep earrings on the inserts and make holes on small pieces of feeling with a punch machine. Now stick them on the felt-covered board with double-sided tape or glue. Hang earrings from there. You have your jewelry box insert!

5. How to clean a velvet jewelry box?

Roll a lint roller on the velvet line and remove the dust, lint or any other foreign particles. Now add soft soap or detergent in water and take a toothbrush. Dip the brush into the soap-water and brush the velvet softly. After you are done washing with soap, grab a dry and soft cloth to dab the velvet so that the water is soaked and the velvet dries off.

6. Where can I buy jewelry boxes?

You can get them in any leading store dealing in home décor items or specializing in storage items like this. Online shopping sites are also abounding in myriad options of jewelry boxes. You can choose from a long list of jewelry storage units from the display as you find suitable for your stock and home décor.

7. Can jewelry boxes be assembled and disassembled?

That would depend entirely upon the manufacturer. But generally, they do not come in separate pieces that you can assemble or disassemble at your wish. The drawers can be pulled out but that does not really count as assembling. If you want something like that, you have to get customize one for yourself. Make sure you use good materials as too much disassembling might loosen the entire structure.

8. What is the best material for a jewelry box?

Jewelry boxes and chests can be of various materials such as veneer, wood, fiberboard, etc. Each has its own advantages. They cannot really be marked as the best or worst. But in terms of elegance and adding a touch of antique yet contemporary air to the interior, nothing can ever beat wood-finish on furniture; and jewelry boxes or jewelry chests are no exception. They look antique and add an old world charm to your vanity table.

9. Can I get a jewelry box for kids?

Of course, you can! Little jewelry boxes with mirrors fitted in, cute figurines of ballerina popping up when the lid is lifted off- a great many options and designs are there for the tiny tots. Every little girl is a princess, right? And how can a princess not have her own jewelry box! Your little one can even keep some of her fake jewels and playing items in here.

10. How do I keep long necklaces in a jewelry chest?

You can certainly customize a necklace storage unit. Long necklaces, if not kept hanging up, can tangle in a way that is next to impossible to untangle (especially at the time of rush, right?). Most jewelry boxes come with dedicated space for hanging necklaces. If you are a proud owner of a number of them, make sure your jewelry storage has the hooks and strings.