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Hooks & Hangers

Keep freshly ironed clothes wrinkle-free with hooks and hangers like these: they're durable, highly versatile, and make retrieving items an absolute joy.

Best of Hooks & Hangers

Hooks & Hangers Products

Umbra Sticks Multi Hook Coat Rack

Organize your wardrobe with this stylish and minimalist-themed Multi-Hook Coat Rack. This rack provides 5 flip-down hooks and ample hanging space to accommodate your coats, hats, scarves, purses,...

Bamboo Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

Wooden clothes drying rack Indoor or outdoor clothes drying rack. Nine bars for drying, folds down for easy storage. Unit measures 14. 5-Inch by 29. 5-Inch by 41....

Wooden Hangers - Set of 6

  These wooden hangers are ideal for hanging skirts, pants, jeans, work trousers, maxis, leggings, & shorts. Hang socks, towels, & pillowcases, on the multifunctional hangers to declutter closet...

Tosnail 10-Pack Wooden Suit Hanger With Clips

  Add a touch of elegance to your closet with these beautiful hangers. Their solid natural wood construction means they are strong and able to hold all kinds of...

Friction Clips Trouser Hangers (Set of 3)

  The Richards Friction metal and black textured rubber trouser hangers are durable and gently keep slacks in place. The hanger is coated with non-slip rubber padding to ensure...

Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers (20 Pack)

  A set of hangers that does it all! We’ve combined the nonslip grip of a velvet hanger, with the convenience of a pant clip hanger to bring you...

Hooks & Hangers Buying Guide

Hooks & Hangers are just a clever way to maintain order and discipline in your household. Studies have shown that you can’t work well if your surroundings are messy: it affects your private life and could also potentially result in various household conflicts. All your clothes & outfits should ideally inhabit a separate place in a proper manner, and hooks & hangers are a perfect solution to that.

Different Applications of Hooks & Hangers

Apart from everyday wear, hooks & hangers are designed to carry many of your household & commercial goods and accessories. Here's an overview. 

To Mount Television Sets

Hooks make it easy to mount the TV to a wall, or fix the table stand for it. It makes your TV watching experience better and safer, and adds on to the aesthetic value of your living room.

For Carrying Heavy Utensils

Heading towards the kitchen, hooks can be used to hang spoons, cups and other kitchen utensils/accessories/tools, in the event that there is no more drawer space.

Hanging Pot Lids

These differ wildly in terms of size: hanging pot lids can be small, but also very large as well. When not in use, they tend to take up a lot of space and spoil the overall kitchen aesthetic. Just hang them up using hooks - you'll won't regret such a move.

Placing Shower Supply

How could your bathroom remain untouched? The short answer: it can't. After all, there’s a large product selection associated with bathroom storage. Hanging a shower supply near your bathing position is indeed a smart step and hooks become your best friend this way.

Storing Kitchen Wraps

Wrap up your lunch box stuff easily with door-mounted or wall-mounted aluminum foils within minutes: there’s no rocket science involved. You only need to place your aluminum foil package horizontally between 2 Hooks and there you go. Ain’t it innovative?

Hanging Curtain Rods

Curtains are among the prime contributors to the aesthetic needs of your house. No doubt there are many other ways to hang it up, but the most preferable are without a doubt curtain rods.

Hanging Magazines & Newspapers

That’s enough on hooks, let’s see what hangers do? If you love bringing your morning newspaper or magazine to the bathroom, hangers are the perfect solution to store them.

Utilizing Together With Shower Rings

Shower rings help you greatly with tank tops, hats, sunglasses, scarves, camisoles & related stuff. Of those, hangers with inbuilt shower rings are especially useful. 

Using as a Toilet Paper Holder

Have hangers which are broken or detached? Detachable or broken hangers are often the best bathroom storage ideas available. It’s a convenient way to carry a paper toilet dispenser while outdoors.

Make it a Recipe Holder

When cooking something for the very first time, you can make several mistakes, but not with a modern recipe holder.  With the help of a hanger, you can easily create your very own DIY recipe holder.

Types Of Hooks & Hangers Available

Now the time comes to move into the market and see for the different categories of products available to you. Sometimes you got to satisfy a specific need and sometimes there’s a bucket full of them. That’s why variety is essential. Let’s check out multiple options available in a Hooks & Hangers market.


These are generally small in size, however strong enough to carry different kinds of heavy kitchen & bathroom items. Some of the most trusted hooks designs comprise of- Power Lock Suction Hooks, Chrome IP Shelf Mounted Hooks, Chrome Connectors, French Style Wall Mount with Inbuilt Hooks, Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder with Hooks.


For hanging comparatively wider things, there’s no substitute for Hangers. These are lightweight & strong at the same time, depending on the kind of usage. One of the best hanger designs for your regular household usage can be- Soft Grip Trouser Hangers, Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers, Trouser Hangers with Friction Clips, and Wooden Hangers for Suits & Trousers, Stainless-Steel & Aluminum Hangers.

What you need to know before buying Hooks & Hangers

Hooks & Hangers are not a massive expense however here you need to take care of the quality more. The $10 set of Hooks or Hangers that you bring from the market may cost you a lot resulting in damage. Despite a small size, these tools are implied to carry several heavy & expensive goods. So, it's good for you keep the following things in mind before deciding on your purchase(s).

Decide on The Kind of Hangers & Hooks You Want

This is the very first thing you need to pay enough attention to. There are different kinds of Hangers & Hooks available to multiple usages. You need to decide why do wanna buy the product.

If we take an example of Hangers, you may carry- Suits & Sports Coat, Pants & Trousers, Button-down Shirts, Blazers, Knits & Delicates, Neck Ties, and Belts, therefore the product also differs consequently.

On the other hand, if you have Hooks, variations will consist of- Hanging Kitchen Accessories, Hanging Bathroom Accessories, Hanging Bedroom Accessories, Hanging Clothes, Hanging Tools and if you want to customize it in more detailed manner, you have- S Shaped Hooks, Over-the-Door Hooks, Ceiling Hooks, Utility Hooks, Detachable Or Removable Hooks, Suction Hooks, Shelf Mounted Hooks & more.

Make Ample Space for Hangers & Hooks

What if you brought Hooks & Hangers from the market but have adequate space for their placement? It’s simply a waste of time and money. Therefore, the second important thing that you need to consider is the amount of space you got. For that, you should carefully observe every corner of your home and remove things and stuff that is unnecessary. Sometimes you have a lot of space filled with the goods that are no longer in use. Moreover, you need to think like an interior designer, as they have got a lot of ideas to free up necessary space at home.

Learn How To Install Them

Hooks & Hangers need a basic level of installation procedure that you may easily perform yourself. So why waste your time and money looking for an expert. Follow these simple installation methods- Hang over your S-Shaped Hooks without screws, Hangover with screws with ordinary drilling, Make an attachment to the wall & doors, screwing into the ceiling and implementing the adhesive or suction method.

Best Kinds Of Materials To Use

Other than proper installation, the quality of material used in the Hooks & Hangers is another essential deciding factor resulting in longevity and durability for carrying numerous kinds of goods. The most reliable foundation can be of wood or metal. However, you shouldn’t forget that not every wooden or metal composition is trustable. For example, a handcrafted hardwood peg rack is comparatively stronger than the ordinary wooden peg rack. Just like, stainless-steel Hangers can play better than the iron composition. You should carefully consider these things as a must.

Where to Buy Online

Being an ideal online consumer, you must carefully go through the product reviews and detailed explanation of its features. Storables.com is famous for delivering a detailed overview and guidance over different kinds of Hangers & Hooks that you may consider worthwhile before stepping to your buying decision.


This is also an essential factor if you’re gonna buy in bulk. You must look for the adequate discounts available to you on such a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hooks & Hangers

1) How to use command hooks?

Command Hooks has one of the most widely held applications over the other hooks. You can use it in the following different ways- Organizer for Pot Lids, Holding Certain Jewelry like Necklace & Bangles, Organizer for Stationary, Displaying Drawings & Artwork, Organizer for Aluminum Foil Wraps, Organizing Power Chords, Gift Wrap Organizer, Tape & Ribbon Organizer, Hang Flower Vase, Hang Book Storage Baskets, Hang Bathroom Baskets, Hang a Beautiful Wreath, Replace with Curtain Rods, Hang Hair Straighter, Hang Curling Irons, Organizer for Kitchen Utensils and lot more.

You may use it in an innovative manner to hang any other kind of good to enhance your household aesthetics or storage methodology.

2) How to hang a mirror without hooks?

It sounds unpleasant but really, you can easily hang your mirror without Hooks through the following techniques-

Sticky Strips for Light Mirrors

If your mirror doesn’t weigh like a giant, this one is a perfect solution for you. For this, you need to- Wipe down your mirror location with TSP solution or rubbing, then attach 3 to 4 adhesive strips to the mirror, stick it to the wall and finally remove it and left the strips with the wall and reattach the mirror after one hour. That’s it!

Adding Clamps to Brick Walls

This is another fantastic way to hang mirrors without Hooks. For this, you should first- Purchase Metal Brick Clamps according to your brick size, Place your Clamp’s Teeth over your brick separations properly so that it couldn’t get disturbed, and then hang your mirror over it.

Use a Hanger

You may also make use of Hangers if you could arrange for a folding setup attached to your mirror. This can be a fantastic technique for bathroom storage.

3) How to hang curtains with rings and hooks?

That’s surprisingly simple. You just need to follow these steps-

  1. Assemble your supplies comprising- Curtain Panels, Rings, Hooks, Seam Ripper, Rods, etc.
  2. Insert Hooks into the heading of the panel with certain breaks.
  3. Then, thread Hooks through the eyelet of the curtain ring.
  4. Now you need to hang up the panels.
  5. Now you need to adjust both the endings of the same accordingly and you’re ready to go!

4) How to store hangers when not in use?

If you’ve got a bundle of extra Hangers and you don’t understand how to make a smart move with them, follow these amazing ideas- Place them in a cardboard box, organize them according to material used, make use of multiple closet rods, make use of magazine holders and manage a Hanger Stacker if you could. Moreover, try to use the Hangers in many additional ways like- Sunglass Holder, Shoe Holder, Towel Holder, Hats & Caps, Ties, etc.

5) Which hangers are best for clothes?

The Friction Clips Trouser Hangers are one of the best solutions to your Pants & Trousers, Shirts & Blazers as its soft grip foam & non-slip rubber padding provides it a tough hold. It’s available in a size of 13.75x1.5x4.5’’ with metal & black texture. Other than that, you can make use of Wooden Hangers, Soft Grip Hangers, and Velvet Skirt Hangers as well.

6) Where to Recycle Hangers?

The best way to recycle Hangers is to reuse them with multiple ideas like bathroom storage, kitchen storage, and household storage. However, if you really need to through it away, you better do online research regarding your local curbside recycling rules and know whether such organizations accept wood, wire or metal Hangers for recycling or not? Stay smart!

7) How to transport clothes on hangers?

The following ideas may help you with this-

  1. Using big trash bags for other hanging clothes
  2. Safeguarding hanging clothes with garment bags
  3. Get certain wardrobe boxes for precious & large hanging clothes.

8) What’s so Special About a Friction Clips Trouser Hanger?

These Hangers generally consists of black textured non-slip rubber padding. They are exceptionally durable and gently keep slacks in place. The rubber padding ensures that your clothes remain hanging without a slip. The Hangers are often available in 13.75x1.5x4.5 dimensions that are suitable for your shirts, pants & sheets with clips.