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Laundry Organization

Who says laundry day has to be a boring affair? With our delightful collection of laundry baskets, hampers, and totes, you'll never dread washing your clothes again. 

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Laundry Organization Products

Woven Plastic Storage Basket

Tidy up your room in an instant with the black laundry basket. This is the perfect place to put your dirty clothes right after a long day. It...

Clear Laundry Basket

STORAGE BASKET: Plastic storage bin with handle perfect for holding hair products, makeup, toys, craft supplies, office tools, bath products, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, purses, hats, towels, and other...

Dark Grey Eleanor Felt Hamper

Save space at home with the Dark Grey Eleanor Felt Hamper. You can use it to store your stuffed animals, books, clothes, etc. Its upgraded handles have been...

Gray Eco-Fabric Foldable Laundry Tote

Take your dirty clothes to the laundry shop with this Gray Eco-Fabric Foldable Laundry Tote. This chic product can hold all your items so you can store them...

Gray Eco-Fabric Double Butterfly Hamper

Keep your laundry neat and tidy with this stylish Gray Eco-Fabric Double Butterfly. Made of modern bamboo and canvas, this laundry basket is ideal to store your dirty...

Gray Eco-Fabric Butterfly Hamper

Store your dirty laundry in this chic Gray Eco-Fabric Butterfly Hamper. This hamper is ideal to keep your clean or soiled laundry and keep any areas of your...

Laundry Organization Buying Guide 

Laundering the linen can turn out to be a heck of a chore. The notorious laundry room is always ready to welcome you with crumpled clothes lying here and there: ready for you to pick up, wash, dry, and fold...Phew!

Actually, a hassle-free laundry experience is easier to achieve than you think. Once you follow a few simple tricks, doing laundry won’t be that chaotic a chore after all!

Things to remember before buying a laundry organizer

The amount of space you have

None of us really put much thought into laundry rooms and end up cramming up the available space. Before you start organizing this room, just look around you to get an idea about the length and breadth of it and make a mental note of how you can use up the space. Only then, attempt to organize it effectively. Always remember, size is never an issue when laundry organization is concerned.

The amount of wall space you have

Walls are often left blank and the space remains unutilized. But trust us, walls can do wonders. From storing to hanging- walls have the potential to render an amazing storage space. So, look out for the wall space when you think of laundry organization.

The things you have in your laundry room

Very often, we have something or other already in the laundry room that can easily be converted into something else and utilized to the fullest. We are talking about a closet or cupboard, maybe? Proper planning can utilize these furniture pieces and make your laundry organization much easier.

Amount of storage space you have

Before settling for laundry organization, you must check how much of the storage space is already there that you can put to use and what you can do with the leftover space. If need arises, you can opt for new storage solutions.

Amount of laundry produced on daily basis

How many people are there in your family? - That decides the amount of laundering you need to keep up with on daily basis. This will actually determine how many baskets, hampers, and hangers you are going to need, whether the counter top for folding and stacking is wide enough for the linens, etc.

Frequency of cleaning and organizing the laundry room

You have deadlines to meet at your office. When done with those, how often do you think you can step into the laundry room and clear the dump you made? - Once in a week? Well, in that case you need to plan accordingly and buy items or organize them.

Types of laundry organizers

1. Hanging Bars

Maximize every minute space you have by applying just a simple trick- set up tension rods on the unused wall space, well all of them. What for? Hang the freshly laundered clothes from them, or simply use them for air drying. Hassle-free hanging and drying before transferring them to the closet. Neat.

2. Plywood Folding Station

Why leave the top of the washer and dryer unused? Buy some plywood and fix them to make a waterfall counter top. Your laundry room will be all set to get a mini makeover with this. Bring out your clothes from the dryer and you don’t need to look around where you can put it down flat and give it a nice fold. You have your own counter space for that!

3. 3-piece Hampers

Keep a 3-piece hamper in your laundry room to ensure that the whites and the colored ones do not get mixed up. 3 sections dedicated for dark, white, and coloured items make tossing and dumping clothes fun for your kids too. You do not have to go through the whole pile and separate them all by yourself anymore. For a perfect laundry organization, this hamper set is a must.

4. Baskets with Wheels

Wheels always make moving easier. Be it bringing the clothes to the washer, move clothes from the dryer or taking clothes to other parts of the home (your closet or cupboard in other room) - baskets with wheels make it a less chaotic endeavour. Check for their stackability so that you can put one into other when not in use. This way, you can prevent those from eating up space.

5. Foldable Drying Rack

When we are talking about super versatile laundry room ideas, the folding rack for drying clothes will always take the front row seat. Flexibility? Super. Weight bearing capacity? - Enough to hold 32-pounds of wet cloth. You do not have to worry about the tight space either! When everything has dried off, just fold it and tuck it in somewhere else and there you are- your free space! Oh, and one more thing! Ample of these items are available on Amazon. Just grab one and take care of your laundry organization.

6. Open Laundry Shelves

Look at the walls of your laundry room ad you will be amazed at how much wall space have been wasted! Now put them to use with laundry shelves. Set up open shelves on the wall and you can easily keep your containers of detergent (powder and liquid), removers of various stains and what not. Fix some additional hanging bars at the bottom and you can hang towels or small pieces of linens from that.

7. From Closet to Laundry Cabinet

A laundry room is all about proper, space-saving storage. - Storage for the cleaning items, detergent and soaps, storage for drip-drying, and storage for the washed and dried linens also! You need a laundry cabinet with enough space, dividers, and shelves to take care of your laundry organization. Though you can always get them from any online shops or shopping malls, using some DIY tricks like turning an old closet into a laundry cabinet can be great fun. Just add some shelves and rods, hang a peg board on the door wall, and make some changes here and there to make for a laundry cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions On Laundry Organization

1. How much for laundry room organization?

The cost of laundry organization will vary with the size of your laundry room. On an average, a complete remodeling costs $6000. Now, this will again vary with the extent of changes you are going to make. On the other hand, if you just add a few items and convert the existing ones in your laundry room for some other purpose, it will cost you a lot less. Moreover, if it is DIY that you completely rely upon, you are sure to complete the whole laundry organization within a moderate pocket pinch.

2. Organization how to fold laundry?

There’s a chaos in the closet, isn’t it? Folding is definitely an art that takes care of it. Now, different clothing and linens would need different folding techniques. Instead of piling tees and shirts on top of one another, fold them to the centre and tuck the sleeves in so that they take the shape of a rectangle. Now store them upright in your storage cabinet. Hang dress shirts or clothes made of slinky material. If you do need to fold, take care of the collar and do not crush it. Fold them in a rectangle. The same goes for sweaters. As for pants, fold them into half lengthwise and then into thirds. Put your socks perpendicular to each other.

Apart from this, there are a good number of YouTube tutorials. You can be wiser mani’fold’ once you start following them!

3. What belongs in a laundry room?

The essentials for your laundry room are the detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, and stain and removers. You can keep sewing supplies for mending torn linens and iron and iron board for making clothes completely ready to wear before stashing them in your closet. Besides, we recommend you keep extra sets of towels, rags, cleaning supplies, a garbage can, and a lint box. Apart from these things, fixtures like folding racks, laundry shelves, and laundry closet will be there. But then again, understand how much space you have and then organize accordingly. Or else, it will cram up the space.

4. How do you organize a laundry basket?

Fold the washed linens neatly and stack them into the laundry basket one after another. At the bottom keep the bigger-folded ones (like the pants and shirts) while on the top keep the smaller ones like small towels, rags, socks, tees and tops etc. Do not dump them as you go. Fold them in a neat manner and you will get a hassle-free organized laundry basket.

5. How do I organize my laundry room cupboards?

Add shelves, rods and drawers in the laundry room cupboards. Stack the cotton linens in a color coded technique. Make a different shelf for woolens. Fold the jeans and denims properly and stack them. hang slinky linens. Divide the drawers with drawer organizers and store your inners in them in a neat way. You can do more with your laundry room cupboard with clever closet storage ideas.

6. What is the best laundry basket?

Always go for stackable laundry baskets. If you have a large size closet, you can definitely go for wide and low baskets. For your little one’s nursery, you can always choose round baskets with cute prints and motifs. Choose the large hampers with wheels if you have a dedicated laundry room. Instead of plastic material you can choose the woven baskets for your laundry organization. Style and purpose both will be served.

7. Can I do ironing in laundry room?

Of course, you can! This will make your closet storage eve easier. You can hang the iron board behind the door (or anywhere else on the wall) or hide it in a drawer. This will relieve you of the everyday hassle of pulling it out of the cupboard and setting it up.

8. Does having a laundry room ups the resell value?

It depends on the size and ease-of-moving of your laundry room. If it is just the ironing board and a shelf with some hangers and rods, it will turn out to be an obsolete laundry room. If you have room dedicated for laundering linens and enough space for moving around the room, you should give serious thoughts to remodeling before you sell it. Only then you can be assured to get some added value to your home with respect to reselling.

9. What to include or exclude for laundry organization?

Over the years, laundry room has meant to become a dumping ground for all things essential and not-so-essential. While you are at it, laundry organization should start with throwing out the unnecessary junks. Clear the clutter and make space for storage areas. Refer to our article above to get an idea about how you can maximize every inch of space in your laundry room.

Laundry organization is a tiresome task, hands down. But once organized, you will be happy to pay more than one visit to your laundry room and perform your chore quite satisfactorily. With everything in its place, you will find ample amount of storage space. You can always flex your creative muscles and mix and match the room décor. The final result will surely bring a happy grin on your face. Take a cue from us!